15 April 2024

Is Literally Everybody Lying About Literally Everything?

7 Nissan 5784 

Some people are asking if the missile/drone attack on Israel even actually happened.

Although we call this world The World of Lies, it is built upon a foundation of Truth.  No lie can even exist unless it is wrapped around a kernel of Truth, because only the Truth can stand on its own.  

History is filled with conspiracies.  Paro conspired to kill all the male infants born to the Hebrews in Egypt, Achashverosh and Haman conspired to annihilate the Jews, as did Hitler, y"sh and his followers after them, and on and on.  However, anybody can yell "conspiracy" and use it to deny the truth embedded in the lies which inevitably accompany conspiracy.

If you are going to talk "conspiracy" then, even if it can't be proven, you should at least be able to name the suspicions which raise the charge in your own mind.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about -  The Conspiracy of the US, Saudi Arabia and the Erev Rav in Israel - "Israel's 9/11".

The Abraham Accords were conceived by money people in order to make money.  That's by their own admission.  "Peace" is only a side benefit but one which also benefits the bottom line.  It's just the latest iteration of a decades-long attempt by the West to merge with the East in order to make a lot of money.  

Religious fanaticism is the main stumbling block to their grand scheme.  Muslim (and Jewish) "extremism" is the greatest threat to the "peace" needed to do business.  In fact, the name itself was meant to emphasize commonality in an attempt to bridge the differences:  "The agreements were named "Abraham Accords" to highlight the common belief of Judaism and Islam in the prophet Abraham."  (Wiki)

And the Abraham Accords were again figuring prominently in the news just before the Simchat Torah Massacre on October 7, 2023.

The big connection to Gaza is that the US promised Saudi Arabia that a Palestinian State would be part of this deal with Israel.  As I said back in October, I think that together they masterminded a plan that would force Israel to concede to a Palestinian State in Gaza and it required the removal of Hamas.  However, Israel had to be given a plausible reason to go to war against Hamas and clearly all three - Israel's Erev Rav regime, the US and Saudi Arabia - would benefit from such an eventuality.  

Even though I think Hamas went further even than their enablers imagined, I think they believed the world's sympathy would last long enough to get the job done,  But, when the nations started calling out "genocide," etc., the perceived need to protect civilians and increase aid slowed everything down too much.  Biden actually said early on that Israel had "until the end of the year" to finish the job and then they'd have to move on.  

Just like they underestimated the blood lust that drives Arabs, I think they also underestimated the extent of the tunnel system and the extent to which Hamas used critical infrastructure like hospitals.  Generally speaking, those driven by the desire for riches can never understand the religiously-motivated individuals.  They can't get past the idea that everyone has his price, because it simply isn't true.  Religious "extremists" can't be bought off, so they must be eliminated.

Iran was always in their sights.  (It's one of the seven countries General Wesley Clark revealed were slated for takeover.)  It's an Islamic State that hates the West, and don't think The Powers That Be plan to allow for a real Jewish State either.  To continue to exist, Israel must become a country like any other, hence the war on Torah here and the labeling of "Jewish terrorists."

What just happened on April 14th is the beginning of the next phase of what started on October 7th - The War of GoguMagog.  This was just the opening shot of "Paras will go and destroy the whole world."

That means Israel will move their next piece on the chessboard and Iran will countermove until Iran says checkmate.  It's inevitable.  It's what everything has been building up to.  But, do not be lulled into a false sense of security after what didn't happen during the missile and drone attack on Sunday.  We won't get off that easy again.  

It is entirely possible that, just like we spent that first Pesach locked inside our homes while the Angel of Death wreaked destruction to the Egyptian firstborns all around us, a similar situation may see us locked inside our homes while the Angel of Death wreaks destruction against all who would oppose Mashiach.  
...and all the nations of the world will shake and panic and fall on their faces and feel contractions like those of giving birth, and Israel will shake and panic and ask: 'Where will we go?'

Now, we know the phrase "in Nissan we were redeemed and in Nissan we will be redeemed," but there is another more specific source which actually says:   

“On the 15th of Nisan…[G-d] spoke to Abraham our father in the Covenant between the Parts; on the 15th of Nisan the ministering angels came to announce to him that his son Isaac would be born to him; on the 15th of Nisan Isaac was born; on the 15th of Nisan they were redeemed from Egypt; and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile” (Tanhuma, Bo 9).

"And (God) will say to them, ‘My children, do not fear, because everything I did, I did for you. Why are you afraid? Don’t be afraid. The time has come for your redemption’.” (Yalkut Shimoni on Yeshayahu 60)


  1. Well said. I cannot think of anything I would add at this point. I think you covered it. But I do look forward to any future insights you have.

    Maybe on the surface level we can say that Persia has gathered a lot of data about our defenses, and about the U. S. and UK. As you stated we now have more information out there about France and Egypt. But that's just on the surface. We need to look deeper like you did. איראן (פרס) פשוט בדק אותנו. האם איראן עזרה לביידן? / Iran (Persia) Was Testing Israel. Was Iran Helping Biden?

  2. Well thought out! I always thought this was all like a chess board.

  3. October 7 was a direct repetition of Numbers 25:1-3, after Balaam told Balak to make something like an "Abraham accord" with Israel...