25 May 2015

Message from Menachem: "The War in Heaven Already Started"

7 Sivan 5775

[Be advised that this is my own translation; therefore, it may contain errors or unintentionally misrepresent the original in some way.]

Communication with Menachem
Iyyar 5775, published Erev Shavuot

"The War in Heaven Already Started"

I'm very excited, very excited. I don't know if you are feeling like me. I wake up at night in a panic, in the dark, like I'm closed inside a tomb, lo aleynu. I feel it's hard to breathe, I'm afraid, I'm so afraid. I'm not afraid for myself, I'm afraid for everyone, parents, children, adults, old people, what will they do?... What will they think when the big troubles which are impossible even to describe will start to descend?... It will be difficult also here in Israel, but not like abroad, because outside of Israel it will be destroyed, and here it will only be part, just a little, but it will be hard here. But, imagine what it is to see whole countries disappear, it's not easy even just to see it. And to think about all the people there, all the adults, and all the children, what are they thinking?... What are they thinking?... Yes, and all those who are in hospitals, and etc, I just worry, worry for Am Yisrael.

Truthfully, there aren't many Jews here now. The real Jews are few compared to the world population, and also few compared to the population of Jews, 'so-called Jews', but they're really the real Jews. And not one soul among them is going to be lost. And even if they appear distant - they will be close at the redemption. But, I can't tolerate the evilness that's everywhere, the hatred, all the crooked things, the war that they are conducting, Jews as well as gentiles, against HKB"H, shelo naida. And that's the thing that scares me most, because I know that every year throughout all the years since Adam HaRishon until today, the Satan wanted to fight against his and everyone's Creator, he wanted with all his powers to win, and to prove, chas v'shalom, that he is the Almighty, chalilah v'chas. But, that's the situation. And now he's sure that he's reached this level, because the most important people in the world, those who have the most say in the world, people who are so great, and rich, who are dictating, who think that they are the dictating, when there will be wars, when it will rain, when it will snow, when there will be a tornado or a hurricane, they think that they are in place of HKB"H, Hashem guard us and save us from them, but they will learn, they will learn the hard way. And the Satan himself - will disappear. Hashem will slaughter him, will finish him - and he will disappear! Hashem will take each slice from the Satan and throw each one in a different garbage can, and that will be the end [of him].

I'm afraid, I'm afraid the world will continue as it is this moment, because the world has turned into something ugly, ugly and crooked, and dirty, that it's hard to live in, it's hard to tolerate it. But, with all this - I'm afraid, and anyone who knows what's ahead of us - they are also afraid, because to look upon the destruction, to look upon dead people all around - it's very difficult. We're speaking about Jews, 'so-called Jews'. Indeed, there are those who it is clear that they are not Jews, that they are Erev Rav, but, there are those who will surprise us. And it will also be hard when we see little children who are going to be lost this way, shelo naida, the sight - difficult, it's difficult to see a person who has been killed, blood dripping from him, that part of his body is on one side and part on the other side. But, this we won't suffer, because it won't touch us. We'll see it - and it's hard either way, the difficult sights - it's hard. But, there's no choice, and it will be in just a little while. It will descend upon us very fast, at very high speed.

It's simply amazing to me how many people don't understand at all, it happens right next to them, and they understand nothing! They feel nothing! The evildoers intend to destroy us, the life and the faith in HKB"H, chas v'shalom, and we're not moving, not feeling, continuing life like nothing is happening. And in general, in the United States and Europe - they're completely 'in the clouds', they're continuing all the parties, the Jews, I'm speaking about Jews, they don't want to know, simply don't want to know. But, it's not just the Jews, but among the Jews, a high percentage of Jews - simply don't want to know. And even those who know - put it on the side and continue with the nonsense. What can I tell you, just to pray, just to pray for all Am Yisrael, that we will merit once and for all to receive our righteous Mashiach. I get very excited when I simply think about it, that Mashiach is really almost here, and we are really in the last generation. The last moments - it's us! About this generation we read and learned, and it's really - us, Baruch Hashem.

Q. It's written in the holy books that at the End of Days there will be strong heresy in the world, and it will influence even the tzadikim. My question is do we need to be more on guard? What do we do?

A. One needs to be more detached from the world, that is to say from the surrounding world, not from reality. We need to be realistic and not in dreams that do not exist. And clothing - it makes a very big partition, very big. And that's the main thing, but also the thoughts. There could be a person with a thousand clothes - and his thoughts are not good. We see Jews, with long beards, with long coats, that they, pardon me, are sleazy people, Hashem protect us. So, clothing isn't everything, because there are people who somehow even in the impurity remain pure, in thought as well as in behavior, so it's impossible to tell 100%. But, Hashem will save all these even though they weren't so clean from everything, all those who simply accepted Him as 'the Almighty', the Jews of course, the real Jews. But, we, it's better for us to suffer less if we are already now dressing modestly, behaving modestly and in holiness, in any case. And for a person there is always the yetzer-hara, so it's up to us to fight him, simply to fight him, to tell him 'get lost'!...  It doesn't interest me. And that's what we need to do. This is a war from morning-until-night and from night-until-morning, a situation of 'war all the time', and Hashem sees that we are fighting - and this will be the salvation.

Q. In light of what is happening in Yemen - many are saying that the War of GoguMagog is very close...

A. I say better: The War of GoguMagog already started. Did you know that several times they brought battleships and then took them back?!... Good, look, I don't know what to say. I do know one thing: It has begun. And it will get much more severe. And it will spread outside the Middle East. And then, also the Jews will begin to awaken, because then there will already be a war also inside America! That's right, it will be a war of brother-against-brother, that is to say gentile-against-gentile, Americans against Americans. [Civil war, just as the Riminover Rebbe said.] The army against the American people. And they have all kinds of Mexicans and Arabs, etc, who will be with the government. It will just get more and more severe. China hasn't gotten into it yet, and China is a very great danger to the world. The Russians are already in (meaning integrating into this program) and the Europeans are in, and Australia also, and all of these countries will be involved in the conflicts, some less, some more. And the biggest players are: China, Japan, Korea to a certain extent, all these countries, and also Russia, Europe, England, the US, and South America. And the United States will be among those that will be destroyed, not completely, but it will be destroyed. But Europe will really, really be destroyed. And you should know, all those like Roosevelt, and Hitler, and Mussolini, and Stalin, and perhaps also Churchill - they were together even though they supposedly fought against each other...

Did you know, there was one gentile named Pike, around the year 1870, he was one of the greats of the evildoers, and he wrote a plan that in the next century, that is in the 20th century, there would be three wars! And he described it exactly in every single detail - everything! Really described the wars, and what is the goal of each one of the wars, and that at the end it will be the war for complete control! It's like a kind of religion for them that pushes them, it's not particularly the money, etc, true money, too, everything that belongs to the material world - that's what drives them. They want to be in the place of HKB"H.

Q. At the moment there are expressions there that they want to discontinue the US managing the global economy...

A. In truth, do you know what they are doing there?!... How can we avoid talking about it?! They are really destroying the economy of America! He was sent to conquer America, the black man, he was sent precisely for this job. He's a fool, they tell him exactly what to do, and how to talk, and he does it, because that's how he was raised. His father was a big, famous, communist black man, and his mother was some kind of unfortunate white woman, also from a communistic family, and from the moment he was born - they prepared him for this, and specifically for him to be this crooked - it suits them. But, they do it as a joke on the world, they want to show that they are the rulers. It's not just sadists, it's beyond sadism, I don't know what it is.

Q. Why is there a tremendous feeling of tiredness?

A. I will explain. There's a war that already started, it started a long time ago.However, because we don't see bombs, Baruch Hashem, and we don't have ISIS, Baruch Hashem, we live more-or-less a regular life, so therefore, we're not conscious of it. But, our body does know. And we, the souls of course, know and feel it. And it also tires the body. Because what the soul knows - it tires the body. And we're simply feeling it hard, because there is a war. The war started first of all in Heaven. And it's really a war much more advanced than here. And it tires us, this war tires us very, very much.

And one more thing I want to say to you: Don't be weak, only strong. Even if you feel very, very down, everyone on your shoulders, but with all of this, with all the sadness there is, and with all the sad stories, and with all kinds of people we don't know, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! A light so big, so pleasant, that we will feel that it was all worth it! And we will reach this light, and suddenly, we will see from where we came, we'll see the Garden of Eden as it once was, and where we are now, and we will forget everything that was in the middle. All the suffering that was in the middle.

[See the original for sources and references highlighted in yellow.]


  1. "outside of Israel it will be destroyed, and here (Israel) it will only be part! Just a little ..."
    I wonder what he meant in this description? I get the outside part, But it's the "here" (inside) that Causes a big questionmark?

    Shavuot was very very pleasant and quiet, and at night I could hear the men learning in the succah a of our shul (from my porch), the sweet sound of Torah. However today, I feel I'm on the lookout for disaster and war, as some predicted.

    And now Binyamin comes to tell us the war has started in Shamayim. Again he speaks of tragedy all over the world.

    1. I don't how else to answer that, Neshama. Inside Israel and outside Israel...

  2. Sorry, it's Menachem, not Binyamin.

    [can you make the comment box any longer so we can see more of what we write?]

    1. I'll try to find out what can be done about the comment box.

  3. Everything he say's is true. It is happening right now. The Shachina is withdrawing from the rest of the world and is now fully protecting His People Israel. It is time to rebuild our lives as Am Israel and to be a part of this miracle.

  4. Quite amazing the comment about the famous communist father.


    1. I had actually seen something about this before, but I'd forgotten and failed to make the connection with what Menachem said. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Yosef from the Galil26/5/15 7:06 AM

    Thank you so much for translating these! You should know that these reach and affect many people.

    1. That makes it an awesome responsibility and I reconsider every time a nen one comes out. Thanks for the chizuk.

  6. CDG, Yerushalayim26/5/15 11:31 AM

    Neshama, you should be able to adjust the comment box yourself, and you could probably do this on just about any blog: Place the cursor in the lower right corner, where you will see a faint triangle of dots. The I pointer (cursor) will turn into a double-headed arrow pointing left. Click and drag until the box is the size you want - you can even adjust the box size after typing.

    I believe you'll have to do this each time you comment. Let us know how that works out.

    I always look forward to reading your commentary!

    1. CDG: thanks, but I am on a touch screen (iPad) so that does not work. Each time I want to proof my comment I need to use 'preview' for each review and each time. Thanks, hope to have my iMac up soon and can use a mouse then. This is the only blog that I experience this. No fault of the blog :-)

    2. CDG, Yerushalayim26/5/15 3:26 PM

      I hope you get your iMac up soon too! :-)

      Have you tried spreading your fingers apart on the comment block to make it bigger from your iPad? (I don't know how they work; we're PC people - sorry about that.)

  7. Everything he says feels very true and explains a lot to me. ... however, please explain what this has to do with the other link to Pike ... the "illuminati" etc... ha? I am confused. I have no idea what is meant by that term... I only heard it from very strange non-Jews that I have known throughout my life... and their theories always sounded pretty ridiculous ... Please clarify if possible.
    Leah R

    1. Menachem referred to Pike and the plan for three world wars. I looked it up and placed a link for those who might want further information on the subject. Dear Leah, there IS a conspiracy - a very long standing one - to bring about a global government that will enslave the 99% to the 1% who intend to attain 'godhood'. It is now so close to being our reality that they no longer try to hide it. Anyone whose eyes are open can clearly see it. And if you really take these FC messages to heart, you see that everything they've told us agrees with the stated plans and goals of this conspiracy.

    2. This is the first time I'd ever heard of Pike. Never knew he existed.
      It was very disturbing to read about him.

  8. Of all the crazy stories about the USA that I have heard this year, this one takes the cake:

    "A Georgia mom said she was arrested and shackled because her 10-year-old son on the Honor Roll had too many unexcused absences from school.

    Julie Giles, of Sylvania, said she received a warrant for her arrest the day before Mothers' Day because her fourth-grade son, Samuel, missed 12 days for illness - double the number the school district allows.

    Giles, said she received doctors' notes to cover three of those days after the fact, but did not get them for the days Samuel was home with the stomach virus.

    "The truth is l cannot afford a copay every single time they are sick, but I never want to send them to school when they feel bad or could possibly get others sick," Giles wrote on Facebook on May 12. "I have NEVER been in trouble before in my life and the boys are beside themselves."

    The mother of two said she turned herself in and was placed in ankle shackles, which she was told was part of procedure. She was booked into jail and had her mug shot taken before she was allowed to leave on her own recognizance.

    Days later, Samuel was presented with his prize for being “Student of the Month” because the teacher said “he always tries to make others feel better about themselves,” Giles said.

    Giles is by no means the only parent sent to court for not working with the district, Screven County Schools Superintendent William Bland said, noting court was "a last resort."

    Samuel Giles had 12 unexcused absences from school this year.

    Samuel Giles had 12 unexcused absences from school this year.

    "It's important for these children to be in school and I think the courts recognize that," Bland told WTOC.

    Giles said the school last contacted her about Samuel's absences in January, when he had missed five days. Her husband and father of her children, Keith, was not arrested.

    Screven County Sheriff Mike Kile was not immediately available for the Daily News' request for comment.

    Giles, who sometimes works as a substitute teacher at the district, is scheduled to appear in court on July 14. Her case has received so much attention that she is receiving free legal help from the National Association of Parents.

    She told Fox News she is relocating her family and posted a listing for her house on Facebook.

    "I do not believe that after this that my children will be treated fairly in this school system so we're going to move," she said.

    1. And just think of all the stories that don't make it into the news.

    2. Yet, the politicians still rattle on about being a free country.

      And what are they learning in school - certainly not how to make a living. It's all liberal arts and brainwashing.

    3. That's very true.
      When I was in high school and college, it was definitely about liberal indoctrination, with entire classes all semester (in some cases) being devoted solely to the indoctrination of liberalism under the name "liberal arts" -- as Yisrael K said.

    4. Dassie, how was Shavuot at David's Kever? I was hoping to read your comments somewhere?

    5. Shavuot at David's Kever sounds like a splendid idea, but it wasn't me who did it. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else?

  9. It's a religion. It's certainly nothing practical. I went through 20 years of schooling, including a degree in economics, and never learned what a mortgage was. Coming out of college I had two skills writing papers and typing. I got a job as a typist.

    The academics are in love with themselves like the Church used to be. They see themselves as religious figures. We went from 3 hours a day of reading, writing, and math until the age of 12 to an entire childhood filled with preparing for college, where again we learn nothing useful. It's such a racket.

    1. Exactly. I feel like I received a good education in elementary school. But after sixth grade, I feel like I never really learned anything again (until I went to frum institutions).

      And it's so true that school turns into college prep. I never really wanted to go to college, but if you're among secular Liberal Jews, you feel like it would be scandalous to even mention you'd rather learn something vocational and get on with life than go to college. It's a huge taboo. My parents busted their bank account to send all of us to college and in the end, some of us didn't finish and of those who did, no one is doing anything with their degree; all of us are working (or being housewives) in fields different than our major. It's all a big scam.

      Your analogy to the Church is spot-on.

  10. A senior NATO official told former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler that the world would “probably be at war” sometime this summer.

    “We’ll probably be at war this summer, if we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear,” the official told Schindler last week.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops South China Sea row...

      Beijing warns: 'We will fight back'...


      Japan joins war games amid growing tensions...

      HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left...


      Economist warns of private pension fund seizures...

      - a voice in the wilderness

  11. I wonder why England wasn't included in Europe in his message?
    I was also disturbed to read about horrid pike. What a world, we need Moshiach so bad! Someone told me over Yom Tov that they don't like hearing things like this (I only mentioned the currency global sitch)- but I think it makes us realize to cleave ever tighter to Hakodosh Baruch Hu and try shut out the madness only with Him.

    1. The UK has a special relationship with the US unlike the rest of Europe.

      Apparently these Satan worshipers (like Pike) believe that Satan is the good guy in the Genesis story and believe the lie he told Eve - that G-d didn't want them to eat from the tree because He knew that the day they did, they would become like Him. They believe Satan offered mankind enlightenment and self-awareness and hence did them a favor. Satan has promised them the same thing and they still think he will deliver, but they still don't buy the part about "you shall surely die."

      The thing is - they have no awareness that everything they have done to set up our final destruction and their ascent to godhood has been orchestrated by Hashem from behind the scenes and that in actuality, it will result in our redemption and their annihilation.

  12. In a shocking case that has only just come to light, an 81-year-old man was SWAT teamed at his home by heavily armed police and left on the floor with a broken hip.

    Herman Crisp described the incident, which occurred last September, to reporters with KTBC News.

    Crisp claims that the SWAT officers stormed onto his property without warning and set off a flash-bang grenade, which knocked him out of his chair.

    The police then slammed the elderly and frail Crisp to the floor, breaking his hip, and proceeded to handcuff him.

    When it was determined that the person the cops were looking for, Crisp’s nephew, was not there, they simply left the old man in a heap on the floor.

    “After they left, I tried to get up because I had to go to the bathroom,” Crisp told KTBC. “And I couldn’t go. So, I just crawled over and laid on the floor right down through here.”

    Crisp was discovered a day later by his sister, lying in his own feces, unable to move.

    He has since undergone two surgeries and physical therapy, and still has to walk with a cane.

    Crisp’s attorney, Attorney Boadus Spivey, is fighting Williamson County and the City of Georgetown Sheriff’s Office on the case, labeling it a “conspiracy of silence.”

    “Things like this don’t happen in a vacuum,” Spivey said. “There’s nothing that we’ve been able to get that identifies the officers, that identifies the action that occurred.”

    “We have our client’s information but I had to hire a private investigator just to get enough faxed to determine whether I should file a lawsuit or not.” the attorney added, charging that a cover up has been enacted by police.

    “I’m convinced that the facts are adequate to file this lawsuit and we’ll find out now that we have some way to get accurate information.” Spivey urged.

    Mr Crisp’s attorney charges that cops used excessive force and caused bodily injury. He is pushing for over $1 million in damages to cover the medical care Crisp has undergone, and the psychological impact of the incident.