06 November 2018

My Experience with and Thoughts on Vaccination

28 Marcheshvan 5779
Measles cases top last year's total

NEW CITY, N.Y. – The number of measles cases in the United States so far this year has surpassed 2017 with the potential for about a quarter of the highly contagious respiratory infections to be occurring in one New York county north of New York City.

Nationwide as of Oct. 6, the most recent nationwide data available, 142 measles cases had been reported, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of people sickened, mostly unvaccinated, [meaning some were] exceeded the 2017 total of 120 in mid-August.

As of Friday, Rockland County had 46 confirmed cases and nine suspected cases, according to the county's health commissioner, Dr. Patricia Ruppert. A month ago, Rockland County Health Department officials were worried about an outbreak and offering emergency measles vaccination clinics because a traveler from Israel had visited an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic synagogue and a sukkah, a temporary structure built for the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot, near a Jewish boys school in New Square, New York.

"There's a component ... that are not in favor of vaccines," said Dr. Howard Zucker, New York state's health commissioner. "We need to dispel any worries that they have." 
Mankind has a new enemy. Right now, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, the medical establishment and media are waging a propaganda war against this enemy and are trying their best to enlist families and neighbors as foot soldiers in their war against this "enemy." They are the so-called "ANTI-VAXXERS." They are average citizens who are against some or all vaccinations for children because (1) they prefer their children to obtain guaranteed lifelong immunity from having had the disease, or (2) they question the efficacy, the advisability, the sanity of injecting chemicals, dead viruses, and who really knows what else into infants and young children.

I will be 65 on my next birthday. That puts me growing up at a time before most of the vaccines that are available today. As the eldest of six children, when I went off to public school (starting in first grade, not kindergarten), I was the one who introduced all the "childhood" diseases into the rest of the family. First, I had the mumps. Then, I had measles (Roseola) in second grade and chickenpox in fourth grade. German measles (Rubella) did not follow until high school when I was fifteen, but I was glad to get it out of the way before I would start a family five years later, knowing that it was linked to birth defects.

I was of that generation who had the same tell-tale mark - a scar on the upper arm (gone now) - left behind after having the smallpox vaccination. I can clearly recall the day when school opened on a Saturday. All the kids in the neighborhood walked, along with their parents, the few blocks to our local elementary school to line up and eat pink sugar cubes. It was a mass inoculation drive to eradicate a terrifying disease with a brand new vaccine - the oral polio vaccine.

I dutifully took my own babies (all four) to get all their vaccines and on time - DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus), oral polio, and the new MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). All went well, thank God. The side effects for the MMR were minimal and short-lived, a bit of soreness at the injection site and a slight fleeting fever. Unfortunately, the chickenpox vaccine took longer to develop, so all of them had the chickenpox. I don't recall it being a major event.

By the time I became a registered nurse, after my children had all gone off to school, there were a couple of more vaccines available - Hib (against bacterial meningitis in children) and hepatitis B. As soon as I began working in a hospital, I was required to have a 3-dose injection of hepatitis B vaccine. I did. And every time I went to a new hospital to work, I had to undergo the series again...and again. Three times, nine injections over four years. And to this day, I still have NO immunity to hepatitis B. The vaccine simply did not work for me. Vaccines do not work on everyone.

Then, I became a public health nurse. Every Friday from 8-12, I would give 150-200 vaccines to children - mostly babies. It started then at two months of age. The oral polio went in the mouth first before the crying started from the painful injections. MMR in the upper arm, DPT in one thigh, Hib in the other thigh. Precious punctured newborn skin, but if it saved a life, wasn't it worth it?  That's what I had to keep telling myself. I did not like giving so much all at the same time and at such a young age, but nobody asked me. Public health policy-makers felt that if parents had to make too many separate trips to get it done, compliance would go down. I'm sure they were right.

I've been out of that business for thirty years now, so I was quite shocked to learn recently how it has progressed.

CDC Recommended Vaccination Schedule
Birth - 15 months

18 months - 18 years

Knowing what I do as a trained and educated medical professional and human being with six and a half decades of life on this planet, there is no way I would inject all this stuff into my own children or into someone else's children. In all my years, I never knew anyone or heard of anyone who died from a childhood disease, until two days ago when the picture of a baby with a measles rash was widely circulated along with the report of a toddler's death due to measles. It's rare. Accidents account for the highest number of deaths in children.

One thing that has been reported sparingly, but is not being emphasized is that college-age students are coming down with measles. That tells me that the MMR does not confer lifetime immunity. Every doctor and nurse knows that "childhood" diseases are safer and have less serious complications than when contracted in adulthood. 

I won't bring all the quotes here that I have seen recently to back up my contention, but it's clear to me from the reportage, the scare tactics and the hysteria being generated, that this is not strictly about concern for public health. I personally believe that this is much more about worry over loss to pharmaceutical revenues should the "anti-vaxx" movement catch on and be spread like an airborne disease.

People need to do their research, use their heads, stop trusting the "authorities" to be looking out for the best interests of the public and accept that we do not live in a risk-free world. Trading freedom and civil liberties (like parents deciding what's best for their children) for some perceived guarantee of personal safety is a deadly trap. Only those with constant exposure to the mass media will fall into it, but today, that's almost everyone.

It's obvious that as soon as one disease is eradicated, another comes to take its place.

Another Burst of Polio-Like Cases in Children Alarms Doctors
Cases of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, have spiked every two years since 2014

This is the way HKB"H runs His world. As the saying goes, nobody gets out of this world alive. Risk can be minimized. It cannot be eliminated. And if one were to succeed in eliminating a risk, another one will come to take its place. That's life.


  1. And let's not forget GMO's. Let's not forget all the mercury they've put in teeth last century which has caused endless health issues. Let's not forget their suppression of the fact that Lyme disease can hide in tissues (not just blood). Let's not forget that they're suppressing how dangerous to health is WiFi & smartphone & 5G radiation, and that without due disclosure, they've been installing VERY dangerous Smart Meters everywhere (deceptively labelling them by various names so people should think they're not really smartmeters). Also not disclosing that they can double as "spy-meters", and that they can shorten the life of appliances in peoples' homes.

    The list goes on & on with respect to their abuses to date.


  2. From a report on facebook...

    ...Measles has made an aggressive return this year in Israel, with over 1,300 cases reported since the beginning of 2018, according to Health Ministry figures.The low vaccination rates in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods have been attributed to a faulty perception that fervently religious Jews are protected from infection by the insulated nature of their communities, as well as discredited rumors that the life-saving practice is dangerous.

    The ministry said officials were considering further measures to combat the outbreak, including barring unvaccinated people from schools. The statement said Litzman approved funds for additional staffing to support the campaign, and backed legislation that would increase the ministry’s scope of immunization. According to Hadashot news on Sunday night, some 5 percent to 10 percent of those infected have been vaccinated.

    On Sunday 4th November 2018 after a child in the south Jerusalem area of Arnona, a neighborhood that is not ultra-Orthodox, was diagnosed with measles, the daycare center she attended, and another adjacent to it were closed, and the parent body was told to vaccinate their children — or give them boosters, because of the exposure. The local health clinic was overcrowded with children awaiting their shots.

    So 5-10% of those now infected with measles had the vaccination and got sick anyway and those who have had the vaccination are being told to get a "booster" - get it again! - because the original dose may not still be effective, if it ever was. And people are accepting this as a life-and-death decision!

    The CDC reports on "measles-related" deaths so as to inflate the numbers since most deaths related to measles are from other complications of the disease and not due to the disease itself. This is like a cold that turns into pneumonia. If there were a vaccine against colds, they could label all deaths from pneumonia as cold-related deaths.

    In the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, nearly all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. It is estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year. Also each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) from measles. (Source)

    So, 400-500 deaths out of 3 million to 4 million infections or approximately 0.0125 percent of those infected died as a result.

    Possibly they have only delayed the inevitable. Now that the immunity is wearing off, as it appears only having the disease confers lifelong immunity, young adults are now unknowingly at risk of getting a disease that would have been more easily tolerated as children. For example, mumps can cause sterility in adults.

    It's a calculated risk either way you go.

  3. Bs''d

    My oldest son was vacinated in Europe long time ago as a baby in his upper arm.
    He is still living his life with damaged part of the upper arm that got 'burned' away' from the vacine. ( i was a young mother and trusted what they said...)
    I saved my daughter just on time to not to get vacine for teenage girls to 'protect' them while being promiscues.
    I explained in school, that we do not have any relation with them and she not need it.
    Baruch Hashem, she did not got it and is now a momie in Israel, none of the girls from her class will be, beside the other 1refuser...
    My dear Rabbi left after having a flue shot and got sick after, falling in long time coma with death at the end.
    Elderberrie tea with pure honey and lemon juice/peel.
    Camomila tea as well.
    Rich straight (serving Hashem) people do not let vaccinate their children. There is a reason for. To stay healthy, strong, smart and to keep their Intuition/Belief.
    They eat food and not products.
    Food and not soylent green.

    Sheva minim, tavlinim, asabim. By the Jewish tradition.
    Wine on Shabbat....
    May Hashem protect our children so they can serve Him without ramifications!!!

  4. Thank you for writing this. Vaccines back then were purely vaccines. Today they are weapons. The contents of vaccines are dreadful: Who in their right mind would allow this to be injected into their babies. The hush hush word on the street is that today’s vaccines are created to infect people to get sick. Some vaccines actually make the person a ‘carrier’ in order to infect others; in order to promote scare tactics, in order to convince the public to get vaccinated. There is certainly a war against innocent/gullible parents. But many are waking up. There is also a campaign to decrease population via vaccines (scientifically proven).

    WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts (cell samples from human abortions)
    Recombinant human albumin (genetically modified human blood from abortions)
    Neomycin (an antibiotic)
    Sorbitol (sugar alcohol that’s largely indigestible, causes diarrhea)
    Hydrolyzed gelatin (can come from infected CAFO animals’ cartilage, skin, hooves, muscles)
    Monosodium glutamate (yes, MSG that can cause severe migraines and brain damage in babies)
    Bovine calf serum (byproduct of the dairy industry produced from blood collected at CAFO slaughterhouses)
    MRC-5 cells (samples derived from lung tissue of a 14-week-young Caucasian male abortion.

    The risk of getting the MMR combo-vaccine greatly outweighs the risk of just getting the diseases

    "Two Merck scientists confessed to fraud and filed a False Claims Act in 2010 explaining how Merck faked their mumps vaccine test data by spiking blood samples with animal antibodies to make it look like the vaccine was effective at a high rate. This all took place while the mainstream media exploited the fake Disneyland “outbreak” of measles. The result was the courts ignored the falsified clinical trials and Merck monopolized the vaccine market, making millions. The vaccine was never really tested against the wild virus. The U.S. government got their hands dirty with the “toxic cocktail” that ensued.”

    The recent scare tactic of publishing that there were deaths due to measles is misleading. We don’t know if they were vaccinated or not, whether there were complications, or the children suffered from other medical issues. The lies being used to manipulate the public and health officials is insane. Couple vaccines with toxic fluoride, and the toxins they are spraying the skies (chemtrails) to hide the planetary objects in our atmosphere, and much more. It’s just a big chemical mess.

  5. Devash, I also wrote the following on the Measles VaccineThe Decision is Yours

    1. Very good article. However, I do not want to underplay or overplay the seriousness of measles as a disease. I was seven when I had it and to this very day I can remember how very sick I was. I lay down on a sofa and woke up later feeling like a fire was blazing behind my eyelids. I was in bed for two weeks and kept in a darkened room to protect my eyes. And was even kept indoors for a further week until the last of the rash had disappeared.Not something you want to repeat. But, as you point out, the vaccine is not only not surefire protection, it carries its own risks which can outweigh the potential benefit. That's why this is such a difficult subject.

    2. Yes, it is serious, and moreso for some, and less for others. But the vaccines in their current composition are dangerous and insidious. They need to clean them up.

    3. "THE DECISION IS YOURS" - soon not anymore !

      Because the evildoers are working overtime to take the right of making decisions for ourselves, away from us. And that's why they are orchestrating now all these scaremongering shows, about "so many poor unvaccinated children getting so terribly sick", with the help of the presstitude media as an amplification factor for all these cheep fake news scares.

      Remember my prediction - all this smells of going into the direction of the Forces Mandatory Vaccinations, here in Israel ! And if the people will not protest these atrocities NOW, en mass, then very soon The Powers That Be may force this fascistic policy of Forced Vaccinations upon the whole population of the State of Israel ! Then it will be too late to protest anymore. So better go protest it NOW, already !

      And those Powers That Be have taken a person as ignorant as only possible, in science and medicine, as our good meaning rabbi L. from Israel, to be their obedient puppet there. This person can ask no real questions, because he does not know much in science and medicine and he cannot even access information available on the internet, because he considers as a great religious virtue for himself to prohibit an entire internet with all its information !

      How on earth is he supposed to inform himself ?!
      The answer is: He is not supposed to inform himself at all !
      The ignorance and obedience to his puppet-masters is the best qualification for his job. How else can you explain the fact, that a governing elite with a record of so much hatred for Torah and Religious Jews, has chosen to take specifically him, a visibly recognizable Religious Haredi Jew, for this so important position ?!

      And the third best qualification for his job, fulfilled by him - it is exactly this belonging to the camp of Religious Haredi Jews. And it is because, when one day the truth about all these horrible crimes of deliberate mass poisoning of populations by Vaccinations and Fluoridation, will finally become known to the masses of the dumbed-down population, which may provoke an unrest among them, then the Powers That Be, who are really those responsible for all this GENOCIDE (not less!), want to be able to point down to the Religious Hardei Jews and say - "Look, these Religious Jews are responsible for all these crimes, not us ! So unleash you hatred on them, and not on us ! Go after them !".

      This tactic is as old as the world, and it is a fact of history, that the most of the European, Jew-hating, monarchs had employed specifically Jews for the most dirty of jobs, like to be responsible for the tax collection so much hated by the people - in order to channel the hatred of the population away from the real perpetrators and towards the innocent JEWS !

      Could somebody, please, already, explain all these things to the good rabbi L. and show him, for what kind of an ugly role the Evildoers have set him up ?!


    4. What's even crazier is the flu shot. And they tell everything on the MSM news, but you have to be listening to really hear it. They try to anticipate which flu will be out in a given year and make a vaccine to cover that type of flu. I think it was last year that the types covered by that year's vaccine did not appear, so all of the flu shots were practically useless.

      CDC: The seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine is designed to protect against the three or four influenza viruses research indicates are most likely to spread and cause illness among people during the upcoming flu season. Flu viruses are constantly changing, so the vaccine composition is reviewed each year and updated as needed based on which influenza viruses are making people sick, the extent to which those viruses are spreading, and how well the previous season’s vaccine protects against those viruses.

      ...The 2017-2018 influenza season was a high severity season with high levels of outpatient clinic and emergency department visits for influenza-like illness (ILI), high influenza-related hospitalization rates, and elevated and geographically widespread influenza activity for an extended period.

      ...The overall vaccine effectiveness (VE) of the 2017-2018 flu vaccine against both influenza A and B viruses is estimated to be 40%.

      ...While flu vaccine can vary in how well it works, flu vaccination is the best way to prevent flu and its potentially serious complications....

    5. David, Rabbi "L"- the Minister of Health is a great disappointment to me. The previous Minister Yael German - a chiloni woman - had the courage to go about removing fluoride from our drinking water and as soon as Rabbi "L" came into office he reversed that.

  6. You do not believe that "Rabbi L" has decided ON HIS OWN to make this reversal, don't you ? Surely, he must have been told to do this, and the conspicuous timing of this "decision" must have also been commanded to him by his puppet-masters.
    But exactly this strange behavior of our "Rabbi L", of acting so hastily, not having been able to wait a little, after coming into office and until making this reversal of fluoridation policy, the behavior which seems to "expose him of some evil conspiracy" of wishing to push fluoride poison onto all of us - it is this very strange and illogical behavior, which is exactly what perfectly proves my theory, explained in my previous comment. It proves that The Powers That Be must have a plan, not only to poison the population of Israel, but also TO SET UP,TO FRAME,THE RELIGIOUS JEWS AS IF THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THESE CRIMES !!! A truly Diabolical plan indeed !
    Hashem Yishmor al HaAm-HaQadosh !

  7. Now a new crisis. Re "mumps can cause sterility in adults” a few bochurim at Mir have come down with the measles. They’re trying to vaccinate the boys. This is just as bizarre as all the fuss about Pgh. Reality is getting stranger by the minute.

  8. A couple of things to think about as we face diseases going around, and vaccination:

    1. It seems that behind a lot of the reasoning behind the methods we are subject to (vaccination from birth, too many vax at once, etc.) is the culture component, relatively recently forced on us, that both parents MUST go outside the home to have a parnassah sufficient for living. The schedule definitely favors keeping the parents working as much as possible with minimal interruptions. Having children sick at home during the time of least consequence for them disrupts this cycle because, to properly care for them, someone must be there. Not a babysitter!

    2. The whole concept of vaccination has been hijacked and made into something completely opposite of what was intended (by the Jewish doctor who invented it, Jonas Salk, btw): The preparations are a perfect vector for anything the authorities want put in there. Scary thought. If this is so, we'd better not take pills either, prescription or non-. For all we know, properly labeled pain-relief tablets could contain "unexpected ingredients" too! I don't want to go any further. They don't need any new ideas, and I have a wild imagination.

    Which makes me wonder: Do vaccinations have ingredient lists like pills do? We generally don't see the packages they come in because the medical professionals administer them.

    It's enough to make one scream with fear and frustration! ;)

  9. oops, i'd forgotten my initials, so re-posting:

    See, in order to guard against viruses (such as flu, measles, whatever), humanity needs to stop being brainwashed by allopathic medicine. Rather, they should learn to recognize the "klallim", a.k.a. what's built into nature. I don't mean that all pills are bad, as long as people recognize that the properties of pills, can act similarly to the properties of foods.

    For example - anti-cholesterol pills can have similar properties as fish oil (acting as blood thinners, which can worsen runny noses!!

    My point is - that there doesn't HAVE to be a crisis.

    Y'all just need to recognize that:

    Above all - prescription gabapentin is wonderful at PRE-EMPTING viruses. How? Because it inhibits the nervous system from heating up the body so much, thereby, your mucuous is able to remain thicker (instead of thinning due to heating up). That way, your immunity remains intact - because thicker mucuous can act as an internal "fly-trap" so to speak. By the same token, honey & starches & smooth-non-grainy corn-cakes act the same way, due to their property of thickening mucus. The same goes for high-lysine foods such as eggs, yogurt, gevina cheese, smoothies, healthy ice-creams, and weak Columbian coffee with sugar & creamer.
    (Remember I said earlier that foods can have similar properties as pills? In this case, high-lysine & "smooth-textured", sticky, low-sodium foods can have similar protective-effects as Gabapentin.

    Also good are sweet fruit (not sour), black-cherries, yams, yellow-oils, leafy greens, and cooked veggies.

    On the other side of the coin - there's High-Argine foods that have the opposite effect. Citric acid, spices, raw-onion, raw-garlic, nuts, sour-fruit, grapes, and other high-arginine foods act as irritants and/or are like scouring powder - which TRIGGERS viruses, thereby worsening immunity.
    The same goes for salt & msg - which are also irritants (even if not necessarily arginine).

    Also - use of high-EMF equipment, excessive alcohol, and ongoing chemical exposure, are also equivalent to the concept of "high-arginine" because they're inflammatory.

  10. "...there are, in fact, plenty of medical doctors and other health professionals who have serious concerns about vaccination." Read the rest.