28 February 2022


28 Adar Aleph 5782

In case we needed reminding - everything is about the Jews.  Whether they want to kill us or assimilate us out of existence, the nations of the world have one common obsession - destroy the Jews.  Of all the plans throughout the ages, the Holocaust was genius.  It's the 'gift' that just keeps giving.

First, it outright murdered 1/3 of world Jewry, but then afterwards, it continued to be used against us in other ways...

  • Hitler's definition is the one the Zionist government uses to determine who is a Jew, which allows our nation to be infiltrated and influenced by hordes of non-Jews.
  • Our nation is compelled by humanitarian demands to accept refugees from among the nations, since we know what it was to be refugees, further watering down our numbers and our strength.
  • When we attempt to fight the Arab enemy, we are called "Nazis," doing to the 'innocent' Arabs what was done to our own innocents.
That's what Lapid is referring to when he talks today about "being on the right side of history."

Israel is clobbered in the self-righteous UN which holds up the mirror of the Holocaust and says to us, "Look what you have become.  Aren't you ashamed?  How could you?"  Already, evil is calling attention to us and drawing equivalency between what Putin is doing in Ukraine and what Israel does in 'Palestine' or in Syria (take your pick).

Everything is about the Jews.  Don't you know that?  If you didn't, here is a reminder...

And what about Israel being dragged into the spotlight with Bennett prevailed upon to arrange peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.  What???!!!!

Since Abraham's legacy fell to the sons of Ya'aqov - Bnei Yisrael - everything, but everything has been about the Jews!!  And so it remains to this day.  Best we not forget that.  We are wed to the Master of the Universe and our loyalty and allegiance is to HIM ALONE!!

If you want to survive all this, you have to stop playing their game - STOP TAKING SIDES - even when it might seem to be the moral thing to do.  We are not called to be philosophers.  We don't decide what is moral and what's not.  We are servants of HKB"H and so we just obey our Torah and mitzvot without questions or calculations.  "He who is merciful to the cruel will be cruel to the merciful."  That's Torah!  That's Judaism!

The nerve of this silly little dancing Erev Rav.  What does he know about being a Jew?!

Says the President of Ukraine whose primary interest is the welfare of the Ukrainian people, not JEWS!!  This is precisely why he was chosen for this part, so his Jewishness, such as it is, could be used as a weapon against us.  Cursed be the day his mother gave birth to him.

I warned people that choosing Trump over Hillary was just an illusion as there really is no choice - they are working for the same people at the top and the end result is the same - not good for the Jews.  The choice between the greater and lesser of two evils is still E-V-I-L!

I warned people about choosing between the pro-vaccines and anti-vaccines camps.  Even though I was against taking the mRNA vaccines, I saw that bringing Jews into the global fight against it alongside the non-Jews was not good - and even possibly dangerous - for the Jews.

Now, here we are yet again with another opportunity presented by the globalists whereby we must choose a side - who is the real 'devil' here - Putin or Zelensky?  Inasmuch as they each represent an aspect of Eisav, we have no basis upon which to align ourselves with either of them.  Israel is a nation that was meant to dwell alone.  The whole world must understand that we have One Ally only - one relationship only - and that is HKB"H!!  

But before the nations can understand that, the Jews must first understand it.  What is it going to take anyway?!  Hashem yerachem!


  1. Israel Sends Aid to Ukraine; NATO Ships RAFAEL Weapons

    NATO is supplying Ukraine with weapons made by a subsidiary of Israel’s defense industries, The Jerusalem Post reports.

    The Netherlands will be sending 50 anti-tank systems manufactured by a German subsidiary of Israel’s RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems. Panzerfaust 3, a portable rocket-propelled grenade, can penetrate Russian armor, the report said.

    In parallel, Israel will be sending 3 planes Tuesday loaded with humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said. Jerusalem will also back the upcoming UN vote to condemn Russia, he added.

    Israel is concerned that taking a clear stance against Russia will harm the IDF’s freedom of operation in Syria, where Moscow maintains forces. However, officials in Jerusalem are increasingly taking Ukraine’s side, partly due to US pressure.

    Notably, US-Russia tensions could limit Israeli strikes in Syria if Moscow blocks military action in the area, senior IDF officers told Walla News. In parallel, Israel is closely watching for a potential rise in Iranian arms shipments, as Tehran may seek to exploit the Ukraine conflict to bolster its regional proxies, the report said.

  2. As usual, another excellent post! Anyone who is up on all the real news should understand by now these wars and all their other evil machinations are preplanned.
    the 'state' of Israel is now at the top of this sick pyramid or whatever one wants to call it because they are part of this globalist takeover, r'l. Their main goal is to completely deJudaize the 'state'. Lapid, as everyone should know by now, is 'like father, like son'. His infamous father's mother was a non-Jewish German. Read that a number of years ago. When Bennett took up with him the last time running against Netanyahu years ago, it was obvious that he can be no better than Lapid if that's who he chose to partner with.
    As far as the vaccines are concerned, the Jews are still fighting because it is a RIGHTEOUS battle. What Netanyahu did making his 'own people' be scapegoats for the world is inexcusabel and pushing it with such determination is unforgivable, r'l. How many Jew perished or are maimed for life! This will go down in infamy. We know we are now in the chevlai Moshiach period right now where one tzorah follows the one before and now it's about wars, etc. We pray that our salvation comes very, very soon with great mercy from Hashem. May every true Yiddishe neshamah be protected from evil.
    Jews must wake up and do teshuvah and those who still side on the side of evil will prove they have no Jewish souls and they will fare no better than our worst enemies.
    May H' have mercy on His people Yisrael and the righteous of the world.

  3. Sorry to say that it won't be long before NATO finds a good enough reason to make a 180 and turn to the Middle East onto Israel in full crusade fashion. It really won't be taking much for this to happen.

  4. If you read this translated transcript of Putin's speech, Lapid and Bennett and the rest of them falling in line with the globo-homo West makes more sense.

    As Jews, we can and should and even must sit this one out. The reason they can't, and actually feel compelled to take a stance? Because they are not one of us. To them, to not endorse the West is to repudiate the West and its entire agenda. To remain neutral is to support, in some way, Putin's agenda.

    Putin does stand athwart the cabal's plans for domination. But that doesn't mean he isn't a member of the same cabal. However, because he (and Xi in China) stands in their way, regardless of this specific conflict, war will rage on, even if not in the current form. How and for how long? Only Hashem knows.

  5. Yes, Keep your eyes on Hashem always and there is nothing much we can do. (I didn't vote for these clowns)
    Very good analysis by the way.

  6. Praying for the Russians to lose badly and swiftly so this war can end.

    1. That's very short-sighted. These are the labor pains of the redemption. You might as well pray the baby never gets born but stays forever in the womb, rotting away. Pray instead for Divine protection for the righteous. We want evil to be destroyed once and for all.

  7. About taking in refugees, it should be linked to population density. People talk about Israel as if it were Canada, Greenland or Iceland. They all have plenty of space and money to take them. Actually, China would be best, they have a serious dearth of women and the Slavs lack men, and there are already matchmaking organisations between China and Ukraine to faciliate romance. Win-win, and as Shimshon says we should not be involved, no refugees and no mediating and meddling. Sending aid is quite enough.

    And as a Jew, I expect more from Zelensky. A Jew should be building up the Nation of Israel, not the gentile nations.

    1. Where did you get that Zelensky is Jewish? And anyone in any government is part of this NWO tyranny. This is all theater and all news outlets are not to be trusted. Everything now is Tohu and Bohu. We are on our own.

  8. Good comments too. There is nothing good to say about any of them. Zelensky is a meshumad and that tells you all. The ukranians have a history of greater anti-semitism than the Germans. Putin has his reason for going in (but, of course, we cannot understand & we are as Jews, totally against brutal force like this) He cannot have NATO on his borders which is the goal of the globalists in that region. Reminds us of the time when Russia made a deal with Castro but the U.S. could not allow that because Cuba is only 90 miles away from U.S. These reasons are being kept from the public (usual MSM omissions, fabrications, etc.). This is a war of globalists against sovereignty of nations.
    In the end, it is Hashem Who leads the hearts of Kings! Lev melachim b'yad Hashem. All this is leading to our Geulah Shleimah!
    You are right, Jews and Israel need to keep out of the fray, but
    the SOI has become one of them, r'l.

    1. what is SOl?
      It's too clear, blatantly obvious that 'Israel' is already involved through 'humanitarian' aid. The cover. The virus was the beginning of the mind conditioning to totalitarian control over every aspect in our lives. They are doing this piecemeal through trauma. This is a known tactic. There will be a huge price for humanity to pay to these overlords in the end. None of what is planned is good in any way for anyone other than for themselves.

  9. Anon @3:20 pm is absolutely right and said it all in a few words.
    The world is now under their control and the media work for them (their Goebbels propaganda machine) and control all mainstream news. They don't want the public to know the 'real' truth.
    Noisebloccker @7:40 pm; You are also right but, fear not; we are awaiting Moshiach tzdkeinu, k'heref ayin, and then all evil will soon be over. Amen!

    1. I know! I can;t stand reading even news sites that I used to. It is a world of lies. Lies about this war, lies about the "pandemic". ALL LIES! I agree with you and Devorah Chaya... we need to keep out of it and stay neutral!

  10. Amen! We just need to have Emunah and put complete Trust in Hashem.