03 February 2016

It's Getting More and More Extreme

25 Shevat 5776

Global warming - I don't know. Earth changes - no doubt about it. Our ancient Hebrew prophecies are full of detailed descriptions of it. (See Tanakh on Earth Changes)

Snow falls in Kuwait for 'the first time ever'
Temperatures in Kuwait soar up to 50C in the summer months and even in winter 20C is the norm. However, on Thursday the temperature was as low as 3C.

There is no record of snow having fallen in Kuwait before, although the emirate has experienced hail and frost in the past when temperatures have fallen in the winter.

A Kuwaiti told MEE that Thursday's snow was a first for the country.

"I asked my grandfather, he said there has never been snow before," they said, preferring to remain anonymous. "Everyone is surprised."

Heavy snowfall for Saudi Arabia

First EVER snowfall in central Vietnam - Records date back to 1650

Rare earthquake shakes residents of Maine, US
Alice Kelly, PH.D., an instructor of earth and climate studies at UMaine, says it's unusual to see seismic activity in this area.

Second earthquake hits Cornwall, UK within a week

Why the U.S. East Coast could be a major ‘hotspot’ for rising seas

Just a nudge could collapse West Antarctic Ice Sheet, raise sea levels 3 meters

Safety warnings as hurricane force gusts set to batter Galway


  1. ...and that MASSIVE tornado in Alabama. YIKES.

  2. Interesting, Devash, you're an A1 researcher! I really had found interesting that which you stated a while back about the gematria of Amalek added to 1776 equaling 2016. Is there a source for that? Curious.

    1. No source. 'Amalek' and 'dollar' have the same gematria and this coming 4th of July will be America's 240th birthday.

  3. Here is another oddity being reported this morning by SpaceWeather.com:

    "STRATOSPHERIC CLOUD EVENT: Clouds in the stratosphere are very rare. Yet for the past week they have been seen every day."

  4. Devash,
    New message on the Dani18 site.
    Thank you so much!
    Gut Shabbos to you and all of Klal Yisroel.(HR)

    1. Saw it yesterday, thanks. I won't be translating this one. Sorry.