12 April 2024

Chill! Shabbat Is Coming!!

4 Nissan 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Tazria

Predictably, the headlines all across cyberspace continue to shout "another 24-28 hrs and Iran will attack Israel!"  They've only been saying this every 24-48 hrs for the past week!  And it can be true in any 24-48 hr period throughout the year anyway, so as long as you've prepped for a couple of weeks without access to food, water and electricity, forget about it!  You've done your hishtadlut, the rest is all up to HKB"H.  

Considering the fragility of the supply line these days, you just have to treat it as though anything, whether a natural disaster or civil unrest, can leave your family vulnerable.  It's only reasonable to be proactive and take certain measures, but there is a limit and beyond those limits, we have to trust 100% in HKB"H.

When the entire nation walked out of Egypt, we carried food and water with us.  It didn't last very long, but then the well began to produce and the mann began to fall.  If it happened then, why can't it happen now?  

...behold days are coming, says the Lord, and it shall no longer be said, "As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel from the land of Egypt,"

But, "As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel from the northland and from all the lands where He had driven them," and I will restore them to their land that I gave to their forefathers. (Yirmiyahu 16.14-15) 

(Rashi) and it shall no longer be said: Our Rabbis expounded: Not that the departure from Egypt shall be uprooted from its place, but the final redemption will be the most important and the departure from Egypt secondary to it.

By the way, there is another reference to Shemini - the eighth day in this week's parashah...

On the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised." (Vayikra 12.3)

[Commentary]  Although the commandment of circumcision has already been given (Bereshit 17.10-14) it is repeated because of the new laws in this verse: that milah may be performed only in the daytime, since the Torah specifies bayom, on the ...day (Sifra), and that - since the Torah specifies that it be done on the eighth day - a child must be circumcised on that day, even if it falls on the Sabbath, unless, of course, the infant's health requires delay (Shabbos 132a).

Maybe it was placed here to be a reminder to us to continue to look to the number 8 which indicates the level above nature.  In reality, the physical world only goes up to 7.  There is no 8th day here.  Unless we look outside of the purely physical, it just goes back to 1.  On the musical scale, the eighth note is exactly the same note as the first one, but an octave higher.  

The times are particularly uncertain because the Master of the Universe is encouraging us to look beyond the physical, i.e., the government, elections, the IDF, the US and EU, Iran! and dare to see the number 8 - the level above nature from whence comes our redemption.



  1. As if things weren't crazy enough, the red heifer hysteria is continuing to spread.

    Every year, a small group applies for permission to bring korban Pesach and it is always rejected. Usually someone is caught trying to smuggle a lamb onto Har Habayit. It's expected. But, of course, now that the xians are now so involved, invested and expectant, they are circulating a copy of the permit application claiming that it is for the slaughter of red heifers on Har Habayit!

    If they could read Hebrew, they see how ridiculous that is, as it clearly states "korban Pesach". But, that's not all...

    THIS and THIS make me wonder what or who is really behind this red heifer meshugas.

  2. Of course, this is being promoted by the xtians & the false so-called religious Jews who love to partner with everyone else (let alone the ignorant seculars who tend toward leftism), except being connected to H' Whom they seem to forget.
    I suspect that at least 50% (very,very likely much more) of the whole of our people are so galutified in every way, it will take a #8 nes (miracle) to open their eyes and see the Truth so they can return to true Torah thinking.

  3. I was getting excited the last couple weeks about the expected “imminent” war of Israel and Iran, but then realized the nevuot are talking about nuclear war (they mention a 6-7 min war) and Iran probably does not have any nukes yet (soon they will). I thought there’s a good chance Moshiach will come this month bc of the expected war with Iran, and the prophecies state it as the very final event before Moshiach’s arrival. I presume we will have to wait another year, until next Nissan since Iran does not have any nukes now. Disappointing but I could try to hang in there another year of this horrible galut.


  4. Maybe Iran has and maybe they don't. (Supposedly they bought one or two from N Korea.) But it's a certainty that we have them.

  5. There is a lot of commentary that Russia China and Iran are connected in the end of days. פ-ר-ס = פרס רוסיא סין . So the Nevuot can be referring to Russia or China...