28 July 2013

"There's a War on for Your Mind"

21 Menachem Av 5773

Ever since George W. Bush first popularized the phrase "a war for hearts and minds," I knew this was an apt description of the war in which we of the Information Age are engaged.  It's why people complain that Israel's lack of a good hasbara is a handicap in today's media-driven cultures.  In short, this war is the classic battle between Good & Evil when Good is defined as Truth and Evil is defined as Lie. The Creator is calling the whole world to do teshuva and teshuva in this age is to turn from Lie to Truth and to embrace it without reservation or regret.

Incidentally, I think this is one of the main reasons for the rush to push yeshiva students into the army.  In Israel, where private, religious education cannot be circumvented and where much of the population still does not attend university pt own televisions, the army will serve as the indoctrination tool for The Powers That Be.  However, TPTB do not reckon with HKB"H.

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