07 November 2018

The Meaning of the Snake at the Kotel - Part 2

30 Marcheshvan 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

You must read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2. Continuing...

The Snake's Big Lie is being repeated literally everywhere. We even heard it from an "Orthodox" rabbi in NY in his remarks about those Jews slain in Pittsburgh.

(i.e., everyone is his own god and finds the truth, not in Torah and Mitzvot, but in his heart!)

"We have the Asarah Harugei Malchus and now, we have the achat asar harugei Pittsburgh." 

No matter how tragic it is that these 11 Jews were murdered, can they really be compared to the saintly rabbis who were tortured and murdered by the Romans - not merely for being Jews, but for teaching Torah! How are we to know whose "truth" answers our legitimate questions?

Loyal-to-Torah Jews know the real truth when (despite what Mr. Cassouto teaches) they find it written in our holy sources, beginning with the Torah itself.

You can listen here to two of our most able and faithful-to-our-Torah-and-Mesorah rabbis explain the truth about these concepts and how they apply to the Pittsburgh tragedy.

Pittsburgh Massacre, Part 2

Two Common Misconceptions Related to the Pittsburgh Massacre

To sum up, those who submit to the commands and demands of the King HKB"H, are loyal, law-abiding citizens and those who rebel against them and willfully break them are criminals who believe their own thoughts and feelings are their ultimate authority. In other words, they have made themselves into their own god in place of HKB"H.

Whose "truth" will you believe? What the Creator told you in the Garden or what the Snake comes to tell you now? This could be the final test before Mashiach whose gematria is equal to nachash (snake). 


  1. Who is this "rabbi" at the 1st link above? I am appalled! THE TRUTH is only ONE TRUTH. People can't have "their truth."

    1. Rabbi Yossi Mendelsohn of Congregation Machane Chodosh, 67-29 108th Street, Forest Hills, NY.

      "Serving the community since 1939, Congregation Machane Chodosh is a vibrant and warm Synagogue with the unique quality of making Jews from diverse religious backgrounds and orientation feel welcome, at home and spiritually enriched.

      Machane Chodosh is a member Synagogue of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America."

      See more here

    2. Their synagogue sounds for me like a Reform in disguise.

      On their web site it is not explicitly written that they are Orthodox, but instead the following cryptic message is given:
      "Welcome to Machane Chodosh a vibrant Synagogue with the quality of making Jews from diverse religious backgrounds and orientations feel welcome"

      "DIVERSE RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS AND ORIENTATIONS" translated into plain English could mean a place where all kinds of Reform heretics are very welcome, and also genuine Orthodox Jews are welcome there - but rather to be converted to the Reform ?

      Another red light there is the very strange way how they call their synagogue as a "SANCTURY" - another way of saying "TEMPLE", how Reform heretics are calling their "synagogues".
      (See the title under the photo of their synagogue saying: "2016 Machane Chodosh Main Sanctuary")

      And this "rabbi" Yossi Mendelsohn - could he be a descendant of the evil family of the Moses Mendelsohn imah shemo - the founder of the Reform movement ? Could somebody check this ?


  2. Well, today it seems anything goes. We have Open Orthodoxy (what an oxymoronic title) where they call themselves orthodox but do as you please. We are truly living in an era that could only be described as bizzaro world. Now we understand why our holy Sages of yesteryear did not want to be around in the era before Moshiach. It's too insane and hideous, but may H' give us, this generation, who are used to a lot of abnormalities in society to overcome the insanity of the times and to merit the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu! We must hold fast and steady and put our total emunah and bitachon in H'KBH.

  3. This is just part of the lists of "Truths" that has been embedded into the "Modern Jewish Souls". The other "Truth" is the support of the "Gay Parade". All these "Truths" are Avodah Zarah. Hanukah is just a few weeks away, did the Greeks win?

    1. They didn't win yet, but they are still fighting. Trouble is few of us are fighting back because most Jews have no clue that the battle is still raging. They re offering no resistance whatsoever.

      It's no mistake that the New Testament was written originally in Greek or that the Catholic mass was celebrated in Latin - Eisav's languages.

  4. That's right Devash. That is why our Sages tell us that when the Torah was (forcibly) translated into Greek, 'darkness' fell upon the earth. How true!

  5. Rav Richter is the best. I also suspected that the massacre is linked to the chasid at the superbowl. The only thing that I would add to his amazing class is that most of the frum yidden in America are also highly assimilated in their outlook. The conservatives may come out and say expressly that they are Americans who belong to Jewish communities, but many frum Jews, even if they don't say it, act like that.

    A change is a comin'.