26 June 2016

Global Rebellion - Remaking the World in Man's Image

20 Sivan 5776

The New World Order crowd means to unseat the Sovereign of the World by undoing and undermining the Creator's existing order so as to replace it with their own! They think they will re-create the world in their own image, but little do they realize that they are only lackeys of the Satan and they are really remaking it in the image of the serpent of old who hates mankind and wishes to destroy it. 

In the past, when the Generation of the Tower of Bavel tried to do the same thing, the Creator stopped them by destroying their unity, as this is what enabled them to accomplish so much. He intervened by separating them into different languages and by dividing the world's land mass into separate continents.

Electricity fuels the technology which makes the globalization process of today succeed. Every minute of every day, there is an opportunity for a solar flare or CME which will deliver a mortal blow to the world's electric grid. When it goes, the result will be exactly like what happened to the Generation of the Tower of Bavel.