26 February 2016

Moishela: "Eretz Yisroel Will Survive"

17 Adar I 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parshat Ki Tisa 

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
10 Adar Aleph 5776 (Feb 19, ‘16)

Eretz Yisroel Will Survive

Mommy, what a week this week is going to be IY”H. The world, many of the people of the world, will be shocked to realize how low, how decadent, wild and senseless this world has become. For all human beings whose eyes are at least halfway open the shock will be tremendous. The realization how mankind has been duped, has been lied to and how we believed the lie so fervently will more than shock most normal people. I am afraid that as we live still in a semi normal way on this planet this coming week will bring us many surprises. We will come closer to outright war, Hashem Ya’azor Veyatzil Osonu, and we will realize, hopefully, that it’s time to ready ourselves spiritually and materialistically for the events of the near future.

Every Jew should sit down and take stock of his or her life and realize where he or she has disappointed so-to-speak our Creator and with a broken heart beg forgiveness from Hakodosh Boruch Hu and take upon himself or herself to try never to, Kivyachol, disappoint our Father in Heaven again and to take upon ourselves to do His will and His will only, to live our lives only to do His will.

Am Yisroel the end of the world as we know it is coming very soon and many of the changes happened already. We still are living in our houses comfortably with heaters in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. We still go to the grocery store and buy food whenever we are hungry. We wash our cloths in washing machines without having to go down to the river to wash it. We dispose of our wastes down the toilet or go to take our garbage to the garbage bin where it’s taken away never to be seen again. However all of this is going to change. We are in danger here on planet earth from our fellow man, from our aggressive blood thirsty fellow human beings. We are in danger from all kinds of natural events and we are in danger from the heavens above. However let’s never forget this is all the doing of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. The Derech to purify us and to bring us back to the state that Adam and Chava were in just before they met the snake, so that humanity highlighted by the Jewish people the chosen of Hashem could reach the perfection that Hashem desires in order to complete His creation.

Most of the people of the world will be destroyed, most countries of the world will be destroyed, either completely or almost completely but Eretz Yisroel will survive with its inhabitants all of which will be pure true Jewish souls that stood at Har Sinai and witnessed the giving of the Torah, the ones that said Na’aseh Venishma.

Am Yisroel, true Jewish Neshomas, do not fear. The difficulties ahead will be tremendous. Those who are close to Hashem or who are trying to do His will, who have detached themselves from the Egel Hazahav will suffer very little. May we all be Zoche to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu with Simcha and Rachamim.
                                                                                     Gut Shabbos  

 ~ Shabbat shalom ~


  1. Thank you for posting, Devash!
    Really appreciate it!
    Hashem sees all my and all of our efforts to try and rely on Him, do His will, live the life He wants and He will protect us.
    Gut Shabbos!

  2. 'Eretz' Yisrael will surely survive; it is part of the reason for creation (H', Torah, Bnai Yisrael & Eretz Yisrael= all One).
    Olam Chesed Yibaneh; hopefully, only the bad guys will get their just due and then no more evil.

    1. No more evil-wicked maniacs all over the world. Only in hell. Then the whole world will be equal, clean and happy.

  3. What happened this week? did I miss something?

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    1. Wow, interesting. How do they meet with inflation?