12 June 2016

"Earth Changes Summary - May 2016"

7 Sivan 5776

"Last month, more volcanoes erupted during one week than would typically erupt during an entire year in the 20th century. Hailstones the size of tennis balls fell across southeast Asia, while the Indian subcontinent roasted in a record-breaking heatwave for the second year running. Europe experienced record-late snowfall in many places, followed by tornado outbreaks, devastating flash-floods and hailstorms that required snowploughs to clear streets. Wildfires raged across vast expanses of sub-Arctic regions, notably in central Canada, where the population of an entire city was forced to flee."

"Month after month, the rain falls harder, the winds blow stronger, and the meteors come closer. Devastated homes can't be rebuilt fast enough before the next waves of natural disasters hit." (Source)

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


  1. It's CERN. Since Pesach they have ramped up to 2040 bunches (from maximum of 50 all the years they were running before). It has been demonstrated that they are altering the magnetosphere and producing sever solar storm like occurrences where there are no solar storms. This is having a dire effect on our planet.

    1. I don't believe it. Nothing manmade can produce such a global influence. And solar storms, manmade or otherwise do not explain changes in the Earth's crust. And these effects began before CERN even went online. Furthermore, this does not get into changes noted on other planetary bodies, the disappearance of one of Jupiter's 'bands' and heating on Mars, etc.

    2. I have been tracking solar storms for 15 years. The anomalous storm like occurrences without a corresponding flare correspond 100% with when CERN is on- and not before CERN was turned on.
      CERN is producing micro black holes (read their own web site!), has produced antimatter and is trying to produce dark matter. You better believe that affects our planet and beyond!
      There are renown physicists who have taken them to court over their ability to destroy our planet. Stephen Hawkings has stated that CERN has the capacity to destroy not just our planet, but our galaxy.

      This is not theory, this is fact. All one has to do is compare daily the data from NASA (especially the electron flux charts and sometimes the magnetosphere readings) with the data from CERN. Do it. And after one month tell me if you still don't think they are affecting our planet.

      They are, in a horrible manner. Even the earth's crust. Look into it.

  2. You’re right Devash! As an aside, in your Reality or Illusion post the first video keeps playing the audio every time one comes to your blog. If at all possible, re-post the video BUT FIRST turn the audio OFF or to ‘mute’ so the video does not start ‘speaking’ automatically. It’s not difficult, just adjust the volume to ‘mute’. Each time I come to read your blog, that video starts ‘talking’. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  4. Re concerned comments - even if these evildoers have the knowledge and capability of harming the earth, etc., it is really Hashem allowing them to do what HE wants done. It's like what is happening in the middle east where our enemies are killing themselves off. Man can NEVER undo(destroy) the world. H' created it and only HE can destroy it, which HE promised NEVER to do again. nili