28 November 2018

Jews in America Are Being Set Up

20 Kislev 5779

When President Trump went against all calls to condemn Saudi Arabia's gruesome murder of a Washington Post journalist, one of the reasons he gave was: "If you look at Israel, Israel would be in big trouble without Saudi Arabia." (See Trump: Israel Needs Saudi Arabia)

In the wake of news about three more US servicemen being killed in action yesterday in Afghanistan, President Trump remarks today: "We have reached a point where we don't have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel,...." (See Trump: U.S. Troops Will Remain in the Middle East for Israel)

In consequence, Jews in America can surely look forward to more scenes like this one...

SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Angry Residents Shout “We Don’t Want You” at Rabbi Trying to Build Girls School in Nanuet – “That Was The Attitude in PITTSBURGH”

Jews in America, get the message! HKB"H is ending the exile. Get with the program! Come home now!


  1. Trump certainly does not like Jews!
    He only likes the money and he wants to get closer to Israel and protect his racist Aryan race...
    He is willingly working with a corrupt catholic entity to take over Israel and rule in the name of Christianity because of the history and regarding America, he will gladly let the master racists harm Jews and others if they feel like it!
    But now, there is huge opposition to what kind of people America used to be so America is now divided between traditional good citizens, white supremacy and their racism, and growing numbers of diversity like blacks, Latinos, Asians, middle easterners,
    America is in for a clash and we hope that the racists will all fall and get what they deserve

  2. This is so frustrating. The writing on the wall is blazing out in neon lights in the US, France and the UK, and to me it seems that it is business as normal for most Jews. Rabbi Richter is the only internet rabbi I have heard say that it is time for Jews to make aliya. There is one rabbi who used to be completely gung-ho about aliya, yet now speaks about all different current issues from a Torah perspective, and is silent on this, the most important issue of all. There is a new Rabbi Mizrahi shiur, the coming hard times. He basically says that things are going to get very bad for Jews in America, but doesn't add the logical conclusion that it is time to return home.

    I have had no peace since Pittsburg. Personally, I do not know Hashem's accounting, and feel that the whole online debate about it was a red herring. Viscerally, I feel that it was the turning point for American Jews and am incredibly frustrated when I see rabbis saying that the Jewish response is to dance down Main Street, or that we are dying but at least we are not afraid, and so on, and people writing comments that Eretz Yisrael is galut. America is truly the worst galut of all because it is the galut of the mind. I come, originally, from Europe, and even as a non religious Jew it was very obvious to me that I whilst I was tolerated I did not belong. I spent some time in America and was shocked at just how American the Jews are, I mean the frum Jews. People don't seem to understand that Germany was a highly cultured society in which the Jews felt completely at home. America today is no more modern or evolved than Germany was at its zenith, probably less so. (America is a very violent society in general. Mass shootings are happening on a near daily basis, in addition to all the other shootings.

    58% of all hate crimes are committed against 2% of the population. All the money and positions of power will not help when the mob comes baying for blood, and they will come.

    What Hashem does is Hashem's business, and it is not my place to judge that, but a Jew's job is to have ahavat yisrael for klal yisrael. I just hope and pray that Moshiach comes very soon and everything will happen berahamim, and that Jews everywhere will wake up and come home.

    It can happen here.

    If you can say "never again" in the same breath as "it can't happen here", it means that you truly do not understand the lesson of the Holocaust.

  3. America is in the middle of a self engineered implosion from a anglo/european protestant/cathloic majority culture and religion into a bizarre blend of that culture as a minority culture and religion shared with Hispanic, Asian and Muslim cultures and religions. Historically, whenever these societal transitions occur, Jews become the scapegoat. Especially if a few high profile Jews are involved then Jews become collectively blamed.

    Dont expect the anglo/european protestant/cathloic majority culture in America to go out without a BIG bang. Philadelphia was the start of a process in America similar to which has been going on in Europe for over a decade. Little do most Jews know, but Jews get assaulted and cursed in NYC and other major cities on DAILY basis.

    However controversial, Rabbi Kahane z'l saw these trends manifesting DECADES ago. So sad few understood him at the time.

  4. Kristallnacht, Wednesday Night and Thursday, November 9-10, 1938 – 16 Cheshvan 5699
    Rabbi Meir Kahane assassinated on November 6, 1990 /18 Cheshvan 5751
    11 killed in Pennsylvania synagogue shooting October 27, 2018/18 Cheshvan, 5779

  5. I was born in Germany and lived there for 19 years and left to the US with my husband and son to California lived there for 15 years and I experienced more anti-Semitism in CA then in Germany, at one point it became so bad that I prayed to HaShem to get me out of there before I kill somebody (I lived in a very upper middle class neighbourhood), a situation accrued very soon after and I packed up my family overnight moved temporarily to family in US and prepared Aliya to Israel that was almost 30 years ago. Best choice I ever made.
    I saw the writing on the wall in the US in the late 70ts when JDL was still around every warning they put out I took it serious and they were right.
    As to anonymous Rabbi Alon Anava who lives in Zfat makes it his mission to encourage Jews to make Aliya.
    High time for Jews to come home.

  6. According to this article and video the Jews are going to pay "between $4 million and $5 million dollars for the church and the money will be used to allow the church members to "make disciples, teaching the scriptures and telling people who J*sus is."