26 November 2018

After Pittsburgh, Another American "First"

19 Kislev 5779

"We will stay here. We're not going anywhere."

They just don't get it. Read story HERE.


  1. Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz’s Third Prediction

    Our sages rule that we do not mourn anyone who denies the Redemption and refuses to be a part of it, just as we don’t mourn a heretic who denies the veracity of Moses’s prophecy and the Torah (Rambam, Laws of Teshuva, 3:8, and other places). This notion is even anchored in The Code of Jewish Law (see Shulchan Oruch, Yora Deah 345:5; Mishna Berura on Orach Chaim 126:1, letter b). Moses, in the Name of Hashem, told the Children of Israel to arise, we must quickly leave Egypt. 80% didn’t listen to him. They paid a steep price but we don’t mourn for them. They had become used to Egypt and had no desire – despite what Hashem wanted – to leave Egypt. Even though they were slaves, they liked the Egyptian culture, music, pastimes and food. Moses said no, we must go to our Promised Land. Egypt is not our home.

    Moses’s voice saying, “We must go to our Promised Land”, echoes through all of our history.

    The periodic “Golden Ages” of our Diaspora have always been followed by calamity. The Golden Age of Jewry in the Iberian Peninsula culminated in 1492, when the horrendous Inquisition began. Jews were either killed, exiled or forcefully converted to Catholicism. The Golden Age of German and Eastern European Jewry ended in Hitler’s Holocaust.

    There is only one, true Golden Age in Judaism, and that’s when our exiles return home, Moshiach comes and our Holy Temple is rebuilt.


  2. It’s another “Rubashkin” case; purely anti-semitism. If one does not fight this, it will take precedent and happen anywhere in America. It has to be brought to the highest court, in order to show the evil still inherent. Another nail in America’s coffin.
    Also, while one can say that they should leave Golus America, Chabad’s reputation is to reach out and help the Jews who need more Judaism in their lives. Doing so they are awakening those farther away to come closer to Hashem. Chabad Shluchim would be the last ones leaving, turning out the light behind them.

  3. It takes a lot of time to introduce Judaism to people who need to know about it, and there isn't enough time to take your time unless you are here in E"Y. I hope that Chabad shluchim will be wise enough to help their students and fellow Jews get to safety first.

    Devash's next article is linked to a Yeshiva World article where one commenter is putting out the message to pack up and leave for E"Y because of the anti-Semitism people in Nanuet, NY are showing. I hope the rest listen!