10 June 2016

Shavuot 5776

4 Sivan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Day 48 of the Omer

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  1. happy shavuot (weeks) to everybody and the very last before the worldwide redemption. hopefully we do not sleep when it counts most. and just like the hebrews recieved the torah, the whole world will be redeemed from this atrocity without suffering, cache, no problems whatsoever and that is in the upcoming months. that is not something silly to remember (like zionist reference holocaust)but happiness for the whole world (jews and good of every nation) to look forward to. none of us can wait to see the look on our enemies faces when their turn comes damn them all and their souls; they will not be smiling and laughing anymore and they will get one whole minute to realize what fools they were before they get striked.