"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

01 November 2018

Jewish Tragedy Provides Opportunity for Xian Missionizing

23 Marcheshvan 5779

They just have to insert themselves into every Jewish narrative. Make no mistake. These are indeed attempts to pull Jews in and make them feel a close kinship, even while demonstrating their superiority by forcing their "J-man" into the mix.

...[Greg] Zanis makes crosses as part of his Crosses for Losses initiative to honor the deceased, particularly after mass-casualty attacks. He has crafted more than 26,000 of them over the past two decades, he said.

...A relative of one of those killed in the synagogue shooting reached out to him immediately afterward and asked him to make the personalized memorials — each with one coat of white paint, the name of a victim, a decorated heart and a message — in the shape of the Star of David rather than his typical cross design. By 1:30 p.m. Saturday, he committed to travel to Pittsburgh with the 11 stars.

“As a Christian, I want to show solidarity,” Zanis said.

...“We’re all in this together,” Zanis said.

(Source h/t Esser Agaroth)

Notice what I underlined above about how the crosses came to be there and note that it was actually Jewish Congressional candidate Lena Epstein who invited Loren Jacobs. It is ALWAYS a JEW who provides the entry for Xians to get involved with Jews. This is a critical point that must not be overlooked.

Related: Messianic Rabbi At Pence Event Was Yet Another Dog Whistle To Evangelicals
...Understandably, Jacobs’ appearance and prayer elicited outrage on Twitter and across the internet over Pence having brought out a “Christian rabbi” to pray for the murdered Jews. Predictably, Pence’s team has denied the vice president had any role in selecting Jacobs for the event, although there was no denying that he had invited him onto the stage.

But far bigger than the fodder Jacobs’ prayer provided for scuffles on Twitter and cable news, the event in Michigan demonstrates yet another example of how in every way ― even after the anti-Semitic killing of 11 innocent Jewish worshipers ― the Trump administration conceives of the country as a Christian nation and only imagines its citizens as white evangelicals.

Ironically, that attitude has perhaps been most apparent in the Trump administration’s treatment of Israel and its handling of Jewish issues. Most notably, Trump often characterized his promise that he would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as intended to realize Jewish desires, but in reality the proposal was targeted to conservative evangelicals who believe it had to be done to fulfill biblical prophecy that would bring about Armageddon.

At the embassy’s dedication last May, the Trump administration telegraphed that clear message to the president’s evangelical base by book-ending the ceremony with prayers from two conservative Christian pastors. Robert Jeffress, the Baptist preacher, Fox News contributor and close adviser to Trump who has said that Jews are going to hell, provided the opening prayer, which he concluded “in the name and the spirit of the prince of peace, Jesus our lord.” The closing prayer came from the Rev. John Hagee, a Texas evangelist who once argued that God had used Hitler to return Jews to Israel.

The same tactic of using a supposedly Jewish event to advance an evangelical message had been on full display when Pence spoke before Israel’s parliament in January. Threading his talk with numerous scriptural references, Pence obliquely characterized Jews as necessary pawns for the second coming of Christ, a complicated message that the Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted would be lost on most Jewish listeners but plainly obvious to his evangelical audience back home.

While Pence’s coy use of Jews and Judaism to signal to his evangelical base is certainly not as brazen as Trump’s loud siren calls to his white nationalist supporters, it may be just as dangerous. In more ways than one, Pence has provided important religious cover for Trump to conservative evangelicals, using his exaggerated righteousness to distract from the president’s own louche character and shady personal life.

It’s grossly offensive to use another’s religion, especially in such a tragic moment, to announce one’s own religiosity. But what’s really destructive is the message beneath the message, to both Trump’s evangelical base and those who might carry out further anti-Semitic violence, that to this administration, there’s only one religious faith that really counts.
Every word is true. Believe it! 


  1. Another example of Xian maximization of an opportunity to engage with Jews...

    Hagee declared to the Jewish community present and watching on television, “You may feel fearful, you may feel anger, rage and alone. I know that mere words are not enough to remove the grief from your heart, but hear me when I say this, you are not alone. Never again will you face the horrors of the past without the Christian brothers and sisters in America standing with you in an unbreakable bond.”

    He continued, “I have said it before and will say it again. If a line has to be drawn, then draw the line around both Christians and Jews, because we are one and we are together. We will work to snuff out the poison of anti-Semitism from the veins of the United States of America.”

    Another example of the Jew who grants access...

    San Antonio Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg of Congregation Rodfei Sholom (Pursuers of Peace) thanked Pastor Hagee for not believing that “this is a losing battle.” He compared Hagee to Jacob, who wrestled with the angel and prevailed, being named Israel. “So too have you prevailed in your goal of bringing Jews and Christians together and your goal of supporting Israel and the Jewish people,” Scheinberg announced.

    ...The day following the Night to Honor Israel, Hagee and Scheinberg left for Israel together, accompanied by 600 evangelical Christians.

    John Hagee Ministries Event Honors Tree of Life Victims and Raises $1.45 Million for 12 Israeli and Jewish Non-Profits


  2. These so-called rabbis are all Erev Rav. Read today a beautiful article by Rabbi Pinchus Winston on the Going Home to Yerushalayim blog giving the history of the Erev Rav and how they dragged along with the real Jews in massive numbers. Because all this is happening now and the exposure of the erev rav to such a great degree, is a real indicator Moshiach is around the corner. Amen.
    Esav, Erev Rav & Yishmael will all uniting against H' and His children at the end of history seems to be materializing.

  3. Greg Zanis is greif-porn grandstander with a questionable past. Please read "The Cross Guy" in the "Chicago Reader" by Tori Marlan. He is lock-step with all the hypocritical evangelicals. The Pittsburg crosses visual is no coincidence or misguided attempt at sympathy or solidarity, in Zanis' own words, "they're Christians now." Appologies, he is a discrace to the Greek people.