02 March 2021

"Why Hate? Why Cause Such a Separation?"

18 Adar 5781 

New lecture by Rabbi Alon Anava...


  1. Excellent mussar shiur. So true, how the brainwashing was so successful, r'l, that intelligent and normal people could reach such extremes that it took over the normal common sense we should all have. What it is - is the 'fear' that was instilled in the people. The facts are secondary! When fear grips, it makes common sense disappear. Hopefully, people who listen to this shiur will be able to calm themselves down and think of the wise words spoken by Rabbi Anava. Praying for a speedy and merciful Geulah!

  2. Toda Devash, thank you for posting Rabbi Anava's lecture, this latest. Many wait to hear him.

    Hashem bless you Devash and all your family.

    I owe a lot to some many Jewish blogs, from whom I have learned and still learning, B'H, about Hashem, Torah, and many things.

    May Hashem bless each and all of you. Amen.


  3. This is so right. Thank you so much.
    Posted on brighteon.com under the title; Vaccines, Masks, Facebook; But why hate? Why cause such a separation? What are your limitations?: https://www.brighteon.com/dc7ac5d6-b393-43a6-8462-4fa254a229c3

  4. The vaccine "debate" has always existed.

    I remember once getting into a discussion with a friend with a STEM background many years ago who is pretty smart, and I thought had some seichel. I never take a dogmatic anti-vaccine position. Some vaccines are clearly useful. Tetanus, for example, has no cure, as even after the disease itself is gone, can leave one with serious and permanent disability.

    He could not concede even the idea that one vaccine might be bad or unwise, or that the insanely aggressive vaccine schedule in America is likewise bad or unwise. I used Gardasil as an example. Objectively, it is so problematic that you would think even pro-vaxxers would agree that maybe it's an unwise vaccine, or certainly not called for in a chaste population. Nope. Nothing doing. To concede on one vaccine or any part of the official vaccine narrative is to concede on all of it, in their narrow and limited minds. There is zero nuance. They are all like that.

  5. Thank you Dvash for posting his new shihur. I advise to the Hebrew speakers to listen to רב חשין
    He was tsadik nistar and his shiurim show it.

  6. Nuremberg class action lawsuit against Davos Forum over Covid-19 scandal