17 July 2013

War on Another Front - Part 1

10 Menachem Av 5773

We have enemies within and enemies without; among Eisav as well as among Yishmael.  And just as the secular Zionists, for their own misguided reasons, encouraged the Arabs to remain on this land, today, we have religious Zionists who, for similar misguided reasons, are encouraging and facilitating the settlement of Xians in the Shomron.

I have written about the so-called Ephraimite Movement before, most recently in a blog post entitled Threat Assessment.  See there for more about who they are and what they believe.

Briefly, they are Xians who still believe the New Testament is equal in inspiration and authority to the Torah and who define and worship the man Yeshu as a deity.  However, they have been brainwashed to believe that they are descendants of one of the ten "lost" tribes of Israel and that the Shomron is their long-lost homeland.  They're coming back to claim it and they're bringing Yeshu with them.  Their numbers and influence in the Shomron region are growing.  It must be stopped and soon!! It's not only the land that is at risk, but the children and youth are at risk of assimilation and that is even more dire.

This report will be the first of three parts which will deal with 1) the operation of a guest house & tours aimed at bringing 'Ephraimites' into the Shomron; 2) the involvement of Ariel University in bringing 'Ephraimites' into the Shomron, and 3) the attempt to pass a law in the Knesset allowing for "Xian aliyah," God forbid!

It's very important that we all stay up to date on what is happening and share the information with as many people as we possibly can, especially those living and working in the area, and warn them of the consequences. Without calling the motives of those Jews involved into question, because they may just be very naive and ignorant of the halachic prohibitions, we must nevertheless expose their activities and call them to account.


OD SHOMRON CHAI features tours and a guest house for those who are "checking out conditions for ...settling in the Land."  One advertised tour offers "[g]uidance on the problems facing returning 10-Tribers, how to acquire property and settle in the Land."

With a clear reference to the Xian crowd who claim the Jewish "feasts" as their own while reading Yeshu into every aspect of them, the site offers tours "during the major feast times."  And if you still doubt who this endeavor is aimed at, note in the description of the services offered that they are geared to "visitors to the Shomron in Israel wanting to learn about the Original Bible Land - the ancient tribal lands of Ephraim - Samaria."  Tour titles:  "The Divinely-Destined Homeland &For the Returning 10 Lost Tribes of Israel."

It says, "Our Guest House overlooks the beautiful Valley of Wadi Kanah - the Biblical border between the territories of the ancient Israelite Tribes of Ephraim &Menashe."  This would, of course, appeal to those who call themselves Ephraimites.  (Search this blog for "Ephraimites.")  In short, they believe most American Evangelical Xians are descended from the "lost" tribe of Ephraim and that the Shomron by all rights belongs to them and they have every intention of claiming it and soon!.

The Guest House has been conveniently named Beit Yosef, a name which carries great meaning for those Xians who think of themselves as "The House of Joseph." 

There is simply no question that the owners/operators understand exactly who their clientele base is by the following quote from their Guest House page: "NO Evangelizing in Israel - Guests must honor a strict agreement to avoid evangelizing in all of Israel in any form whatsoever." Despite whatever they call themselves and whatever they believe about their identity, the bottom line is these are Yeshu-believers who continue to deify the man from Nazareth and worship him in the fields and vineyards of the Shomron with Jewish foreknowledge and assistance.

More quotes:

It is our conviction that God is now going to reveal the hidden spiritual treasures of this part of the Bible Land (which is majorly 10-Triber Land) in the sight of the nations, as we have no doubt entered the End-Time Scenario.

If you are a re-identifying 10-Triber:

See the Land and the ruins of cities where your forefathers started serving strange gods and pagan religions.

Come to know the Land of your future, which Divine Oath has promised to return you to.
Experience the bravery and hardships of Jewish settlers, who are settling and preparing the Land for your future.

Shomron is 10-Triber land. Come to realize the responsibilities resting on you to support Judah's (the Jewish) struggle to protect the Land from being bartered away by the Israeli rulers who do not honor the Divine Promises and see settler activities as a threat to their future survival.

The Guest House and tours are not all, folks.  Now, there is a "college," too:

Hebraic Restoration College - Prospective Target group for Course:

Ten Tribers and/or children of 10-Tribers. Anyone who truly wants to be educated in the intrinsic details of the Reconciliation between Judah and 10-Israel,....

We already tried to explain the meaning of "reconciliation" among the ten-tribe believers in previous posts, but to recap, it means "Joseph" must "reclaim the Torah" that it rejected and "Judah" (anyone identified as a Jew today) must accept Yeshu as Messiah and King. These are the two "historic errors" which  must be "rectified" for us all to "come together as one."  G-D FORBID!!

Course details and Curriculum:

Full board accommodation in the Guest House in Karnei Shomron, Samaria, Israel.
In-depth studies of the entire Hebraic Restoration curriculum, from a Messianic 10-Israel perspective (3 month courses).
It will include Rabbinic lectures on Torah, the weekly Bible Readings and clarifying the misunderstandings regarding Jewish Halacha, Oral Torah and Rabbinic authority - not anti-Messianic.
Hebrew language course.
Periodic tours of the Shomron, the Promised Land for 10-Israel .
Free time for personal tours and hikes on our recommendations and advice.
Local hikes under our guidance.
Opportunity for those who wish to become acquainted with practical Synagogue services in our local synagogue and/or Yeshiva.
Talks by local community leaders about practical living in Israel and the Shomron.
Joining voluntary farm labour projects in the Shomron (Samaria). (See HAYOVEL)
Obtaining a personalized certificate of Rabbinic approval which may count for future attempts for Israeli citizenship and/or conversion.
And much more!


It's impossible to know whether those involved are just cynically exploiting these people or if they are making the same classic mistake of others in the past who jumped the gun on Mashiach, so to speak, and tried to bring in the Messianic Age before its proper time.  Whether wittingly or unwittingly, they are clearly putting Jewish life and property in jeopardy.  Anyone who has any ability to help put a stop to it should do so.