11 April 2024

Can You Connect the Dots?

3 Nissan 5784

Is it a failure of imagination or willful blindness that prevents people from being able to connect the dots?  This is mida k'neged mida.

(Man-made bombs v. God-made "bombs")

Before anyone says this is normal for this area, know that this is where I grew up.  It is "normal" once in a great while.  What is not normal is being slammed by a steady stream of storms parading across the entire country for months on end!


  1. Of course, many people even in those parts of the country where the weather is abnormally severe realize that this is a sign from Heaven.
    We must not forget the great chet of the unnatural marriages which originally caused the destruction of the world by the Great Flood in Noach's time. No one can go against the Laws of Nature which comes from the Creator and think that man can get away with it; there is always measure for measure!
    We pray for His Great Mercy and that man does teshuvah, especially our people, and moreso in our holy Eretz Yisrael, so we can merit the Geulah Shleimah with Chesed & Rachamim!
    (The world is being judged; the birur is filtering out everywhere in the

  2. Why did u take down the eclipse anomolies?

    1. No idea what you are talking about. Sorry. I've not taken anything down recently.

    2. That's on the Shirat Devorah blog.