18 February 2016

"World's MAFIA vs MASHIACH ben David"

9 Adar Aleph 5776


  1. Don’t Believe The One World Religion Is Here? You Will After Seeing This

    Fourteen world religions and over 1,000 religious leaders participated in the 1st Annual Commemoration World Alliance of Religion’s Peace Summit , a signing ceremony for the ultimate forger of the One World Religion. They signed the Unity of Religion Agreement, a promise of religions to unite unconditionally and without discrimination to achieve “world peace.” Religious leaders who attended the ceremony included those from Shia Islam faith, to those of the Evangelical faith, to Catholicism, to Hinduism, to Buddhism, to Anglican, to Sheik, to Judaism and many others. Their goal? A One World Religion under the Papacy.

    Shabat Shalom, Chana

  2. They started a milchamah neged Hashem. H' is in control of everything, including the wicked and their goals (but they don't understand that), but, b'ezrat Hashem, soon will. Shomer Amo Yisrael.