01 July 2013

"Prayer of Thanks"

23 Tamuz 5773

(Taken in its entirety from a card issued by the CKL Foundation - Chesed, Kindness and Learning. This particular card is le'ilui nishmat Abraham "Al" Ben Sarah Falack & Morris Ben Nizha Beyda by Maddy & Joe Beyda.)

Whoever recites this prayer turns severe judgments into mercy and merits outright miracles from the Creator.

Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Thank You, Hashem, King of Kings and Master of the World!

Thank You for the infinite times that You helped me, supported me, rescued me, encouraged me, cured me, guarded over me and made me happy.

Thank You for always being with me.

Thank You for giving me the strength to observe Your commandments, to do good deeds and pray.  Thank You for all the times You helped me and I didn't know how to say "Thank You."

Thank You for all the loving kindnesses You do for me each and every moment.  Thank You for every breath I breathe.

Thank You, Hashem, for all the things that I do have, and thank You, Hashem, even for the things that I don't have.

Thank You for my periodic difficulties, my occasional setbacks, and for the times when I don't feel happy, because everything is for my ultimate benefit, even if I don't see that it's always for my best...

Deep in my heart, I know that everything that comes from You is the very best for me and designed especially for me in precision and exacting Divine Providence, of which only The King of Kings is capable.

Thank You for the periodic times that are difficult for me, for only that way they enable me to fully appreciate the good times, for only after being in darkness one can appreciate the light.

Thank You for the wonderful life You have given me.

Thank You for every little thing that I have, for everything comes from You and from no one else.

Thank You for always listening to my prayers.

Creator of the World, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for all the times that I didn't appreciate what You gave me, and instead of thanking You I only complained.

I am dust and ashes and You are the entire universe.  Please, don't ever cast me away.
NOTE:  The organization can be contacted at either 786.663.9292 or cklfoundation@aol.com


  1. Sue Morgan19/6/14 2:49 PM

    This prayer of thanks is said every day and makes the day blessed325

  2. What is the source of this prayer
    I love it and said it everyday my daughter was in hospital but have nmbeen asked many times what the source is
    Please advise

    1. You'd have to ask someone at the organization that distributed it. Contact info above.

  3. Thanks for this prayer...sometimes others express exactly what you're feeling when you just couldn't put it in your own words. Todah. Shalom.