27 July 2013

Oh, NO!

21 Menachem Av 5773

Does no one learn anything at all from the parsha???  First, the land is not ours to give away, OR VOTE AWAY!  It belongs to God who bequeathed it to all the generations of Israel, not just this one.  Second, without it, we can not complete our mission in the world.  Such a backward move will condemn all mankind to more untold suffering.  Third, it implies that it is proper to change God's laws and dictates by a majority vote - and one which will include goyim sworn to our destruction.

Instead of standing up and speaking the TRUTH that it is forbidden to give this land away AND it is forbidden to vote on it, the right-wing is gambling on some political game and hoping and praying that they will get the "votes" to prevent it. And if it goes the other way, God forbid!  Once they've legitimized the vote, how can they protest the outcome?????

This is a BIG mistake.  It's a shanda and most importantly, it is a chilllul Hashem!!

We should be tearing kriyah and sitting in sack and ashes. God, have mercy on your poor children and save us NOW!!!!!!

Why Left and Right Agree on Referendum

With negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority about to begin, many have turned to a new debate: if the negotiations yield an agreement, should the nation have a chance to turn it down via a national referendum?

Support for the idea of a referendum is mixed across the coalition, with some MKs in favor and some opposed in each faction.

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