04 March 2021

GUEST POST: "Lessons From the Golden Calf"

20 Adar 5781

Lessons From the Golden Calf

This week we read about the original golden calf. Many have compared the cult-like worship of masks, medical products dubiously referred to as vaccines, and establishment "experts" to the golden calf. This comparison is more apt than people realize.

We tend to look down on ancient idolaters as primitive fools. They were nothing of the sort. Idolatry was deeply intertwined with the prevailing science and philosophy of the times, and its proponents were intellectually sophisticated. Those who believe that people today are intellectually advanced compared to the people of ancient times are sorely mistaken. We compare favorably to them only in the realm of technology, and only because we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Intellectually, religiously, and morally we have nothing to brag about.

The Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim writes at length about ancient idolatry, based on their own books. The dominant belief at the time was that celestial bodies controlled the world, and Man's survival depended on worshiping nature. They believed that physical idols could draw power from these celestial bodies to influence world events or give people prophetic dreams. They built temples for their presumed life-preserving rituals, offered sacrifices, planted idolatrous trees to draw power from the stars, and committed immoral acts while planting fields.

Idolatrous practices were outlined in scientific books about nature and agriculture. Science and idolatry were one and the same. Challenging idolatry was synonymous with challenging established science; it was considered a threat to public health and safety, and dealt with accordingly.

The Rambam explains in great detail that a high percentage of mitzvos in the Torah were given specifically to counter this and other false ideologies. Anything that smacked of idolatry or nature-worship was strictly prohibited, and the Jews were given positive commandments to do the exact opposite of the prevailing "science".

They were also warned that engaging in these presumed life-preserving practices would only have the opposite effect. Idolatry would lead to plague, drought, famine, poverty, death, and destruction. Keeping the Torah – doing the polar opposite of the "science" of the time – would bring rain, prosperity, health, and protection.

This was demonstrated over and over again in real life as the nation vacillated between keeping the Torah and idolatry, but it never really clicked. Old habits die hard, especially when it means going against the majority. People will suffer almost anything to be accepted.

With this introduction in mind, let's examine the story of the golden calf.

Moshe ascended Har Sinai to receive the Torah, and was supposed to return after forty days. Due to a misunderstanding of when the clock started ticking, the Jews believed the forty days had passed and Moshe was gone. The Erev Rav declared that Moshe was dead, and the Jews needed an immediate replacement to lead them. This replacement needed to be an intermediary between the Jews and God, just as Moshe was.

This replacement needed to be an idol.

The commentators all grapple with how the Jewish people, who had experienced the highest degree of human revelation just forty days ago, could fashion a golden calf and declare "This is the God that took you out of Egypt." The very idea is ludicrous. How could anyone believe that an idol that was minutes old did anything for them in the past?

When we understand what idolatry really was, it's far more sensible. The Jews still believed in God and everything that had happened. The golden calf was intended not to replace God, but to draw His power down into the world. This was an entirely accepted belief, one they had grown up with and experienced all their lives. In a time of crisis, it was natural to fall back on these deeply ingrained ideas, which they had only recently been taught to oppose.

So the first important comparison between the present situation and the golden calf is that in a time of uncertainty or crisis, people will naturally follow the most familiar, comfortable path.

This brings us to the next parallel. In hindsight, it is obvious to us that worshiping the golden calf was incredibly foolish. How could it be that the dor de'ah, the most enlightened generation of Jews, could so quickly succumb to such folly?

The answer is fear. When people are afraid they do not think rationally, and they will take extreme actions to assuage their fears – often at the expense of everything else. A day earlier the notion of worshiping a golden calf would have been preposterous, but once the Jews were afraid they immediately panicked and rushed to do it.

Compare to the current situation. In hindsight, when sanity is restored to the human race, people will look back and wonder how so many people could have behaved so foolishly. We are not the most enlightened generation, but no generation has been more educated and had greater access to information. Yet so many intelligent people quickly turned into hysterical zombies, taking extreme actions at the expense of everything else – just to assuage their fears. The outcome will be no better than what the golden calf turned out to be.

The third parallel is directly linked to the fear and panic. The Jews could not wait an extra moment to create the golden calf. What would have been the big deal to sleep on it, organize a panel to debate the pros and cons of the idea, and have a committee investigate if they counted the forty days correctly?

No. They had to create the golden calf now. Why? Because it was a matter of life and death. If Moshe was dead, then creating a replacement was an urgent need. It was an emergency situation. Otherwise they might die of thirst and hunger, or from the elements, or from the snakes and scorpions in the desert, or from an attack by enemies. It was a choice between creating a golden calf or the extinction of the Jewish people.

If only they could have calmed down, deliberated, and waited a few more hours, we would have been spared thousands of years of suffering that continues to this day. If only they could have realized that being calm and deliberating was actually a third valid choice.

Today there is the same phenomenon. We are being relentlessly urged that if we don't take an experimental "vaccine" today we will die a horrible death from covid tomorrow and bring down the rest of humanity with us. There is no time to think or deliberate. No decent person who cares about human life would dare think and deliberate, we are told. This is an emergency! It's a war on covid! Either you are a friend or you are a foe!

This leads to several more parallels. We would imagine that the suggestion to create a golden calf was quite controversial at the time. There were many righteous Jews who opposed the idea, and quite likely a healthy majority that was seriously disturbed by the idea even if they were unsure. How did the idolaters succeed in pushing the idea through so quickly and without opposition?

First of all, they engaged in brutal censorship. No less than Hur, the son of Miriam, objected to the idea, and they murdered him. We might have expected the righteous Jews to immediately rise up and avenge his death, but just the opposite occurred. They acquiesced. They were intimidated. The good guys lacked strong leadership and were unsure of themselves, while the bad guys were organized and determined. This enabled the bad guys to easily prevail, even though they were an extreme minority pushing a radical agenda. They made an example of Hur, no one else dared confront them, and the idolaters conquered the masses just like that.

This describes the current situation to a tee.

Next the Erev Rav idolaters needed to convince the masses to join them. This was a big change. The fear was powerful, but so was the inner turmoil about worshiping a golden calf. The Jews needed reassurance that it was okay, that it was more than okay, that it was the greatest idea.

The idolaters knew exactly what to do. They approached Aharon, the Kohen Gadol, and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Aharon played along, hoping to buy time until Moshe returned, but was unsuccessful. His participation provided critical legitimacy, a de facto rabbinic stamp of approval that no one would dare challenge.

The same propaganda tactic was vital to get religious Jews on board with the golden calf of today. Establishment rabbis have abused their positions and the public trust to become spokesmen for idolatrous behavior. One wonders what offers the purveyors of the golden calf made these rabbis, and if they were even slightly tempted to refuse. Considering the shallowness, deceit, and bullying that pervades the rabbinic pronouncements, it seems they needed little encouragement to jump on the bandwagon. At least Aharon tried to slow it down.

There was no classical Torah debate that covered the various sides of the issue in depth. These establishment rabbis have not been made to respond to serious questions. The public was simply bombarded with declarations from so-called "leading rabbis" (a propaganda term that has never been defined), and the social pressure took on a life of its own from there.

This brings us to the sixth parallel. It wasn't enough to just make the golden calf kosher, or even a religious obligation. They needed to eliminate any nagging reservations people might have harbored about worshiping it. After all, the Jews understood that if they got this wrong, they were going to be in very big trouble with God.

The Erev Rav needed to make it fun.

Party time! Music, dancing, an ecstatic celebration! The idolaters wore down people's moral reservations with fear, they nudged them forward with peer pressure, and they eliminated the last bit of hesitation by replacing the fear with ecstasy. How they manipulated people's emotions to drag them down from the greatest of heights to the lowest of depths!

In present times we have seen exactly the same methods of manipulation. How can it be that so many people would line up to get injected with an experimental drug and not display the slightest concern? Even if they were convinced by the "science", the "experts", and the "rabbis" that it was safe, there is still so much that is unknown and no recourse if something goes wrong. How could any reasonable person not be even a little nervous?

Not only are they not nervous, they are ecstatic. They are high. The Erev Rav have turned an experimental medical procedure with grave risks into a big fun party. After a relentless diet of fear, everyone wants to join a big fun party. The doctors are dancing. The libations are flowing. Everyone is celebrating. How can this golden calf not be a good thing? Who would want to spoil the fun by worrying?

As the Rambam explains in Moreh Nevuchim, ancient idolaters convinced parents to sacrifice their children to Molech in exactly the same way. The prevailing science of the time was that a child needed to be offered so that the other children would be protected. A mother's natural instinct is to fight like a tiger to protect her child. The idolaters used fear to wear down her natural instinct and actually corrupt it; destroying her child was the best way to protect her children. The idolatrous priests played loud music to replace the last vestiges of hesitation with celebration, while also drowning out the screams of the child being sacrificed. Instead of fighting like tigers, the mothers folded like paper tigers.

Today we see the same tactics being used to convince pregnant women to get injected with an experimental drug, no questions asked. A pregnant woman by nature constantly obsesses over doing whatever is best for her baby. She won't take the slightest chance. But scare her enough and turn up the music, and this primary survival instinct can be corrupted.

The seventh and final parallel somehow escapes even "very religious" Jews. Where is the connection to God in all this? The Jews in the desert were facing what they believed to be an existential crisis. Moshe was seemingly gone, and they had to decide whether or not to worship a golden calf. Why did they not break their hearts, examine their ways, and cry out to God for guidance? The Jews were blessed to have real prophets among them. They could have sought a message from God, but they did not.

In the span or a few hours they went from fear and confusion to utter certainty that God wanted them to make a golden calf. They imposed their will on God, then claimed it was exactly what God wanted them to do.

Nothing has changed today. We lack prophets, and rabbinic guidance has unfortunately become unreliable in our generation, but we see no effort on the part of the average Jew to seek guidance from God in this time of confusion. Instead, we see them imposing their will on God – or simply kowtowing to others who do this on their behalf – and then claim that this is God's will. God wants them to serve the golden calf, and this is the only way God will save them. God gave them the golden calf as a blessing just for this purpose, and will only save those who worship it. Everyone else is a heretic and a danger to society.

The following day Moshe descended, the party came to an abrupt end, and the entire nation faced annihilation. In the aftermath of the golden calf episode we can be confident that the people declared "Never again!" Never again would they behave so foolishly. Never again would they fall prey to sinister propaganda and diabolical schemes to erode their defenses.

Of course, their descendants created two more golden calves that were worshiped for generations, and idolatry filled the land of Israel until it was destroyed. Most people just refuse to learn from history, and they become outraged at those who observe the same warning signs repeating themselves. How dare we say it's happening again? That's disrespectful to the people who went through it. Of course, just the opposite is true. Dismissing the warning signs is the greatest slap in the face to those who lost everything just so we could be here and learn from them.

King Menashe was one of the greatest idolaters, before repenting in his later years. Many centuries later Rav Ashi, one of the editors of the Talmud, made a disrespectful remark about him to his students. That night Menashe appeared to him in a dream and demonstrated his vast superiority in Torah knowledge to Rav Ashi. Rav Ashi asked Menashe how someone so wise could have served idolatry. Menashe retorted: "Had you been there, you would have grabbed the edge of my garment and run after me." Rav Ashi was chastened and thenceforth spoke of Menashe with respect. (Sanhedrin 102B)

Who among us is greater than Rav Ashi? Who among us, for that matter, is greater than Menashe?

Chazal teach us that the temptation to serve idols has been destroyed (Sanhedrin 64A). Nevertheless, the temptation to find substitutes for God remains unaffected, and the psychology behind idolatry is as strong as ever.

It is easy to scoff at those who served idols, engaged in bizarre rituals, and even murdered their own children "for the greater good"...but are so many of us not doing much the same? We are not really more advanced and intellectually sophisticated than our predecessors; we pale to them in so many ways. The people worshiping needles, masks, experts, the media, the "leading rabbis", the hype, the fear, the propaganda, the peer pressure are serving a golden calf. Technically they are not worshiping idols, which is a capital crime, but they have succumbed to exactly the same spiritual and moral demons. In a desperate, panic-driven attempt to save themselves and others, they are actually destroying themselves and others.

As in ancient times, serving idols only brought the opposite of what people hoped to achieve. Every time it backfired, the people doubled down and hoped that this time it would bring salvation. Today people continue to get strung along the failed path of idolatrous behavior, moving the goalposts and intensifying the worship as the situation continues to deteriorate. It's time to get off the merry-go-round and really turn to God.

One final lesson. Chazal teach us that instead of punishing the Jews in one shot for serving the golden calf, which would have destroyed the nation, God let them pay back their debt on the installment plan. The worst violaters were killed immediately, and the rest of the nation gets a little extra added on to every punishment to slowly expiate the ancient sin.

While this was most generous to those who served the golden calf, it seems quite unfair to all those who came after them. Why should we have to get punished for other people's sins? Why should we have to pay back their debt?

The answer is also found in this week's parsha, when Hashem taught Moshe the 13 attributes. Hashem only holds children partially accountable for the sins of their ancestors when they follow the same evil ways. It follows that we can only continue to get punished for the original sin of the golden calf if we continue to follow the same idolatrous path.

Considering the numerous striking comparisons between the present situation and ancient times, it seems much of the nation is doing just that. Much of our nation, even those who are "religious", have allowed their minds to be corrupted by Erev Rav. They have seen Menashe running to serve idolatry, grabbed his garment, and begged him to take them along.

They have put all their hope and faith in evil, deceitful, godless people and their golden needles, and convinced themselves that this is exactly what God wants them to do. They have turned against their brothers and sisters who express hesitation, let alone opt out completely, and bared their teeth with murderous rage.

They have allowed their moral principles to become eroded, and what would have been unthinkable just a short time ago they now believe to be a mitzvah. The public good, as defined by godless people, has become the new god. The Torah has nothing further to say on the subject, except to follow along and follow orders. There is no room for doubt, or dissent, or how our sages taught us for thousands of years to respond to plagues and crises. Raise the music and drown out the screams. We're saving lives.

I'm far from perfect, and pale to my ancestors, but I've learned this lesson. I will not serve the golden calf or any facsimile thereof. I will protest like Hur and give my life if necessary. I will wait patiently for Moshe, or Moshiach, to come and put an abrupt stop to the party. When he calls out "Whoever is for God, come to me", I won't have to think about it, because I already have. I never stopped thinking, and I never will.

When this is all over, there will be a truly great party, the greatest party of all time, celebrating the final deliverance of the Jewish people and all mankind. It's worth waiting for, and it's worth fighting for. Those who cling to the golden calf are not invited.

I hope to see you there.



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  1. Brilliant! Thank you Dvash for posting that article. I came to the same conclusion.

  2. Very interesting article.

    "We compare favorably to them only in the realm of technology..."

    This not only debatable, but almost certainly false. Everything we have been taught about the ancient world is nearly completely false.

    Just look at the pyramids. Those are not tombs. There are lots of tombs in Egypt. Not one is a pyramid. Calling them tombs is a trick. The best theories I've seen are they were power generators of some kind. They knew about electricity and could harness it. Just like Tesla said it was possible. And they did it. It was knowledge that was lost to the ages, and serves the narrative to claim we are the greatest and most advanced ever.

    Go ahead and buy the official narrative if you want. You will be deluded. The same narrative says evolution is true and the Exodus never happened, among much other sheker.

  3. Which path was grater? Hurs that fought frontally or Aron’s that tried to make time.
    Mayby both. Some of us can be a little like Aron and some like Hur.
    I can’t imagen the next step yet: the ones who survive, to go and kill the idolworshipers, but let’s wait and listen what Hashem command us.

  4. Shalom D'vash. I would like to update you and your readership on my son's situation in his Charedi yeshiva, because I think it is instructive and helpful.

    After a long delay, I sat down to write an impassioned and information-filled plea to his Rosh Yeshiva to patur my son from HaRav Kanievski's (shlit"a) psak on the fake vaccine. I explained I would accept whatever response the rav gave, and just wanted to express my desire that my son not get the jab. This is not about besmirching the gedolim and never has been. I want to make that clear. They can only answer the questions presented to them. Who ask the questions, and what the content of those questions are is a different matter entirely. Give me five minutes with HaRav Kanievski and that psak would be overturned in an instant, much to the chagrin of the erev rav government along with the erev rav doctors and erev rav rabbis paid by or in thrall to that government. Sadly, that is unlikely to happen.

    It was good that I had done this, because just as I was writing this, my son had received instruction to get the shot. At my insistence, my son presented my statement before he did so.

    The rav did say, before reading what I wrote, and I didn't hear this directly, but something to the effect of, there are people who get the shot as a form of avoda zara, and there are those who don't get the shot for similar reasons. He acknowledges and recognizes this.

    Personally, I don't know anyone in the latter category, but there are many, many Charedim who unquestionably fall into the former. They think the shot will protect them and take it for that reason, not solely because of the psak.

    My son's rav, the rosh yeshiva, who is totally mekabel the words of the gedolim, he should be blessed, said that if we (my wife is with me) did not want him to get the shot, he should not get it.

    I do not gloat, and I told my son, who is only interested in being in yeshiva and learning, that if he will be barred from being there, he could get the shot, even though I am personally against it, because it would be 100% l'shaim shamayim. As of now, this is not the case, and it will not affect him in any way. Maybe after Nissan, with the start of the summer zman it will be different, but I take life day by day. For now, neither me, my wife, or my sons have gotten or will get the shot. B"H.

    I will consider posting what I wrote, edited and stripped of personal information, if it is of interest. Or, if you would like, I will email you. If you are Charedi and have a child (boy or girl) in a Charedi learning institution, it may help. It is important to always be respectful and remember that Hashem watches over all our actions. Even actions and statements done or said with the best of intentions can be sinful. Do not bother arguing with those who disagree just because they disagree with you.

    1. Shimshon no matter what if things change don't let your son get the injection. If he does it will be irreversible. Nowhere it is written to learn Torah you must take poison.

  5. Beautiful, Shimshon! Baruch Hashem!! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Samson, I know where you are coming from and agree. Nonetheless, if my son is interested in learning l'shaim shamayim, I am interested for the same reason in supporting his desire. I had to trust that Hashem would recognize that. I just didn't want a blanket societal psak obtained under false pretenses to apply to him.

    1. You can find another yeshiva for your son in the case they would oblige him to get the injection to keep learning. That injection may cause genetic damage, and it is irreversible. It may cause sterility too. Hashem tells us his Torah is a Torah of life and not of death. Those rabanim who are afraid to loose the money from the state and close the yeshiva if they don't send the boys to be part of the Mengele experiment are awful. They don't understand that it is better to close the yeshiva than to damage their students for life.

  7. Shimson, I would be interested in how you worded the letter to your son's rosh yeshivah. I have a new son in law that would like to go back to Israel in the summer and the increasing pressure to get the shot in the yeshivas is a concern to me. Thanks so much, Marge

  8. Samson, I should add a corollary to my statement "Do not bother arguing with those who disagree just because they disagree with you."

    Please, do not preach to the converted.

    I spelled out all these issues and more to the rosh yeshiva, and clearly he heard my plea. I will cross that bridge if or when I come to it. I know all the dangers. My son does not have to take the jab to continue in the yeshiva he loves. Yeshivas are not interchangeable cogs. My son is in a special place.

    1. Your son is not in a special place if they told them to take the poison. I am sorry, I speak about the leaders not the poor boys.

  9. This is a masterpiece! Brilliantly written. See you all at the Beit HaMikdash to celebrate with Moshiach!, may it be today

  10. Part 1 of 2.

    Marge, for your sake, here you go. I wish you hatzlacha. My son is at a special yeshiva with a special rosh yeshiva. Not all are like that. Your son in law must be prepared to walk away if he is determined not to get the shot. I quote two emails by residents of the city where I used to live. These are public emails, so I do not mind providing them you to, but only privately, not in public comment.

    Shalom HaRav,

    I am writing you regarding my son and the vaccine. I do not know if anything I say will make a difference, but I hope you will hear me out. You have known me and my family for many years now, and I hope I have earned some trust so that regardless of what I say, it will not be written off as crazy talk regardless of what happens. I only care about the truth and speak the truth. I do not care where it comes from. Truth is truth regardless of the source. I can back up each of my claims and statements below, but will refrain here due to length. Documentation is available, and I can provide it.

    I accept that there is a psak by the Gadol HaDor HaRav Kanievski shlit"a. If my son gets the shot, he gets the shot, and it is Hashem's will.

    I don't want him to get the shot, and I hope you will help me.

    This is not a vaccine. Calling it that is an evil rhetorical trick. There are well-known and time-worn definitions of what a vaccine is. This is not it. This is what it really is, and there is no dispute:

    (1) a bit of genetic material (2) surrounded by a lipid layer that is (3) designed to penetrate the cell wall, (4) inject the genetic component into the cell, and (5) hijack the cellular machinery of the cell to produce some protein components.

    That is the definition of a virus, not a vaccine. Since calling it a vaccine is a trick, I am going to call it a virus, since it fits the description of what it actually is better, and is less deceptive than what they call it.

    This virus is not licensed or approved for use by any medical regulatory body anywhere in the world. It received an "Emergency Use Authorization" waiver. The maker of the virus is immune from liability for any problems it causes, including death. India has banned its use entirely.

    America, which has the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for recording vaccine-related problems, has recorded over 1000 deaths attributable to the virus, along with thousands of severe reactions besides death. America has administered fewer virus shots than Israel, and those are the results.

    Israel claims ZERO deaths attributable to the vaccine. That is a lie. It is even a proven and documented lie. It is also absurd on its face. But you will not find out about it in the media. There are many deaths, and many more side effects.

  11. Part 2 of 3:

    Here are some recent comments by [city I used to live in] residents to the public email list on the the adverse effects of getting the virus shot:

    Following up on my vaccine progress: It is now 2 weeks since receiving my second dose.  After the first, I was fine until the 2nd day when I came down with a half a day of chills, headache, dizziness and that's it.  After the second, immediately within 10 minutes  I had a crushing headache and dizziness.  (I asked the nurse, since they encourage you to stay in the kupah for 15 minutes post injection and she said it was normal)  I then was home for 2 days with a booming headache, nausea, dizziness, horrible chills, back and leg pain.  I could not work and could not sleep.  Then I was BH better. I still have bouts of dizziness, I even fell this week coming off a bus because I turned my head and lost my balance.  I frequently have  uncomfortable chills and a general irritable feeling at times.  I also get tired more than usual. [This is weeks later.]


    I do not regret getting the vaccine but it has not been painless. From 12 to 36 hours after the second one, I was sick with chills and aches and flu. Then it went away. However, since then my immune system is not what it was, I have caught strep and a stomach virus and had ulcers and styes. [Also, weeks later.]

    [Emphasis mine.]

    I do not care that these ignorant people don't regret getting a shot they know nothing about. The reactions are worse than the disease it supposedly treats! I had Corona and so did my wife. My case was as mild as they come, and even though my wife's was pretty serious, we are both completely recovered, not suffering perhaps permanent injury like the above two people and certainly many more.

    The details of the deal between the government and Pfizer regarding this experiment are secret and classified for THIRTY YEARS. Does this make sense?

    I think it reasonable to ask, and perhaps you can find the answers, before my son gets a treatment that is not what it claims to be, he does not need, could significantly alter his health for the worse, and perhaps affect his ability to father children:

    1. Who posed the shaila or shailos to HaRav?
    2. What were the shaila or shailos posed?
    3. What were HaRav's exact words in response?

    None of the above is known or documented. All we have are assurances a valid question was asked and HaRav answered in the affirmative. Both my wife and I have been told that the answers we get from rabbonim are entirely dependent on how questions are posed, and if information is missing from a question, that will obviously affect the answer. This is so for personal shailos. Kal v'chomer for shailos that are asked on behalf of all charedim. We have a right to know the above, regardless of the lack of curiosity by anyone else.

  12. Part 3 of 3:

    I would like to add that I am personally very troubled by the Charedi kehilla's overly naive and trusting nature when assured by an erev rav government and erev rav doctors paid by the government and certainly under threat of losing their licenses for saying anything contrary to the government position that this virus is safe, effective, and will not harm, in the face of readily available and vast evidence to the contrary. It's as if the well-known harassment by the government against the Charedim is not relevant because of something they claim is dangerous, but is not (even by their own numbers, well over 700000 people have had corona, and less than 6000 have died; that's not a pandemic according to their definition, or the Talmud's definition of a mageifa).

    Even worse, there seems to be a tremendous fear of everything but Hashem by people who should know better. None of what is being pushed is pikuach nefesh. It makes a mockery of the very concept. If there's not a clear and present danger to life that, were it to occur on Shabbos, necessitates one being m'chalel Shabbos, it is NOT pikuach nefesh. It's just throwing around words meaninglessly.

    Even many of the rabbonim involved in obtaining HaRav's psak are in the pay of the same government and in thrall to its dictates. That's a form of bribery, and they should recuse themselves from this issue entirely. No matter what protestations they offer, bribes blind one's ability to judge.

    I would like to say no one should get this experimental and very dangerous treatment, but I care most of all about my own son. Will you help me?

    I want to explain how far I am willing to go personally. I would rather lose my job and face a lifetime of ostracism by those around me rather than get this shot. My paranassa is from Hashem. A job is just a kli for it. I am not taking it, and I don't care what they do or say to browbeat me into doing that.


  13. Great dvar Torah thanks!Shavuah tov!

  14. As usual, I must again agree with Samson; he speaks truth to the point. He is absolutely correct.
    If the nation would just have united with common sense and said (the majority of people) we will not take an experimental vaccine, never before tested. What would those in power do? Arrest 100,000 + people? Doubt it. No one gave a thought that it might be dangerous; weren't there those with smarts that actually could have had an influence on the population? This whole matter is inexcusable and the rabbis who agreed to all this, together with the doctors have just proven to the world, they are no better than Mengeles who for their own nefarious reasons knew they can bamboozle the people because 'evil' is extremely shrewd and knows that they can fool the masses quite easily.
    No matter what excuse, it is indefensible! This wasn't just a political difference or something of that nature; this is life and death, r'l, decision. How was it taken so lightly? This, I believe is a true test m'Shamayim on who really puts their faith and trust in Hashem and who doesn't = it's as simple as that! May H' forgive His people for its weakness and we pray that HE not 'test us' in such ways again because we are all in the same boat (this world) which has sunk to the lowest level, and we are just 'human'. The Erev Rav within our midst throughout history has been and is our very worst enemy bringing us down to almost complete destruction, c'v.!

    1. Thank you my friend. Unfortunately all that story reminds me of the rabanim to told their community to get into the trains to a "better future".
      Those rabanim don't deserve their title anymore. They have blood on their hands. Giving up on the holiness of the synagogues showed already the way.
      Fortunately there are real tsadikim but fake rabbis are the norm. What will tell their students if something bad happens to them? That they only cared about their prestige?
      We must keep being simple Jews, all those so called great thinkers lost their common sense and have no emuna at all.
      They don't say we must make teshuva they say take the vaccine.
      At least now the masks fell: we know who are real rabbis and who are the fake.