05 June 2016

Re-Unification of Jerusalem? Yes, But Under Whose Authority?

28 Iyyar 5776
Yom Yerushalayim
43 Days of the Omer

Jewish "sovereignty" is an illusion used to pacify the masses.

Nearly a month ago, we were "celebrating" the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Today, we are "celebrating" the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the ancient capital city of Jerusalem. What do we have to "celebrate"? The fact that now there is such an appearance of Jewish sovereignty that most Jews think the Messiah has already come? At least if it were still obvious that we are being ruled by the nations of the world, good Jews would not be so satisfied with, nor intent on maintaining, the Status Quo.

Are we to celebrate the fact that we are free to visit the Western Wall under guard and in fear for our lives while Holy Jerusalem is ruled by a Hellenistic Jew and becomes more and more a monument to foreign powers, foreign ideas and foreign gods?

It is no coincidence that Cinema City, Jerusalem's Temple to Western Values and Materialism, was built across the street from the Illuminati and Mason-inspired Supreme Court Building.

Or that both of them, along with the Knesset, in fact the entire ruling complex, are located at "the gates" (entrance) to the city - the power base of the Erev Rav. Not only is there just the illusion of sovereignty over East Jerusalem, but in West Jerusalem as well!!

On this Yom Yerushalayim, keep in mind that while we give thanks to HKB"H for giving Yerushalayim back to us, we should bemoan the fact that the Erev Rav immediately snatched it away again.

“The Erev Rav delay the redemption much more than all the nations of the World.” (Raaya Mehemna-Sefer Ha Zohar)


  1. Good, 'let them rage all they want' these are their last days anyways so nobody cares. Me feels that this new year will be the year where the whole world will be redeemed and we will finally be able to improve ourselves as well as all the good people of every other nation. This summer will be a big summer for them and these byproducts world will be rocked if you know what that means. We should just focus on what we must do now. This is all ending soon anyways so pppppppfffffffttttt.

  2. Devora Chaya, You are right but it won't go on much longer. Aryeh Yosef

  3. Wow; thank you for bringing this very important video about the Supreme Court on Yom Yerushalayim. I was aware of the masonic architecture, but had never seen it in such detail.

    A good thing we have an army of servants of Hashem to counteract their evil plans.

    The Geulah is coming whether they have planned for it or not.

  4. That is the weirdest video. I’m glad I haven’t gone on a tour of that edifice!! One can’t refute the video because the construction is for all to see. That links and entwines the Erev Rav closer to the leftist secularists of Israel, with T.A. the capital of immorality. We owe the Mayor responsibility for slicing up Yerushalayim. [an aside, i posted early this morning and its almost 4pm and it still doesn’t appear in any blogs that i’m linked to. Israel fits into this scheme somehow. i think google has created some weird time frame between countries. just a thought. maybe Israeli bloggers should keep track of this timing as an experiment.]

  5. The government is corrupt at every level.
    Jerusalem City Votes To Fund Chilul Shabbos Cultural Events

    - a voice in the wilderness

  6. So depressing.....hard to bear. There is that saying about "their iniquities being full" and perhaps that is not yet the condition of their depravity. I cannot imagine it will be much longer.

  7. illuminti now days are just nothing less than a simple social club. thats the holyness made memshala.