18 May 2015

"War After Shavuot"

29 Iyyar 5775
Erev Rosh Chodesh
Yom Kippur Katan
Day 44 of the Omer

Is Hashem setting up all His chess pieces on the board in preparation for the endgame?

As reported by Yeranen Yaakov...

They say in the name of the G-dly Kabbalist, the elderly Hacham Rabbi Sasson Tabashi [Tabasi?] Shlit"a, a hidden and remarkable Tzaddik, born in Iran, who lives in Yerushalayim in the Kerem neighborhood [Beit Hakerem? Kerem Avraham? Ein Kerem?] , and he is a Talmid Hacham who is elderly - 106 years old.

And already many times, he foresaw exactly the Lebanon War, the Gulf War, and the falling of the Twin Towers.

He said two days ago that they revealed to him from Heaven that a week after Shavuot, a giant war will break out in the Middle East, and it will be a difficult situation until Sukkot, and afterwards, Mashiah will come.

In today's news...

Iranian warships begin escorting Yemen-bound cargo vessel

Two Iranian warships have begun escorting the Yemen-bound Iran Shahed cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden, the vessel's captain said in remarks published by Iran's Tasnim news agency on Monday.

"The 34th fleet has made contact with us and told us that they will keep an active presence alongside the aid ship," Massoud Ghazi Mirsaid was quoted as saying by Tasnim, referring to a destroyer and a support vessel in the Gulf of Aden.

The warships will escort the cargo ship all the way to the port of Hodaida in western Yemen, which it is expected to reach on May 21, Mirsaid added.

Showdown looms as Iran ship nears Yemeni waters

...Iranian officials last week said they would not allow the coalition forces to inspect the Iran Shahed, which is under military escort, and warned of war if the cargo ship was attacked.

Russian, Chinese navies hold joint drills in Mediterranean

Nine Russian and Chinese navy vessels gathered in the Mediterranean Sea for joint military drills that will go on until May 21, the Russian defence ministry said on Sunday.

The first joint military exercises by the two countries in the region come amid high tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine and as China is increasingly assertive in pursuing territorial claims at sea.


  1. Who are "they"? For all we know it's just another made up rumor. And who is this Rabbi? It needs to be authenticated. Thanks.


    1. I can only agree with you. But we'll wait and see - it might yet happen! If not I await the apologetics, or that it was referring to another time, another place. Sadie

  2. ...and the drum beats....

  3. BH

    Hashem nishmeru lekulam!
    BeIsrael and Galut!
    It´s time (as always) to be VERY NEAR to HaKadosh Baruj Hu!
    Eventhough Mashiach comes until Sucot or not!
    The situation in the world and humanity its awful (except from Jewish people and not Jewish that try to follow the Law of Hashem, the One and Only).
    Sara from Mexico City (a beautiful Jewish community here Baruj Hashem).

  4. http://www.timesofisrael.com/ending-standoff-iran-says-yemen-aid-ship-can-be-inspected/

    Seems like the iranians have caved...for now


    1. I wouldn't call it that. They said they would break the blockade with this shipment and now, apparently, they will do exactly that and with the UN's blessing no less.

  5. With ISIS Controlling "More Than Half Of Syria", The US Prepares To Pounce

    Gun to our head, this is what happens next: several false flag YouTube clips once again emerge just around the time Obama announces it is time to send a tactical, contained group of troops in Syria to retake the cultural "heritage that" is Palmyra, at which point the war against ISIS morphs into what it has been from day one: the western attempt to crush and topple the Assad government, and to hand over control of Syria to Turkey and Iraq, just so the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar can control what happens behind the scenes, by which we mean finally allow that long overdue gas pipeline to traverse the nation. We expect this scenario to start unfolding within the month.