14 June 2016

Stop Taking Sides: It's Not Our Fight

8 Sivan 5776

In the case of West versus East - Eisav vs Yishmael - the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Jews need to just shut-up and stop trying to curry favor with Eisav (and seek his protection) by endlessly pointing out how both Jews and Christians are targets of Islam.

Let them fight it out until they're both down and neither of them is a threat to us any longer.

Search your mind and heart and root out any sympathy for or attachment to Eisav as he is embodied in Western civilization and culture. His lifestyle is completely opposed to the paths of Torah that we are under covenant to guard and protect.

And if you are a Jew living in the tents of Eisav, you are in bed with the enemy - a rebel against your King. You are sitting on the wrong side of this battle. Best take shelter in neutral territory - in your Father's house.