08 March 2021

Unfortunately, No One Is Immune To Stupidity

25 Adar 5781

While acknowledging that this is a very sensitive subject, not normally suitable for mixed company, I think the consequences of not publicizing the following information overrules the requirements of modesty.  This information has got to get out!!

It comes via the Nishmat website.  Nishmat is a higher institution of learning for religious women in Jerusalem.

Nishmat was founded in 1990 by Rabbanit Chana Henkin to open the gates of higher Torah learning to women. Now situated in its beautiful campus in Jerusalem’s Pat neighborhood, south of Katamon, Nishmat has become a world center for women’s scholarship, leadership, and social responsibility, and a world leader in paving a new path for women in Jewish life. Ten years after its founding, Nishmat created the new religious role of Yoatzot Halacha, women halachic advisors, opening the way for women in religious leadership.

Following is an example of that exemplary education as expressed in the politically correct counsel given in reply to this question... 

Q.  I’m scheduled to get my first dose of Corona vaccine tomorrow.  I’ve heard some rumors that women are having spotting after the shot.  Do you know if there’s any basis to that? I’m nervous it might make me niddah.

A.  Congratulations on getting the vaccine!

First, it’s important to emphasize that the FDA-approved Corona vaccines are considered safe, including for women of reproductive age.

We have heard some anecdotal reports of spotting following vaccination.  Since women experience spotting for many different reasons, we cannot know to what extent these cases are connected to the vaccine, and to what extent they are coincidence. At this point, no correlation between the vaccine and staining has been documentedIn any case, an association between vaccination and spotting would not be indicative of any negative reproductive effects.

The benefits of vaccination against Corona outweigh theoretical concerns of becoming niddah or delaying mikveh during one or two cycles.

...If you do experience spotting or any side effect, you can report it to your health care provider, local health authorities, and/or the company that manufactured the vaccine:

Israel Ministry of Health

US Department of Health and Human Services


Please get back to us with any further questions.

We wish you continued good health!

There is so much wrong with this response, I don't even know where to begin.  I think for most people, the problems should be self-evident.  A major one is that according to their calculations, no adverse effect can ever be proved against the vaccine; therefore, they don't really exist.  And another major one is this persistent misinformation that these injectables are "FDA approved"...

Listen HERE at 30 secs in.

The worst, however, is the line I highlighted in red: ...an association between vaccination and spotting would not be indicative of any negative reproductive effects.  There is simply no scientific basis whatsoever for such a statement.  No one could possibly know such a thing for a fact at this point in time.  It can take up to two generations for some problems to appear, as in DES.

DES was discovered in 1938 and introduced for medical use in 1939.  From about 1940 to 1971, the medication was given to pregnant women in the incorrect belief that it would reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and losses.  In 1971, DES was shown to cause clear-cell carcinoma, a rare vaginal tumor, in girls and women who had been exposed to this medication in utero.  The United States Food and Drug Administration subsequently withdrew approval of DES as a treatment for pregnant women.  Follow-up studies have indicated that DES also has the potential to cause a variety of significant adverse medical complications during the lifetimes of those exposed.

The United States National Cancer Institute recommends women born to mothers who took DES to undergo special medical exams on a regular basis to screen for complications as a result of the medication.  Individuals who were exposed to DES during their mothers' pregnancies are commonly referred to as "DES daughters" and "DES sons".  Since the discovery of the toxic effects of DES, it has largely been discontinued and is now mostly no longer marketed.

Meaning it is still in use.  And note that this drug was FDA-approved, the approval being withdrawn after the damage had already been done.  

The icing on this cake is the final insult - the reference to "theoretical" concerns.  Once they admitted to knowing of cases as described, all possibility of "theoretical" concerns ceased to exist.  It's very reminiscent of the old-style medical attitudes of doctors patronizing and condescending  to their patients.  Just who are you to question The Doctor?   You can almost feel the pat on the head.  

Higher education is no cure for stupidity.   Never let your better judgment be overruled by an unhealthy respect for people with titles and letters after their names.


  1. They want to continue to get subvention from Zionism-Amakek so are sending their sheep to the trains

  2. "Never let your better judgment be overruled by an unhealthy respect for people with titles and letters after their names."

    Such emes!

  3. right. we are in a time period of MASS SYSTEMS FAILURE of Rabbinic Authorities. This is clearly a Divine Bulldozer to prepare the way for Mashiach. The False Rabbinic Authorities, male and female, who FAILED their flocks may soon work as cleaners at mikvaot and yeshivot.

  4. Simple rule today: any sickness or death is always caused by corona and any sickness or death after vaccination is uncorrelated to the vaccination and a mere chance happenning. ... Foolishness is the new derech eretz, intelligent thought a conspiracy related thing.

  5. It is really astonishing how the evil PR has penetrated every, repeat EVERY, avenue of life. so that to the uninformed and naive it seems a “natural” occurrence, that is, all the hype surrounding this bio-weapon virus and bio-weapon so-called vaccine!

    Imagine all the other fallacies that are accepted as being “natural” to this life on earth.

    Now, one can realize why this is called the “World of Lies”.
    Just about ALL OF IT is lies.

    Turn to Hashem, cling to Hashem, keep communicating to Him!

  6. Neshama: You're absolutely right! We know this world is called the 'world of lies', but now more than ever as we are in the keitz hayamim, our Sages tell us that 'Truth will disappear' completely. So, with the tech of today's PR, they can and are manipulating everything, so we must take every word like a grain of sand filtering through our fingers; most of what we read, hear and see are a bunch of made-up lies, all to confuse us, so we become so unsure of ourselves that it becomes easier to accept anything & everything or accept nothing. (more truth is in the 'nothing' than in believing anything.)

  7. And even worse, the "expert" never addresses the question of whether the woman might be niddah. If she is, (1) she needs to separate from her husband, and (2) she can't go to the mikveh. But, the overriding matter seems to be to push an agenda when the consequences of her being niddah and not adhering to the halacha brings death! Amazing, I cannot even believe what I am hearing.

  8. This is from the ugly bioweapon and probably what is striking the pregnant mothers in all the hospitals, with or without the vaccine. Because both are causes.

    I woke at 3:45 during the predawn hours worried about Pesach preps and all the Jews that took one or both jabs. If the dire forecasts truly surface to claim at least half these 5 MILLION in Israel and all those in chu”l we will be losing half our nation. I remember reading somewhere that those remaining after Mashiach Is here will be only 600,000. Does anyone have more info on this figure?

    1. I remember a Torah lesson from the tsadik Rav Nissim Yaguen, he said that the Zohar says that in Egypt all the rashaim of Israel perished in the plague of darkness, it will be the same before Mashiah arrival. But that it will take 15 days.
      And yes Hesed leAvraham said 7000, but Noam Elimelekh said that he sweetened the judgment but he added that it won't be a walk in the park

    2. We lost one third of our nation during the war against the Romans (at least we fought bravely) and lost half during the Shoah ( Real figures speak about 9 million Jews)

  9. A small observation: one can clearly see today, that only 3 kinds of jewish people escape the trap of the Erev Rav: 1. someone that adheres strictly to the real Rabbonim, that never left the chain from moshe Rabbeinu till now (this rules out any dati leumi Rav or any other charedi Rabboim, that in any way associate or listen to anything the Medinah or her extended bodies have to say, or stand for it, or get paid by it) 2. people that came by themselves to the torah and follow, after thinking through, what the old seforim (rishonim and older) write. 3. people that don't glorify anything related to the medinah, foreihn philosophies (science, reform ideas, goyische weltanschauung etc.) or a human being. In total: everyone that replaced the torah and hashem with anything that they hope might bring their salvation or a benefit to them, is lost to the Erev Rav's hands. That's it.

  10. The Chesed l'Avraham says 7000.

  11. Just saw this headline over at TOI...

    Boy finds 2,500-year-old fertility figurine during family hike
    Experts say amulet dates from a time with high infant mortality and no fertility treatments, and could have provided hope in the absence of advanced medicine

    Notice the equation drawn between "advanced medicine" and an idol. Except that idol, unlike our present-day idol doesn't do physical harm. And at least those ancient people were putting their faith in a higher power, not in man himself.

  12. Also from TOI...

    Hadassah hospital said to furlough 80 workers who haven’t taken COVID shots

    Jerusalem hospital places staff, including doctors and nurses, on leave for avoiding shots without justification; CEO previously barred unvaccinated staff from treating patients