13 May 2015

Binyamin: "Just Hang in There"

24 Iyyar 5775
Day 39 of the Omer

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 10 Iyyar, 25th Day of the Omer, 5775

 "Just Hang in There"

We can see that the world is beginning to deteriorate, in the quickest way. We said that after Pesach it will go faster and faster. And just today so many things happened. And the wars are expanding, and "The State of Israel" - quote unquote - is also now in danger. The Iranians are threatening Medinat Yisrael and even if there were a few sirens sounding in the south as well as the north, there are going to be still more. There will be a lot of surprises, heaps of surprises. Indeed, whoever reads all that we've written - perhaps for him it won't be such a surprise, but when it will happen - that will be a surprise.

And we have not only wars, there's going to be a financial collapse of the banks, a collapse like there's never been before, even in 1929. The banks will simply collapse. They won't be able to stand. What they call 'money', these papers that they distribute and say that it's 'money', dollars, euros, it doesn't matter what, it's not worth anything. It's all numbers that are transferred from one to another by way of computers. One borrows, let's say two hundred thousand sheqels, then transfers the sum from one bank to another bank digitally. What? You thought that they physically transferred all these papers?! You know how much space it occupies?! Nonsense. Yes, they print, but, they print so much that it's worthless. Really.

And now we're going back to gold. And meanwhile, the evildoers are buying all the gold that there is. And watch out for the dentists, especially those who come from Russia who have a lot of gold teeth. They're liable to come out if not for... I'm joking, but truthfully, they're buying the majority of the gold that' s known about in the world, and why? Because it will be the currency. But, look, it's not possible to go shopping with gold in your pocket all the time... So, we'll see what will be. A few people already control the thing that is considered the most expensive, that it's the money, whether it' s made of gold or of silver. It has worth again. But, most of the people in the world are buying and selling, etc. only with the numbers with credit cards. And now the people are saying not just once, that they need to do away with the money and the cash, and truthfully, they're already doing it in the banks, not allowing people to take to or take out large sums of cash from the bank, although it's still not illegal, so whoever complains very strongly, then they might allow him, but these idiots who don't know that you can fight them - they don't do it. So, that's what's happening.

And now, we must be strong, it won't be simple. The wars will be frightening. The matter of the collapse of the banks, it doesn't touch so much directly on those who don't have a cent or who have debts, which is actually most people, but anyway it will be very hard for everyone. We will have to withstand it and trust in Hashem, because we, all of us, will be in danger. And like we said before, not just people who are sick, everyone will be in danger, in danger of death. Because the wars will be above and beyond, and the money situation will be, how to say? Lousy. But, not just 'lousy', but like it never was in the history of the world. We'll have to close ourselves in our homes, and trust in Hashem. We won't be able to do anything. We won't be able to fight against them, they're too big and cruel, they're connected to the Satan! But, we have HaKadosh Baruch Hu. And He's the Almighty, and He also created the Satan, may his name and memory be erased, in order to bring us back to the Truth, in order to give us hard blows, in order that we will go in the direction of the Truth, in the direction of HKB"H, even if He gives us blows, we shouldn't break. And He gives us blows which can break us that we couldn't think.

Take an example from the tzadikim, the tzadikim who arrived here after the war, like the Sanzer Rebbe, like the Bobover Rebbe, and like many who arrived here, many people who are known to us and together with it many tzadikim who are also known to us, arrived without their families. They were once large families, magnificent families, magnificent in Torah, and they started over. 

The Jew didn't die. He didn't leave the world and disappear so that we didn't see him any more, he lives always. Death doesn't exist for him. Maybe we don't see his body, it's buried. But, also this body will arise. But, look, it's also written that whoever is sick or in another difficult situation or another dangerous situation, even when the knife is laid on his neck, it's forbidden for him to give up. It's forbidden for him to stop believing. It's forbidden to stop being happy, happy with Hashem, happy that Hashem is taking the Jew, giving him a few kicks, some 'potches', and teaching him to withstand it and to look upon the truth as it is, that there's no end for a Jew, to the Jewish soul. The Jewish soul - it's eternal...

...the families and all these things that we have now, they're not our families forever. It's just the theater that Hashem prepared for us, with the husbands and women and children, etc. - in order that we will make our tikun. And after this - something else. Making another show. There is another team. But, everyone alone must work on himself not to be afraid. Don't be afraid. Because, we have to continue living, continue trying to pull everyone from around us, together with us. To be an example of a person who never goes down into depression. And the emotions, not a feeling, not the Jewish feeling, emotions - they're the evil inclination. There are times that we need to cry, and there are times that we need to recover and to fight. And we need to know that with everything Hashem puts before us - we need to go up and to learn, and to be strong, because in any case - we have no choice. Life can end in depression and sadness and we need to fix that or what a pity!

We should understand it hurts, but there's no pain that's forever. But, the real happiness and closeness to Hashem - that's forever. And if we grasp it here, in this world, and know how to use it, and how to come closer and closer, then there's no death! It's written about the tzadikim that they pass from this world to the next like a person passes from room to room. But, we don't need to think about this. We just need to think about living, and how to come closer to Hashem, and to use every trial in order to bring us closer and closer. And that's the whole job.

Even in the best times, every person lives and passes on at some stage. But, we are present in a generation that we have hope that we won't have to go through the grave! And this is something huge. But, even if a person goes through the grave - he has eternity. Just need to accept HKB"H as the Almighty. Not the doctors and not the lawyers, and not the bankers, and not anyone else, just HKB"H. And if they're deciding in hospitals or doctors or banks or it doesn't matter, whoever decided that we do not deserve to continue to receive money or that we don't deserve to live at all - that doesn't at all mean that it is right. We need to take ourselves and do what we can, whatever is possible.

When a person passes on, let's say at age seventy, Baruch Hashem with G-d's help, in any case, how much time can he have in a natural way? Every day thereafter - it's a gift and with this gift he must live every single moment and take out from this moment all that he can in order to progress and come closer and closer to HKB"H. It's not a time to cry, it's not a time of being sad, it's a time of work, of training. Don't let an emotion bring us down, don't let the feeling that we pity ourselves bring us down. Just continue on. Go on, and go on, and go on.

And that's the whole secret. That's the secret of life. It's the secret that the Sanzer Rebbe, ztz"l knew when he came to Israel without the children, without the wife, his whole life ruined, he had many children, 'one-by-one', each one a flower, each one learned, etc., and he came with nothing. He knew that lives are short - in any case, even with life until 120 years - it's short. We need to train, to work, to serveHashem, to help Am Yisrael, to be busy day and night, night and day.  And this is what will sustain us, it's what we need to do, it's the whole reason we're here.

So, please, I ask of every Jew, male and female, teach it to your children, hold fast to your Judaism, hold fast to our Torah, hold fast to whatever belongs to HKB"H, and more than anything - hold fast to the spiritual rope that connects us to the Almighty, HKB"H. It's our duty in a wearying life, no matter who's losing, who goes first to Olam Haba and who not, it's just part of our job. And whoever is not well, God forbid, or whoever lost all his money, God forbid, and will be really poor, or whatever the trouble, it should teach him to look within himself and take out all the contamination that's there, and it could save his life. But, in any case, nevertheless, all generations faced death. All the Jews and all the gentiles. There were a fewtzadikim who went up to Heaven alive. And therefore - there's a reason for it, and everything that Hashem does - it's for our good, and the person can't suffer from it, he can only come out better from it.

So, I ask of all Am Yisrael, to enter within, inside yourselves, to take out all the contaminations, to detach yourselves from the world of lies, to close yourselves in your ghettos, and to pray, and to pray to HKB"H, that we will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach. Only this generation won't pass through the grave. And all those who are already above, all the souls who are in Heaven, in Gan Eden, and even those in Gehinom - will return whole, will be resurrected, and we will go on and on forever. [End message]

[NOTE:  See original for source references, Q and A as time allows, iy"H...]


  1. The feelings and understanding tht I have now; I'm already staying very close to home. The evil is circulating in the atmosphere, so many places are in a state of sakana already, and people just don't understand. I told some visitors from America that they should move now to Israel, because there was going to be a war in America, in each neighborhood they were going to go after the Jews, and they might not be able to escape it. She replied that she knew that things were Not good. However they still think there is time to wait a little longer before moving. I told her to remember what I told her if things get so bad they can't get out.

    1. I just don't get this mentality. You win the lottery and you say, I think I'll remain a poor person a little while longer, there's still time to collect the millions later if my situation gets worse.

    2. Devash, I know you write that you don't get this mentality. It's not easy. I looked in to Israel two years ago and am definitely absolutely still looking into making aliyah. It is not easy. Our kids are older and the parnassoh has dropped for my husband and I work part time.
      When we say that we will wait a little while longer it really means that we don't have the financial stability to "up and move." So, we tend to say that (ot if), but when the expletive hits the fan everything is going to collapse and we probably won't be able to get out or by the skin of our teeth etc...
      No easy or sometimes feasible solutions.

  2. Anonymous newcomer, please see the posted rules for anonymous commenters. "Binyamin" is Binyamin Golden - see more here.

  3. In Passaic NJ, arab women have been spotted scoping out various shuls and taking pictures.

  4. An elderly couple in St. Louis County found out what happens when you honk your horn at a cop this past weekend, when the officer drew his gun and pistol whipped the man in the face, while wrestling with the woman as she attempted to defend her husband.

    Describing the harrowing incident to local reporters, Janet and Donald Akers noted that they were unable to pay their respects to Janet’s deceased mother on Mother’s day, as they were beaten up by the cop before they could get to the graveyard.

    Mrs Akers was driving the car, when she was suddenly rushed upon by a large unmarked black truck. Fearing that the truck was going to collide with their vehicle, she honked her horn.

    “To let him know, hey, you’re coming over to hit us, and then he backed down, got behind us, and honked and honked and honked, all the way through the intersection,” said Janet.

    Not knowing that the driver of the truck was a cop, Mrs Akers pulled over to attempt to diffuse the situation, and suddenly found herself and her husband under attack at gunpoint.

    “I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us or what,” said Donald, who admits he was in fear for both their lives.

    However, the off duty cop used the butt of the gun to pistol whip Mr Akers in the face.

    “He hit me right across the nose with it, broke my nose, my sinus cavities, broke my teeth.” Akers told reporters.

    The officer then began fighting with Mrs Akers as she tried to stop the attack. Bystanders were alerted by the struggle, and jumped in to break up the fight.

    Mrs Akers called the police, and officers arrived, but simply made the situation worse.

    “The police came, and went over directly to him. And they were all talking, laughing, joking around,” she said, adding “We feel like they knew him right off the bat.”

    Instead of calling for medical attention for Mr Akers, and reprimanding the attacker, the uniformed officers instead treated the couple as if they were criminal suspects, and searched their vehicle.

    “They never searched that guy’s truck. He had the gun,” Donald said.

    “I thought they were going to shoot my husband, and I was really scared for that.” Janet further noted, fearing the cops would seek retribution against the couple.

    The St Louis County Police refused to release the name of the off duty officer, saying that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

    1. It's very difficult to watch what is developing over there.

  5. Things like this are happening all over Amerika, and even worse. People don't realize that they are living in a police state country.

    1. The video shows an Alton officer, who was identified as Vince Warlick by the Alton Telegraph, walk into a holding area where two teens sat on a bench, their hands cuffed in their laps.

      Warlick appeared to speak briefly before blasting a substance at one of teens, who began twitching and stomping his feet in apparent pain.

      The officer then sprayed at the other teen before walking out and shutting the door. The second boy did not appear affected by the spray.

      The names of the teens, who reportedly live at a local Catholic orphanage, have not been released because the boys are juveniles, police said.

  6. My husband actually works in a bank here in Israel and says that they can't give you such large amounts of cash because they actually don't have it in the bank, usually. Everything is done by transfer or wire. They don't work with large amounts of cash because it's a risk of money laundering. It's a general policy based on past issues of "improper use of money ". Criminals, drugs etc have forced some banks to have a general policy as such.

    1. It's interesting that cash, like guns, is kept from the law-abiding public while these laws do nothing whatever to keep it out of the hands of the actual criminals.

  7. That's very disturbing about the Arab women in NJ and the elderly couple beat up by the police -- although to me, the most shocking (in a pleased way) thing is that bystanders stopped to help!
    Navi talks about how gold and silver will be completely worthless.
    Thanks for the translation, Devash.

    1. It's my pleasure, Dassie, although I'm afraid the end of it that I'm working on now may stir some people up again.

    2. First, yes Devash, thanks again for translating. It's enormously appreciated!

      I didn't remember what Navi says about gold and silver, so maybe that answers my question when I wonder what a yid is meant to do when he sees all of these advertorials regarding stocking up on gold versus cash. It won't help us anyway.
      On the one hand, when we're so very sure that Moshiach is here, we don't care a hoot about any of the propaganda and 'scare stories', etc.. On the other hand, I'm finding that my most challenging thing in life right now is to be able to balance that out with continuing life in a normal human fashion, which is actually what Hashem ultimately wants from us. Like working as usual, and taking legitimate measures in business, etc., even if with our feelings that Moshiach is at our door, we'd rather just focus on Avodas Hashem and leave out ALL of the Gashmius.

      There was a time in Europe, not so long ago, when people literally packed up their businesses and homes, feeling guaranteed that it is the time of Moshiach's arrival, and they wanted to be ready.... The situation was so bad, that a Gadol got up and announced that he swears that Moshiach is not coming that year. He did that merely because he knew that 'until' Moshiach is actually here, life needs to continue as normal. He was ready to risk a 'false shviah' just so that people don't ultimately ruin their entire lives in case Hashem decides that the timing is not yet ripe.
      So, the proper balance is very very hard, when you truly know it in your bones.

      Sarah G K

    3. There are a few places that mention the ultimate uselessness of gold and silver, some more metaphorical, some more straightforward. For example, the first perek of Tzefania, where it describes "those carrying silver will be cut off" and "neither their gold or their silver will be able to save them." Other passukim talk about how all the gold and silver people gathered to make their idols will be cast away or destroyed. Sefer Yeshayahu has a lot of this.
      I guess Yechezkel 7:19 is one of the most straightforward: "They will cast their silver into the streets, and their gold will be repugnant; their silver and their gold will not be able to save them on the day of Hashem's wrath."