27 May 2015

What Color is Your Aura?

9 Sivan 5775


  1. What an inspiring video -- thanks, Devash.

    A frum healing practioner once told us that while attending a class given by a gadol -- Rav Elyashiv or Rav Ganz, he couldn't remember exactly -- he saw a golden aura emanate from the rav, which then expanded to spread over the entire group of attendees, including himself. With the effect of the rav's golden aura still upon him, the practioner went home and performed a healing session on his daughter and successfully rid her of a certain issue he'd seen in her aura that he hadn't been able to heal until then.
    -- Dassie

  2. I am fascinated by the video. However, I disagree with the Rabbi’s understanding of the spiritual energy emitted from a woman’s headcovering.

    Hair emits a very low amount of energy. That is why we feel no pain when we cut it. According to Rabbi Tzvi Shapiro, because it is at a very low level, hair has the potential to negativity and unholiness, which can vastly increase if it is not covered after a woman marries. What is even more dangerous is that “Klipah seeks to feed off that darkened energy.”

    “By covering her hair the woman is sealing that leak; not only preventing the spiritual energy from flowing to the wrong places, but (perhaps more importantly) maintaining it for herself.”

    Now in the video, it could be that women who were tested while wearing scarves or tichels were emitting energy due to some hair being exposed, whereas, a women with a sheitel does not have this problem because a wig ensures it is entirely covered.


  3. I have to say that a wig does not always cover entirely - when the wind blows you can see the hair at the nape - and the hair on the side where the clips are. Tidbitsoftorah

  4. Apparently, it seems that the video implies that only scarves are protective of that spiritual energy and not wigs. f.l

  5. What I heard is that his Rav didn't want him to publicise the findings. What kind of rabbi wants to prevent women or anyone from serving Hashem with emes? That's a shame, kol hakavod that he did it anyway. I actually witnessed a sheitel burning recently and felt sorry that I had only chucked mine into the garbage several years ago. Should've had my husband burn it as a public ceremony! Lol! Can't we all just love ourselves, our own beauty and love looking Jewish? -BE