19 February 2022

It's All Tied Up With Iran

19 Adar Aleph 5782
Shavua tov! 

UPDATE Analysis / Iran-Israel Conflict Enters Dangerous Phase

...the dangerous situation developing in the region is also linked to the growing global disorder. With the US in retreat and international attention focused on the Ukraine crisis, the Middle East may soon enter a more violent period.

There is no longer any question of whether Russia will invade Ukraine.  The question is "when" and the consensus seems to indicate after the closing of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, just hours away now.

Putin’s plan
by Thomas C. Theiner

The most important question for Israelis is - What will Iran choose to do while the US and Europe are preoccupied with Russia/Ukraine?    

Is it conceivable that Iran and Russia have made a deal that would divide the attention and any western response between them?  

Russia, Iran note progress in reviving Iranian nuclear deal

A smoke screen for something else?

What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting?
We have to be prepared for anything.
How the Ukraine situation could impact Israel’s strategies for Syria and Iran

Could Ukraine crisis lead to new world order that impacts Israel? - analysis

For Russia and Iran, the Ukraine Crisis Is Already a Success. For Israel, It’s Bad News
And don't discount the very likely possibility that the "Aryans"/Iranians are really Amalek!

(See here and here for review.)

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