19 November 2018

Bibi Goes Too Far

12 Kislev 5779

Last week, PM Binyamin Netanyahu said he would like to step down from the Premiership, but that there was no one else to step up and take over - meaning, I took it, that no one in view was as qualified as he to do the job. I think he truly believes it. 

Today, he reportedly has said:
“I don’t need others to protect me. I protect. I protect this country, I protect the security, I protect our children,” Netanyahu said. “There has never been a prime minister who has faced so many pressures and has stood up to them. Others would have run away. It won’t happen with me.”
Someone should tell him: "Before destruction comes pride, and before stumbling comes a haughty spirit."  ~ Proverbs 16:18:

Note to my fellow citizens: If you want a truly "right-wing" government, you are going to have to go further right than Likud and Jewish Home. Furthermore, if you are going to vote at all, you are going to have to vote for the right person regardless of your calculations as to their chances of winning and leave the winning to HKB"H! 


  1. Translation: the american samkiel overlords told bibi, hold your coalition together at all costs so "emperor" Trump can cobble together the "ultimate deal" for peace with the arab states. If not, uncle Samkiel will use the massive global american intelligence octopus and depose you and find someone who will be compliant.

    Bibi isnt stupid.

  2. I believe him, really there is no one else other than Mashiach! There is no one else in the govt and Knesset that do what he does. It truly looks like we are coming to a precipice in this Geula process.