19 May 2015

Another Sign of the General Breakdown of the State

1 Sivan 5775
Rosh Chodesh
Day 45 of the Omer

You have to read it to believe it...

Jerusalem: Many Residents Complain of Poor Postal Service 

No, even if you read it, it's still unbelievable. 


  1. "Birth pains of the new improved service."
    Mail being piled up in boxes to be sorted out by residents.
    30,000 in one city alone with many many cities without service.
    Mail service being ONCE a week?!
    That's maddening- insane
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry when some wrote that they "mailed a letter" to the authorities...really? What is the chance that the'm letter will arrive?

    1. More like "death throes" of the old regime. Interesting though that they are thinking in terms of "birth pains" since Chazal use that term to describe the period just before Mashiach.

      On a different note, mail may be being phased out (like money) because we won't need it in Days of Mashiach. Thing is, it didn't used to be like this.

  2. I don't think mail will be Phased out, but maybe reduced significantly, the same as the attempt to eliminate plastic bags at supermarkets etc. however, the current mail situation is unbelievable. Maybe people need to stage a "peaceful" demonstration outside the postal authorities headquarters (hopefully w/out police on stallions)! :-) wouldn't that be something?

  3. Hi!

    Although being a sign of breakdown of the State, it would not be a great option to privatize the post office? Since it's a service that can be performed by free enterprise?!

    Shavua tov and all good!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe (Bnei Noach)-S.P. - Brazil

  4. Encouragement for Aliyah from R' Beryl Wein: