21 February 2016

The Forces of Nature Are Getting Stronger

12 Adar Aleph 5776

This could be attributable to the approach of 'Nibiru'...

(H/T Signs of the Times - Earth Changes blog)

The flooding of the great Mississippi River Basin in early January - which followed record-breaking rainfall over the New Year - was unprecedented for wintertime. The only similar event was the Great Flood of 1937, but back then just one tributary - the Ohio River - flooded. Last month saw the Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Meramec Rivers - and the Mississippi itself - all burst their banks, flooding parts of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. There are no records in US history of such happening beforeIn addition, the rivers crested at all-time record heights in a number of places. 

The US Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions flipped from experiencing their warmest ever temperatures for December and early January... to being buried under a record-breaking 3-day blizzard that killed 55 people. The North American cold wave extended as far south as Veracruz, southern Mexico, which is experiencing its "coldest winter in history." At the same time, a powerful cold wave in East Asia extended as far south as central Vietnam, where snow fell for the first time ever. An unusual cold wave also extended deep into the Middle East, where hail turned the Arabian Desert white and snow reached as far south as Kuwait (another first!).

Part 1

Part 2 

Tropical Cyclone Winston has made landfall on Fiji's main island with estimated wind gusts up to 325km/h, after the government declared a state of emergency and imposed a nationwide curfew this afternoon.

The Category Five storm is thought to be the strongest ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, and is the strongest the island nation of Fiji has ever experienced.

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  1. Devash,

    Thank you for posting these impressive videos: no doubt, a lot is happening to our planet. But I can see a lot of other reasons why this could be happening, besides that famed Nibiru.

    If I find the time I will write a post about some of those other alternative explanations. What does seem to be clear, however, is that Hashem is quite angry with many, many segments of humanity - whoever or whatever the shaliach of His anger would be.

    Kol Tuv