10 February 2016

The Holiness of Rosh Chodesh

1 Adar Aleph 5776
Rosh Chodesh Bet

"New Moons have You gven Your people, a time of atonement for all their offspring, when they would bring before You offerings for favor and goats for sin-offering to atone on their behalf. They would serve as a remembrance for them all and a salvation for their soul from the hand of the enemy. May You establish a new altar in Zion, and may we bring upon it the elevation-offering of the new moon, and prepare he-goats with favor. In the service of the Holy Temple may we all rejoice and in the songs of Your servant David that are heard in Your city, when they are recited before Your altar. May You being them an eternal love and the covenant of the forefathers may You recall upon the children. May You bring us to Zion, Your city, in glad song and to Jerusalem, Your Holy Temple, in eternal gladness. There shall we perform before You our obigated offerings, the continual offerings according to their order and the additional offerings according to their law. And the additional offering of this New Moon day we shall perform and bring before You with love according to the commandment of Your favor, as You have written for us in Your Torah, through Moses Your servant,....
(Musaf of Rosh Chodesh Prayer)

~ Chodesh Tov, Simchah Rabah! ~


  1. Amen Devash! Thank you for starting the month(s) off right!

  2. Yesterday I was at kever Rahel in the afternoon to pray Minha of Rosh Hodesh and an old Hassid told me to take a siddur and say the prayer above. I told him I've already did this this morning, while praying Mussaf. He told me that the first words in this text, "Rashei Hodashim Leam'ha...", begin with the letters RaHeL,for the reason Rahel Imenu instituted this prayer in Rosh Hodesh mussaf, so it was important to say it there.
    Amazing to see you publish this specific text today.
    May Rahel Imenu pray on this Rosh Hodesh for all Am Israel, and for the Geula Shleima berahamim this month.
    Thank you and Hodesh Tov
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

    1. Interesting! Nice, never heard those roshei tevos!