21 July 2013

Am Kadosh - A Holy People

14 Menachem Av 5773

Part and parcel with everything we have been telling you over the past few days, about the Ephraimite-version-of-xianity's intrusion into Israe,l is the New Judaism whose aim is the same - to break down the wall that divides xians and Jews, as if this were the key to world redemption.  Nothing could be further from the Truth!

I'm sorry to say that (too) many Israeli rabbis and Jewish leaders are sitting down, not with proven Noahides, but with Jews for J- to be interviewed on missionary TV, and appearing for speaking engagements in their churches, not once, but on a regular basis! This is nothing less than a spiritual holocaust!!

This goes far past just interfaith "dialogue" for then the differences between us were still acknowledged, but now we've sunk so low that hundreds of Jews in leadership positions (Anglos almost without exception) are willing to erase all differences and embrace the western democratic "ideal" of complete equality and go further than anyone has dared to go before and proclaim that this is even a necessary step to achieving the complete redemption, God forbid!

In fact, the very reverse is true:

G-d established two great and fundamental principles for Israel, namely, 1) separation and isolation from the nations, and 2) clinging to G-d.  Israel must separate themselves from evil and from the nations to the precise degree that they are commanded to cling to G-d.  (Ohr HaRa'ayon, Vol II, ch. 25.)

Another fundamental: God and His Torah do not change.

Continuing to quote from Ohr HaRa'ayon, Vol II, ch. 25:

...G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations.  The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d's Torah or with G-d himself.  It therefore says, "You shall be holy to me for I, the L-rd, am holy, and I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine." (Lev. 20:26).  Our sages comment, " 'I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine:' If you are separated from the nations, then you are Mine, otherwise, you belong to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia and his associates" (Torat Kohanim, Kedoshim, 9)

...G-d established that there must be no unity between Israel and the nations.  They must not mix or mingle together.  The walls separating them must never come down.  Rather, there must be separation, borders, a division.  This separation, indeed serves the purpose of unity, but genuine  unity of a world under Divine sovereignty, for a united world of falsehood is not G-d's will.

...[Israel's role] is not to be carried out through assimilation and intimacy with the nations in order to be a false light unto them, as the ignoramuses and distorters say.  Rather, it will occur through isolation and separation from them, through creation of a holy nation that will provide a real and different example.  

The sin of Ba'al Pe'or at Shittim is cited:

...The argument of the nations here is that we must achieve unity and break down the walls of separation.  Is this not fair and logical according to the false thinking of the worshipers of foreign culture?  Is not the unity of all nations and the disappearance of the differences between Israel and the nations the goal of the Hellenists, who in any event have already put an end to every logical and intellectual difference between themselves and the nations?  

...They have distorted the concept of Israel being a "covenant of the people, a light to the nations" (Isaiah 42:6).  In their hands, this has turned into a demand that we depart the Land of our isolation and cling to the nations in the exile, living there with them in order to serve as their beacon.  To achieve this, we are supposed to abandon unpleasant, "unacceptable" concepts and laws, lest these make the nations hate us, and all this in the name of unity.  That is, we are supposed to assimilate for the sake of unity.

...Certainly, G-d's goal is world unity, but not based on falsehood and evil, and not through acceptance of abominable concepts of coexistence and tolerance which pave the way for equating holiness and abomination, good and evil.  Unity is desirable, but only after goodness reigns in the world and all accept G-d's sovereignty.  When G-d's truth and mastery reign on earth, there will be real unity.  It will come precisely through separation.

Havdalah is a supreme, Divine value which entered the world at Creation in order to separate between entities whose combination together is bad for them and bad for the world.

...Our sages said (Tanchuma, Naso, 7):

G-d said, "In this world, I loathed all the nations because they are of the seed of impurity, and I chose you {Israel] because you are the seed of truth....  In the future, as well, I shall choose you alone, for you are the seed of holiness, blessed by the L-rd [and their offspring with them]" (Isaiah 65:23).

Great harm is being done to Israel and to the process of redemption by those who have jumped the gun and act as though the redemption has already arrived.

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