26 June 2016

Global Rebellion - Remaking the World in Man's Image

20 Sivan 5776

The New World Order crowd means to unseat the Sovereign of the World by undoing and undermining the Creator's existing order so as to replace it with their own! They think they will re-create the world in their own image, but little do they realize that they are only lackeys of the Satan and they are really remaking it in the image of the serpent of old who hates mankind and wishes to destroy it. 

In the past, when the Generation of the Tower of Bavel tried to do the same thing, the Creator stopped them by destroying their unity, as this is what enabled them to accomplish so much. He intervened by separating them into different languages and by dividing the world's land mass into separate continents.

Electricity fuels the technology which makes the globalization process of today succeed. Every minute of every day, there is an opportunity for a solar flare or CME which will deliver a mortal blow to the world's electric grid. When it goes, the result will be exactly like what happened to the Generation of the Tower of Bavel.


  1. BS"D
    Once again, Thank you for your words of profound Chizuk. This compliment is for you as well as R' Menachem Robinson of the Absolute Truth and Shirat Devora as well as others for their awesome, thought-provoking entries.
    Fascinating H.P. - immediately before reading the above post, I lost my internet connection (I have a strong filter but wish I didn't have to even have it.) I couldn't believe you were writing about how @ any second the electrical grid could be affected...
    Also, on Shabbos a friend sent over a salad, etc. On the bag were the words "Light and Grid"; last week "real solutions".
    Let it be NOW that the real solution should be the ushering in of the Tekufas HaMoshiach where we will all have true Da'as H'

    Yiyasher Kochachaich, Kochachem!

  2. the mind can think and spur and the body can move and do but there is a limit. 'there is a limit, boundary and restraint'. there are exceptions to limits but not a-lot. [certainly not a-lot]. but they go way beyond these limits and not only that, their logic is soo bent that they are also capable of things that not even an average human being could ever even imagine exists or can be. their passions and cravings are so wide that that alone can bring them down. there are lines that should never be crossed and they cross them all and go beyond that. an animal is civilized, it has it's own land and soil, it's own territory, and it's own nature and whatever that nature may be (even a snake), it has limits and order. we should learn from that.
    there is a spiritual evil force that is more evil than they are but it is organized, it has a council, it has limits, and it has order and that evil force is not above the law, rules, and order. that body must obey no matter what. but the wicked human beings are far lower than that and therefore they must come down.

  3. This is weird!! You have explained it well.

  4. I read your blog, and most times understand what you convey.

    Please explain this satan bit to me though, as i am confused. Rabbis that i hear, say that the satan is used by Hashem to make us aware and prod us, when we do wrong. That satan really does not exist as christians portray him, then how come, here you wrote, that satan hates mankind and wishes to destroy it? As this could also mean that he hates Hashem, who made mankind, in H-s image.


    1. See Rabbi Kessin on the Ramchal - it's the Satan or us, but not both.

      "So, there you have it: we are born into our lowly position, as the Talmud declares: Difficult is the yetzer hara that even its Creator called it “evil,” as it says, “Because the inclination of the heart of man is evil from his youth” (Bereishis 8:21).

      "Rav Shimon, the son of Levi said: every day the yetzer of a man strengthens itself seeking to kill him."(Kiddushin 30b)

    2. Thank you Devash..
      but your answer makes me want to ask more questions. Will not thought as then it will lead to more questions, and so i will let it be.
      Will try and search out the question that came up in my mind.... from the answer you gave me.

      I wish you a good week.

    3. I'm sorry for the terse reply S/c. I was too pressed for time. I'll try to explain a bit better for you.

      First of all, understand that the Satan is also a created being and has no power to act independently of Hashem. He is also called the Yetzer HaRa, the Sitra Achra and the Angel of Death. His job is to be the conduit for evil in the world. To the extent that we empower him, we empower evil and darken the Light of God in the world, leading to an increase of confusion and doubt.

      As you might guess, it's too much to get into in a blog comment and I'm not the best one to give it over.

      Please see what Rabbi Kessin says about the Satan HERE.

      I hope that helps.

      Kol tuv!

    4. Thank you Devash, will do so.. and i understand how busy you must be.
      SO all the more thank you for taking the time to help me.
      Hashem bless you and yours and all of Am Israel and all good peoples everywhere.

      P.S: posted another comment.. a whild ago... see how it goes with me.

  5. To S/c: To put in simple terms - the satan is representative of the snake in the Garden of Eden when both Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge and unleashed Good & Evil (like today's internet). The satan is Esav's angel. From the beginning since the Garden of Eden, the snake has been waging a war against H' and humanity. The first one who tried doing this was the evil Nimrod and his evil followers who built the Tower of Bavel because they wanted to go against G-D and make themselves gods. They were successful because they were 'united' and it is said that they had technology also. How utterly stupid of any creation to think they can go agaist the CREATOR, but arrogance is the satan itself, so H' destroyed their tower and confused them with different languages, etc. G-D controls everything, the good and the evil (satan). This is all part of the master plan so H' can uproot this evil once and for all at the end of days and that is coming very soon where all the evil doers will gather together for their own destruction. After Moshiach's, H's servant, arrival, all evil and evil inclinations of any kind will be gone forever and no more tears of sorrow of any kind. The world and everyone and everything in it will then know that there is only the Creator, Hashem!

  6. Annoymous, I thank you..
    But Hashem created everything...
    So why did he make this vile serpent.. because as i think.. if Hashem created everything.. and Hashem did.. then Hashem created also evil..
    and then.. then i can think no further.. if you can please enlighten me..
    I cannot grasp how Hashem if Hashem is in control of all,.. and Hashem created everything.. then why create evil??
    Hope this does not sound crazy.. but just really wanting to know..
    In advance thank you.


    1. S/c, it would be more correct to say that Hashem created the potential for evil. Which is actually what the Ramchal says in Derech Hashem. He created the possibility so we could make a choice. When we choose wrongly, it is we who have brought evil down into the world through the conduit created for that purpose - the Satan.

      "...God's wisdom decreed that both good and evil exist in the world.... The Essence of a state of good is when a Force has the capacity to be illuminated by the Light of God's Presence. The opposite state is that which lacks this capacity, and where this Light is therefore withheld from a given Force. ...It is necessary to realize that the true cause of everything good, whether among Forces or their effects, is the Light of God's Presence. The cause of all evil, on the other hand, is the absence of this Light.

      "With regard to good, however, God is considered its actual cause, both in general and in particular. God is not considered the direct cause of evil, on the other hand, and we are thus taught that 'God does not relate His Name to evil.' God is nevertheless still the indirect cause even of evil, since its actual cause is the absence of good, and it therefore results from the absence of God's Light and the concealment of His Presence."

  7. It is question of technology like everything in this universe having a dual use (e.g. good and bad) as well as whether the Geulah follows Rambam where the laws of nature will not be violated vs the opposite, since even Hashem's miracles are stated as remaining within the laws of nature.

    It is implied that in the Messianic Era that existing technology would be converted to serve good, even if there is an argument that that boils down to neo-ludditism.

  8. Without evil, and a malach (angel, or demon, both are just messengers of HaShem) to carry out such evil, or to encourage others to evil, there would be no reward for rejecting evil and doing good. Choosing to be holy. Doing mitsvot. Being kind.
    To say that the satan is evil or that demons are different than angels is just to help us understand their roles. The satan is just a malach that oversees all of the "evil" done in this world. Just as there is a malach (angel) for every blade of grass, for every person, for every country, for everything in the world. There is a malach (demon) for everything "evil" or "bad" in the world. To take responsibility for whatever HaShem has planned for it. Whether it be to grow, or die. To change or stay the same...etc.
    Malachim (angles or demons) do not have free will and therefore can't be "evil". All of the evil that exists in this world comes from our choices and our intentions for the things we do.


    1. Absolutely! Thank you for explaining so well.

  9. me - You are Right! But, to the human being, it is either good or evil. The malachim are just doing their jobs, but for us, it is everything. Evil brings suffering and H' hates evil because He really love His children, His creations and in the end, we will understand everything was for the good. Everything is really a mashal to test us and teach us. Why did H' create the Tree of Good and Evil can be asked; it is to show us that the human beings H' created were being tested and failed the simple commandment of the Creator. But, these are matters great kabbalists need to answer, 'the why's'! My thinking is that we can think of it that H' is the Great Scriptwriter and the world is His stage and we are all playing our roles but have the choice of how we play our parts - doing 'good or evil'. The real purpose for the creation of the world is for the coming of Moshiach, G-D's Servant, who will govern the world and will have miraculous powers. H' wants us, the Jewish people, His servants and beloved children as his ambassadors, so to speak, to be a light unto the nations so that those righteous people left on earth will all acknowledge and know that there is Only Hashem - Ein Od Milvado!

    Another thing, I do not believe that there will be technology in the future for the world as our Sages tell us will eventually be (to our thinking) miraculous. In other words, the miraculous will be the natural and normal. Because everything is a miracle; H' is in control running the universe every second and we take it all for granted thinking, as today's arrogant non-believers believe and have no clue that there is a Creator who runs the show. So, in the time to come what we consider miraculous today will be the normal and the world will understand and know that Hashem is in total control! nili

  10. Thank you all for your explanations.
    Grasp a little, but the fact still remains, evil did not appear of its own will, thus, Hashem created good and Hashem created evil.. so evil was created so that Hashem would see how we would choose. Fair enough. Hashem is Creator and does what Hashem wants. Understood.

    So is it okay to say, that Hashem sort of put a game out and now sees who wins or loses?
    Like at these games, which a lot of people spend money and time to go and watch, like football etc;,
    Is it then Hashem perhaps is sort of watching a game?
    Please I do not wish any bad while I question this way, I have asked Hashem directly, but get no answers, and this still bothers me.

    I wish Kabbalists could tell us in words easy for people like me to grasp, or is there anyone could suggest i read something, (not too difficult) so i could know.
    Whatever, I thank you all, and if anyone can help.. me I am grateful.

    Hashem bless you all.


    1. God forbid!

      Please see my answers above. God did not "create" evil. He created the potential for evil. I hope you can discern the difference. I have quoted the Ramchal at length above on this subject.

      Furthermore, it is not at all as you say here - God is like watching a game. If life is to be compared to a game then Hashem is the coach, the umpire, the bat boy, etc. He plays all the parts and is actively involved in every aspect of this "game"! And He is right there with every team memebr urging them on to do their best and to win this game!

      No one can make ten gallons of water fit into a 12 oz jar. Hamavin yavin.

    2. Again, I thank you Devash, and for taking time to respond to my perhaps sometimes silly sounding questions.
      Forgive me, and i appreciate you trying to explain.
      What i aim to do now, is to read all the answers again, and try to digest, in no way do i want to disrespect Hashem, or anyone.

      Bless each of you.
      Devash, i especially thank you for taking so much time to help me understand. :)\


  11. It is reasonable to mention that the ruler of the land of Shinar played a central role in the “Tower Project”. That was NIMROD (Heb. נִמְרוֹד, נִמְרֹד),as his name being interpreted "he who made all the people rebel against God" (Pes. 94b), son of Cush and grandson of Ham son of Noach (Bereshit. 10:8–12; I Chron. 1:10).He is described as "a mighty hunter by the grace of the Lord" whose image as a hero of the chase became legendary.Rashi goes on to say: A mighty hunter – he ensnared the minds of people by his words, misleading them to rebel against the Lord and intending purposely to provoke Hashem in His face. He was also "the first man of might on earth" (Bereshit. 10:8), i.e., the first to found a great empire after the flood. God said: "I made Nimrod great; but he built a tower in order that he might rebel against Me" (Ḥul. 89b),which is called by the rabbis, "the house of Nimrod" for idol worship (Av. Zar. 53b) and he had the whole world pay divine homage to him (Mid. Hag to Bereshit. 11:28).
    The CONSEQUENCES (rather than the causes of) the unitary state, as psychological need for unity and, the social pressure involved, the strength and power that result from this unity, all will result in the monolithically totalitarian state, which resulted in both civil repression (as in the furnace of Avraham) and spiritual hubris (as in the idolatry reaching up to heaven with a sword).
    The Torah describes the following progression:
    1. Cultural unity - one language and one speech (verse 1);
    2. Social cohesiveness - living together (verse 2);
    3. Industrial advance - the brick factory (verse 3);
    4. What does one do with one's newfound power - monumental construction (verse 4), leading to centralization, pride and rebellion, and totalitarianism.

  12. Part 2
    The Netziv (Rabbi Naphtali Tzvi Yehuda Berlin, the19th century Rosh Yeshiva of the famed Volozhin Yeshiva) has a fascinating and very instructive view on their plan. He explains that they were the first social engineers—hoping to create a utopian society where all lived and thought as one. They feared that if some people would settle their own colonies and towns, they would develop their own cultures and unique modes of living. They wanted everyone to live in one controlled environment where they would be able to make sure that all remain culturally homogenous. The tower served as a base around which all people of their planned colony would settle—no one leaving its immediate environs. The problem with their plan was that it was the first step toward a tyrannical state where no individual expression would be tolerated.
    Furthermore, in order to maintain this unity, they would need police and strict totalitarian social control, which is how the Netziv explains "and make for us a name." The "name" means people in charge, supervisors. The outcome would be oppression, as exemplified by the story of Avraham and the furnace of Ur Kasdim. (The Netziv explains that the sentence about making bricks rather than using stone is a hint to this midrash - they needed a great furnace to produce the bricks and that was the furnace, where Avraham was thrown in). The "project" leads to the need for social unity, which leads to social repression.
    This was the first dictatorship, where the individual is not important, only the society.
    Such a monolithic society could never produce an independent thinker such as our forefather Abraham.
    The significance of our forefather’s name becomes clearer when we recall that Avraham is called Ha'Ivri (B'reishit 14:13). Rashi sees this as a reference to Avraham's origin - across the river Euphrates. In the Midrash, Rabbi Yehuda taught: "The whole world was on one side [mei'ever] while Avraham was on the other"; He stood alone in his service of G-d, while the whole world stood apart in their worship of idols.
    The Torah explains to us that even though the universal mass society of Bavel included pious individuals (Shem, Ever, even Noach are still alive), the service of God cannot arise out of such a society. It is too repressive, too dedicated to maintaining its own existence.
    Organized idolatry, ascribed by the midrash to Nimrod king of Bavel, is a means of ideological control, giving everyone a central figure of authority easily manipulated by the ruling class. This is due to the fact that the moral basis of the society is weak. But I think that the Torah is saying that this is inevitable if everyone must be included in the unitary society. The basis of total unitary society for all mankind will of necessity tend towards physical symbols, a tower, or an idol, and will of necessity be intolerant and compulsive. Because there is no other basis for unitary society other than the shared industrial projects, there will always be a need to invent new projects and force every part of society to take part in order to provide the strength and power inherent in organized mass society. The goal is a unified mass, dedicated to building central institutions which will perpetuate the unity. A logical eventual form of such a society may well be the Stalinist state.
    After all that have been said about Tower of Babel and its ourcome, who in their normal state of mind would ever repeat this project, but apparently history repeats itself.


  13. Thank you very much Chana - excellent history lesson. Just proves that things never change; evil was and is the same even today. What you write is exactly what seems to be happening again right now on a global scale. The only thing that changes are our costumes (fashions, etc.) but just as good is good, the evil ones remain the same too.