25 February 2022


24 Adar Aleph 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayakhel, Mevorchim, Sheqalim   

I had not intended to post anything else prior to Shabbat, but due to a new development, it feels urgent to get this out.

I don't know how many of you are aware of the tug-of-war Israel is in right now, since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  
U.S. Officials Angry: Israel Doesn’t Back Stance on Russia

White House and State Department officials in Washington have built up a great deal of anger over Jerusalem's "neutrality" regarding Russia's invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Senior figures in the Obama administration have expressed great disappointment with the lack of support from Israel for the American position on the Ukraine crisis and with the fact that the Israeli government puts its relations with the United States and with Russia on the same plane. (Source)
Wait, that's from eight years ago when Russia invaded Crimea. But, we know that many of the same players are in the current Biden administration. Would it really be any different today?
Israel Offers Soft Response to Putin's Ukraine Invasion. Does Biden Care?

WASHINGTON – Israel’s first official response Wednesday to Russia’s actions in Ukraine caught the attention of many for its seemingly tepid condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and failure to even mention Russia by name. (Source)
When the full invasion came, the Foreign Minister did what was expected...
Lapid condemns ‘Russian attack on Ukraine,’

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid condemns the “Russian attack on Ukraine” in Israel’s first public criticism of Moscow during this conflict. He adds that Israel has good relations with both Ukraine and Russia.

Going further than a Foreign Ministry statement yesterday, Lapid says “the Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order. Israel condemns that attack, and is ready and prepared to offer humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian citizens.”

Israel did not notify Russia ahead of the condemnation, The Times of Israel has learned. (Source)

It didn't take long for Russia to sit up and take notice and exact punishment... 

Russia Slams Israeli 'Occupation' of Golan Heights After Jerusalem Supports Ukraine

Russia condemned the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights on Wednesday and said it does not recognize Israel's sovereignty in the region.

The statement, issued before Russia's all-out assault on Ukraine, followed Israel's first official statement of support for Ukraine in the unfolding crisis and appeared to be a Russian message to Israel. (Source)
Then, as if in understanding of our untenable position in this matter...
Russia to ‘contain’ Israel’s condemnation of Ukraine invasion – report

Russia tells Israel it is going “to contain” Jerusalem’s condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine, and not create tensions or retaliate over it, two officials tell the Walla news site.

One source says Foreign Ministry Director-General Alon Ushpiz updated participants of a meeting of top Israeli officials that “moderate messages from the Russians were received, and that the Russians think there were countries that condemned them much more harshly than Israel.”

Israel had so far been careful in its comments on the conflict and has avoided criticizing Moscow publicly. This is believed to be at least partly due to its need to work with the Russian military presence in neighboring Syria. (Source)

Israel seeks 'delicate balance' in Ukraine crisis

With Russian forces in neighbouring Syria, Washington its unswerving ally and about a million citizens with ties to the former Soviet Union, Israel is seeking a delicate balance in the Ukraine crisis.
Now this...
U.N. Security Council to vote Friday on condemning Russia

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 24 (Reuters) - The United Nations Security Council will vote on Friday on a draft resolution that would condemn Russia for invading Ukraine and require Moscow to immediately and unconditionally withdraw, but the measure is set to fail because Moscow can cast a veto. (Source)
Even knowing that, our so-called "good friends" and "best ally" are, according to an unconfirmed report, "ordering" us to stick our neck out even further and vote their way. However, the JPost here uses more diplomatic language.
US asked Israel to support UNSC condemnation of Russia - report

The United States has asked Israel to support a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to a report on Army Radio.

The UNSC is scheduled to debate such condemnation in New York on Friday. It's expected that Russia, one of five countries with UNSC veto power, would use that power to prevent such a vote.

The 15-member body, however, is expected to debate such a condemnation. The United States often uses its veto power to protect Israel from UNSC condemnations.

Israel is not a UNSC member, but as a UN member, it has the right to sign its name to UNSC statements or resolutions. (Source)
Will Russia be so forgiving the second time?  Do we really need to ask?

But, it's all good news. It's part of the redemptive process that will soon see us standing all alone with no one to help us except HKB"H. Ayn od milevado!!



  1. I am reminded of the Midrash Rabba in the beginning of Vayigash that talks about Yehuda and Yosef going after each other, but the other brothers staying off to the side saying, "The kings are antagonizing each other. Why must we get involved?"

    ב (תהלים מח ה) כי הנה המלכים נועדו עברו יחדיו כי הנה המלכים זה יהודה ויוסף עברו יחדיו זה נתמלא עברה על זה וזה נתמלא עברה על זה (תהלים מח ו) המה ראו כן תמהו (בראשית מג) ויתמהו האנשים איש אל רעהו (תהלים מח) נבהלו נחפזו ולא יכלו אחיו וגו' רעדה אחזתם שם אלו השבטים אמרו מלכים מדיינים אלו עם אלו אנו מה איכפת לנו יאי למלך מדיין עם מלך ויגש אליו יהודה (איוב מא) אחד באחד יגשו זה יהודה ויוסף ורוח לא יבא ביניהם אלו השבטים אמרו מלכים מדיינים אלו עם אלו אנו מה איכפת לנו:

  2. Anyone who wants to know what is actually transpiring needs to get back to the origins of everything. They want mass destruction and enslavement of the world with hybridization of their species with elements of human DNA. Far-fetched? Suggest everyone stretch their minds a bit and consider the snake to be their god. Satan is one name - ultimately - it is the snake. For this, they need to implant into consciousness a new belief system. This they've been hacking away at for decades through the media - color, trauma and NLP. It is on billboards, radio, TV, press, blogs, podcasts, music, films and in jingles, voice inflections and more. Once they change the belief systems, the soul is not far behind. They want to create a hybrid slave race. Then they will take over in full force. This war is just another step towards that plan. Do your own research on the topic. DNA, snake, reptilian, tyranny, globalist, black nobles, hybridization.