12 February 2016

The Set-Up For A Monumental Revelation?

3 Adar Aleph 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Quote: "Soon we will be coming to a count down and I just want to remind Am Yisroel that the only life boat that we can save ourselves with is total trust, belief and love of Hashem more than any person or thing that exists in the world."


So far, nothing has been more convincing to me of the possible appearance of 'Nibiru' as the sudden recent announcements in the mainstream media. 

Three weeks ago, every kind of media across the world, including many scientific publications, announced what was already known and documented fifty years ago - that some large object was "perturbing" the orbits of the planets at the farthest reaches of our solar system. (What was once called "Planet X" has been rebranded as "Planet Nine".)

But, they really didn't tell us anything that wasn't already known as early as the 1950s and reported on openly and favorably until the late 1980s. The cover-up began in the 1990s.

So, why suddenly now, after twenty-five years of obfuscation and denial are they bringing this subject back into the open? There is only one logical explanation. It is soon going to be visible to everyone, so there will no longer be any possibility of denying its existence. The Elite's preparations for their own survival are complete and they are ready to enter their bunkers, so they have nothing to lose by breaking this news to the public in stages.

Therefore, the worldwide announcement back on 20 January 2016 was the first hint. This Fox News Science article goes even further...
On Jan. 20, scientists announced that a planet about 10 times more massive than Earth likely lurks in the distant outer solar system, orbiting perhaps 600 times farther from the sun than Earth does on average.
The evidence for the existence of this "Planet Nine" is indirect at the moment; computer models suggest a big, undiscovered world has shaped the strange orbits of multiple objects in the Kuiper Belt, the ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune. But direct evidence could come relatively soon, in the form of a telescope observation, Planet Nine's proposers say. [Evidence Mounts for Existence of 'Planet X' (Video)]
Perhaps the next stage, which could be only days or weeks away, would be to announce this long-anticipated "sighting", to be followed by ever greater revelations of detail until the whole world population gets its first glimpse. Who knows how they plan to spin this news to their optimal advantage, but one thing is for sure - they've spent the last twenty-five years thinking about it.

[Watch Tracking Nibiru for updates]


  1. crop circles - Nibiru:



  2. BS"D

    I want to Thank you for all the Chizuk engendered by your excellent writing. The following is a sincere question as I know you have read up on this more than I have. There is a statement by a top NASA scientist that Nibru is nothing to worry about and perhaps doesn't even exist. Again, this is from NASA. How do you understand this statement vis a vis the rest of the info.out there? Again, Yiyasher Kochacaich for all your Avodas HaKodesh! Chodesh Tov!

    Respectfully, Anonymous

    1. Why would you trust a government agency?

  3. Shalom.
    Please Devash(and all the wonderful bloggers on this site)post some soothing words for us who are struggling and are distraught with searing pain for the families and all of Am Yisroel that have lost the most precious kedoshim in the bus crash today. How much longer? How many more kedoshim? Are we not strong enough to storm the heavens and cry enough??? It's Adar now - trying to balance the emotions..... it's so difficult.... -H-

    1. Who expects a bus to open up like a sardine can and spill or expose its passengers to mortal danger!???

      "That which is wondrous in our eyes is from Hashem."

      There are no words. All we can do is cry out to HKB"H.

    2. -H-...
      You must understand that the world is in the most difficult times right now. the whole world is now at war and every next day gets even more difficult than the day before... this is the era before moshiach's arrival and nobody said this would be easy or cheerful and we all know that the outside world (including the wilderness now) is all dangerous and filled with billions and billions of maniacs!. even happy days are now days of despair. the best thing for us right now is to stay on the down-low and get closer to heaven until the end of it all. it would be better to isolate yourself from the wild world or at least go to a place with little to no people. antarctica, remote islands, deep caves... that way, you could have a clearer and clean mind and think and relax... just trying to prove a point but this is helpful. do not trust anyone but the almighty and we will all get through this hell with joy and prosperity.

  4. Marvin Hagler15/2/16 9:23 AM

    I don't believe it, not a word of it. I can see us going our whole lives without Moshiach. All of this planet reading, facilitated communication, self-proclaimed prophecy - all foolishness. He'll come some day. 100 years? 200 years?

    1. I don't know what kind of Jew you claim to be, but according to the Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith, a Jew is obligated to believe that Mashiach can come any/every day. Any Jew who doesn't believe that, according to the Rambam, is a heretic.

    2. One of the first things they ask you after you pass is "did you hope for salvation?", for the redemption. You have to hope. I understand skepticism, I'm also skeptical, but better to do teshuva at the sight of things like this, to have a better chance of being one of the remaining 6,000 remaining in Israel to greet Mashiahh, or at least to be able to be resurrected after he comes.

    3. Marvin Hagler+
      Sometimes I can get fired up and I apologize. That is not the right attitude. You are just not going deep enough to understand it but this is it. It is not talk and wait..., it is now prepare and wait.
      If you saw what happened in Baltimore in 2015, you would probably have been convinced because that scared me worse than a gorefest film and that is america now.

  5. Devorah, please have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVbb05UKJus Shalom, Aryeh Yosef

  6. Devash, I seem to remember that you posted some time ago regarding holographic images that might be able to deceive us. How do we know that this is not what we're looking at here?

    1. Because no one is really "seeing" anything. If someone were projecting a holographic image, what would be the point if only a handful of people could maybe faintly see "something" only by manipulating camera images??? And the msm would be hyping it not trying to cover it up.

      Fore sure the increased effects of the forces of nature are not a result of a holographic image.

  7. I saw it yesterday and checked it on the Soho observatory official site archive..it really appeared once yesterday. But I didn't find anybody able to tell what it is. But it's from very official source. No Photoshop. Perhaps all this celestial body tracking has, in this period full of despair and hope to redemption, the same purpose like the nahash Nehoshet Moshe made in the desert to heal the Jews bitten by snakes.To make us turn our eyes toward the sky, towards Avinu shebashamaim. Only He healed them and will soon redempt us with mercy, in the way he chooses.
    Itzhak, Yerushalaim.

  8. Dear Arye Yossef (Lowell Joseph Gallin)
    This official explanation about what you see in the video you posted was sent to me since few minutes:
    "So, here's the 'official' explanation from one of the scientists working on the SOHO project...
    That image looks rather strange indeed. As these structures are out of focus and moving through a large fraction of the LASCO C3 field of view during the 19 sec exposure time, they must be caused by debris that is moving relatively close in front of the spacecraft.

    During the last week we had a lot of "action" on SOHO, with door closures, thruster firings (station keeping and momentum management maneuvers), a 180 degree roll, and door openings again. Some of the doors are spring-loaded, i.e. they produce quite a "bang" when they open. The MLI (multi-layer-insulation) that is wrapped around the spacecraft and most instruments has become quite brittle over the more than 13 years SOHO has been in orbit. It is therefore quite possible that these structures are caused by a flake of MLI that has come off after a door opening.

    These spacecraft maneuvers are also the reason why you can't find images from the 11th to the 13th. During that time, the LASCO doors were closed to protect the sensitive optics of LASCO from contamination during the thruster firings.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    George Dimitoglou"
    Best regards, Arye Yossef, and thank you Devash for the good work.
    Itzhak, Yerushalaim