05 June 2016

Floods Around the World and Other Major Events

28 Iyyar 5776
Yom Yerushalayim
43 Days of the Omer

Floods apocalypse around the world in June 2016: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania (and Australia)


In Germany, 10 people have been killed, including four in Baden-Wuerttemberg in flooding that hit Sunday and Monday.

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Thousands have been evacuated as floods continue to threaten homes and businesses across the Paris region.

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Belgium endured a fourth day of heavy rain, with flooding reported in several areas across the country. Several neighborhoods have had to be evacuated as cellars flooded and streets were submerged in overflowing creeks and rivers.


Two people were killed in floods in the Romanian counties of Vrancea and Bacau. Several hundreds of families have been evacuated. Red alert! Firefighters and police officers conduct rescue operation. Several rural areas are cut from the outside world.


As a result of heavy rain in Odessa, all major highways were flooded with sometimes more than half a meter of water on the roads.


The monthly precipitation – 82mm of rain – fell within 3 hours in Krasnodar, Russia on June 3, 2016.

United States of America

Texas faces days of rain as flooding crisis grows


More than 500 residential houses in the Iztapalapa neighborhood of Mexico City have been flooded by heavy rains.

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The east and central provinces of China are currently experiencing apocalyptical floods. More than five thousands people have been evacuated, hundreds of thousands are suffering material damage.

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HEAVY FLOOD ON PEOPLE | Uttarakhand India


Australian east coast battered by heavy rain, strong winds, flash floods

Hundreds of people were in evacuation centres and up to 26,000 homes were without power as torrential rain and high winds battered Australia's east coast on Sunday (June 5), leading to widespread flooding and damage.



"Between May 12 and 13, 81 people died in lightning strikes in 26 districts across Bangladesh during a spell of thunderstorms, according to the disaster management ministry."

At least 82 injured as lightning strikes Rock am Ring festival in Germany
Lightning strikes kill two in Pirojpur, Bangladesh
Lightning bolt kills two in Pune, India
Two farmers were killed by lightning bolt in Cambodia
Lightning strikes kill 17 and injure 12 in Odisha, India; bolt kills 21 cattle

Lightning strike casualties on the rise in Nepal: At least 553 killed in 5 years

In recent years, lightning has emerged as one of the deadliest natural disasters with 28 deaths and 60 injuries recorded from April 13 to May 31 in this year alone.

...According to the ministry, number of deaths caused by lightning has been increasing.... An analysis of distribution of human deaths in different districts shows that amongst various disaster types, lightning has caused more human deaths in 44 districts. 


Planetary upheaval: More volcanoes erupted last week than during entire (average) year in 20th century


ASTEROID EXPLODES OVER ARIZONA: On June 2nd just before 4 a.m. MST, a small asteroid hit Earth's atmosphere and exploded over Arizona. The airburst shook the ground below and produced a flash of light 10x brighter than a full Moon. NASA says it was a 3-meter wide space rock from beyond the orbit of Mars. Shortly after the explosion, Mike Lerch walked out the front door of his house in Phoenix on the way to work, and this is what he saw:

"At first I thought it was a rocket launch," says Lerch. "Now I realize it was debris from the asteroid." Indeed, the smokey remains were widely visible as they twisted in the winds high above Arizona.

The flash itself was so bright, it briefly turned night into day.

...Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office says this is the brightest fireball detected in the 8-year history of the NASA's All Sky Fireball Network, an array of cameras that monitors fireball activity across the USA. The fact that the explosion blinded most cameras that saw it initially complicated analysts' efforts to pinpoint its nature and origin. Ultimately, however, they were able to draw firm conclusions: The mass of the asteroid was some tens of tons and it exploded with a kinetic energy of approximately 10 kilotons.

"There are no reports of any damage or injuries—just a lot of light and few sonic booms," says Cooke. "If Doppler radar is any indication, there are almost certainly meteorites scattered on the ground north of Tucson." (Source: Spaceweather.com)

And we're still just at the beginning.


  1. WHY?

    NASA head to arrive in Israel tomorrow

    Major General Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., the head of NASA, will arrive in Israel for an official visit tomorrow (Monday).

    While here, he will meet with Science Minister Ophir Akunis (Likud) and will be awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Bar Ilan University.

    - a voice in the wilderness

  2. Hashem manifests Himself through Nature. What's happening in the world is from Hashem. Thats what everyone needs to realize. There's nothing else. Hashem, Hashem, Hashem..!!!

    Devorah, have you seen this from Suspicious 0bservers? Check out how close this anomoly is to Eretz Yisrael at 1:43:



  3. Dear Devora,

    Just something i came across.

    I dont think ive seen you mention gemara brachos 58b when talking about nibiru but Shmuel mentiong the "comet" sounds very much like he could be talking about nibiru.

    Curious to know what you think.


    1. על הזיקין: מאי זיקין אמר שמואל כוכבא דשביט ואמר שמואל נהירין לי שבילי דשמיא כשבילי דנהרדעא לבר מכוכבא דשביט דלא ידענא מאי ניהו וגמירי דלא עבר כסלא ואי עבר כסלא חרב עלמא והא קא חזינן דעבר זיויה הוא דעבר ומתחזי כדעבר איהו רב הונא ברי' דרב יהושע אמר וילון הוא דמקרע דמגלגל ומחזי נהורא דרקיעא רב אשי אמר כוכבא הוא דעקר מהאי גיסא דכסלא וחזי ליה חבריה מהך גיסא ומיבעית ומחזי כמאן דעבר

      OVER SHOOTING-STARS [ZIKIN]. What are ZIKIN? Samuel said: A comet. Samuel also said: I am as familiar with the paths of heaven as with the streets of Nehardea, with the exception of the comet, about which I am ignorant. There is a tradition that it never passes through the constellation of Orion, for if it did, the world would be destroyed. But we have seen it pass through? — Its brightness passed through, which made it appear as if it passed through itself. R. Huna the son of R. Joshua said: Wilon was torn asunder and rolled up, showing the brightness of Rakia. R. Ashi said: A star was removed from one side of Orion and a companion star appeared on the other side, and people were bewildered and thought the star had crossed over.

      Rashi: כוכבא דשביט. כוכב היורד כחץ ברקיע ממקום למקום וארוך כשבט שהוא יורה ונראה כמו שפותח רקיע: וגמירי דלא עבר כסלא. שאינו מעביר מזל כסיל כשהוא שביט: כסלא. כסיל: רב הונא אמר. מאי זיקין וילון הוא דמקרע ומתחזי רקיע דרך הקריעה כרומח: כתיב עושה עש כסיל וכימה. דקדמיה ליה כסיל לכימה: הא כיצד. מלמד ששניהן שוין: שאלמלא חמה של כסיל וכו'. כסיל שולט בימות החמה להכי אקדמיה קרא כימה שולט בימות הגשמים ולהכי אקדמיה קרא: עקרב. היינו כימה וממזל טלה הוא: נהר דינור. מתשת כחו של עקרב: עוקצא דעקרבא. זנב העקרב: מעדנות כימה. קשרים של כימה: כמאה ככבי. יש בין הכוכבים של כימה שהן כחה של כימה: אמרי לה דמכנפי. אותן שהן כחה של כימה ואמרי לה דמבדרן: יותא אמרי לה. דקיימא בזנב טלה ואמרי לה דקיימא בריש עגלא: רישא דעגלא. ראשו של עגל והיינו מזל שור והוא נמשך אחר מזל טלה ראש השור סמוך לזנב טלה שכן הסדר טלה שור תאומים: ומסתברא כמאן דאמר זנב. היינו כוכבים העשויין כזנב מדכתיב ועיש על בניה תנחם: אלמא חסרה. והאי זנב מחזי כטרפא דטריף: כטרפא

      This is new to me, and I can't read Aramaic. But the translation does make one wonder, especially since I saw a video yesterday that, if I recall correctly, says Nibiru came out of Orion.

  4. Yes I also saw that, Nibiru came out of Orion. What is the word for Orion in Hebrew and in Aramaic ?

    1. In Hebrew - כְּסִיל. In Aramaic, I'm guessing - כסלא.

  5. I just entered the word כְּסִיל into Google translate and it translated it as ''fool''. I wonder why they call it that in Hebrew?

    1. Try Morfix HERE. It's much more reliable.

      תוצאות תרגום לאנגלית עבור: כסיל
      אוריון (קבוצת כוכבים)
      Orion (constellation)
      אוריון או הצייד (מיוונית עתיקה:Ὠρίων ; עברית : כסיל) היא קבוצת כוכבים בולטת, שחולקת את תואר קבוצת הכוכבים הידועה ביותר עם הדובה הגדולה. משום שהיא קרובה לקו המשווה השמימי, ניתן לראות אותה כמעט מכל מקום בעולם. צופה הממוקם בישראל יוכל לראות את קבוצת אוריון בשעות הערב באוקטובר ובנובמבר בכיוון מזרח, ובדצמבר עד מרץ בכיוון דרום.

      כְּסִיל שֵם
      (literary) fool, idiot, imbecile, moron
      (astronomy) Orion

    2. Kesil seems to denote both Orion and Fool.