24 February 2016

Binyamin: "Oy Hashem, Oy Hashem"

16 Adar Aleph 5776

The newest message from Binyamin is six pages long. I do not know when or if I will get to a word-for-word translation, but meantime, I can give you a quick summary and some excerpts.



Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 7 Adar 5776

(This message was given in the wake of the terrible #402 Bnei Brak to Jerusalem bus accident which took six lives on 6 Adar 5776.)

"...Oy, Hashem, what will be with Your people?.... How will we get through what's going to be? How will we get through the news of yesterday that's so hard - but it's still small compared to what's waiting for us....."

Binyamin discusses the tragedy. He says the victims were all tzadikim and pure korbanot taken for the sins of the nation - that they were born for this. He says people don't understand. They are in a deep sleep and need to wake up. Such korbanot are not enough. We still have to do teshuvah. Such tragedies have been going on for years and all over the Jewish world, not just in Israel. 

He says we like to pat ourselves on the back and brag about our chesed and how we keep all the mitzvot, but for the majority it's not real Yiddishkeit, but rather something connected to the golden calf - a 'kosher' avodah zarah. He decries the emptiness of what is being bequeathed to the future generation. We've lost the rabbis who could lead us. The rabbis now, for the most part, tell people what they want to hear.

"...I'm telling you, believe me or don't believe me, the evildoers whom we've talked about so much, they're already ruling over most of the world here, and we're already very close to a war that will be here in our region, which will probably develop easily and arrive to other places on a large scale. But, I don't believe it will grow a lot, I believe that the star that we talked about - it's close, and it's coming here, I believe, I can't promise what's coming first, but it won't take much time. And this is based on fact, my opinion is based on fact, that what is written by the known astronomers, the known scientists, including Einstein, it's written exactly in the Zohar and other sources, and since it's written exactly, and also written in the prophecies that two-thirds of the world will be destroyed, and I know that the evildoers can't annihilate most of the world, only Hashem can, but if Hashem sends this star to scare the evildoers all over the world and to destroy most of the world - then, it has to be, it has to be.

So, whether you call it 'Planet-X', 'Nibiru', or more correctly the name 'HaShavit' - it's on its way. It's close."

Binyamin goes on to say that the evildoers meanwhile are making a show of fighting the 'Zika' virus in order to distract people from other things they are doing. Everything like this that they are doing including poisoning the food, is meant to enslave us. But, Hashem is going to surprise them. They think that they are highly intelligent, but they are stupid enough to think the Satan will save them. They want to turn the whole world against the Torah, against Hashem's order...

[Me: no doubt they'll make a case for the "Old Testament" being the source of all the "radicalism" and "extremism" in all the religions. Eliminate that and all can come together as one in "peace".]

...They claim to want to 'fix' the creation, but instead they are destroying it. Anyone who looks at our situation honestly can see that's what they are doing. And it makes you feel sick to your stomach. So, therefore, in a little bit the complete redemption will come. Just don't be afraid at all. Everything Hashem does is for our good.

Binyamin closes by calling once again for everyone to do real teshuvah and return to Hashem completely. Women - throw away the wigs, wash off the make-up, dress modestly,....

"...There's not much time, I beg of you, immediately-immediately return in teshuvah...."

In the Question and Answer session following, although he emphasizes that he does not know the exact date the Star will arrive, Binyamin advises those present to already buy a box of matzahs and some bottles of grape juice and other things needed for the seder to have on hand.


  1. if you want a faster translation and understanding, try using google website translator and compare it to the original and you will translate faster with more sophisticated vocabulary. he also brought back memories of other victims like the 7 children from brooklyn who burned on shabbat. do you remember it? they were the purest and you can tell from their eyes. judaism in america has fallen worse than anywhere else even worse than israel. in america, the real rabbi's have become so incompetent, they have to listen to the people to lead and they rule according to the people's desire. my brother in-law is like that. my intelligent cat would make a better leader.
    oh ovadia yosef.

  2. BH
    Please, dont generalize!
    Sara from Mexico City

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