20 July 2013

Just to Get Your Attention

14 Menachem Av 5773

US wilting in a heat wave somehow stuck in reverse

The oppressively hot weather in the Northeast has surprised meteorologists: It's moving backward across America, something that rarely happens.

Normally U.S. weather systems move west to east. The western Atlantic high pressure system behind the hot dry weather started moving east to west last week and by Tuesday was centered over lower Michigan, said Jon Gottschalck, the operations chief at the National Weather Service's prediction branch.

"It's definitely unusual and going the wrong way," Gottschalck said Thursday. "This is pretty rare."

The Brits are suffering, too...

Heatwave: city centre road melts and wildfires blaze across Britain

With wildfires spreading across the country and even some roads melting, the death toll from Britain's heatwave continues to rise. ...it is predicted that next week temperatures could reach up to 35C.

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