14 March 2021


1 Nissan 5781
Rosh Chodesh

It's obvious someone is still pushing this agenda by bringing this article via Ynet, but we can still appeal to the Master of the Universe, HKB"H, Avinu, Malkeinu, to spare us from such a dreadful decree.
The COVID campaign is not Israel's first vaccine drive
The rampant spread of the coronavirus and the proven effectiveness of the vaccines have given rise to a serious controversy: Is it morally acceptable or even legal for the state to impose mandatory vaccination on its citizens?

As it turns out, the Public Health Ordinance, a regulation enacted during the British Mandate and still in effect today, includes a clause allowing the government to force the population to be vaccinated if the illness in question presents a serious danger to the public.

Wishing everyone a Chodesh Tov and praying the revelation of Mashiach and the geulah shleimah will start TODAY!!


  1. It seems the above is an ‘afterthought’ to try and preclude the more relevant and recent Nuremberg Code from WWII.

  2. Whatever has to be done should be done by the good people of Israel, the Bnai Yisrael! This decree is no different than the decrees of Haman,Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc., yimach shmom v'zichrom. It must be nipped in the bud; otherwise, never thought I could say this, but it might be necessary for the Jews to make a public request from the ICC to get involved in this horror. Even though we know that they are no better but for public relations, they will have to act. This is no less draconian than a government decreeing, they will make 'slaves' of all their people! What's the difference? This goes against all of G-D's Laws, and of course, against His Holy Torah! Why isn't the memshala brought down? What has happened to the Jewish people, the warriors of Israel - where are they when you really need them? The enemies of Israel are from within and that means the most dangerous of all. Also, if everyone refuses to abide by these miserable decrees, what are they going to do - arrest thousands of people, shoot down thousands? And we are to believe these are Jews, no way. These are the epitome of Erev Rav against the Jewish citizens in the Holy Land that G-D gave only to the Jewish people.
    Do not let this continue!

  3. Chodesh Tov!
    Thanks again to both Devash and the wise Rabbi Chananya Weissman who seems, to me, to be one of the very few left who has basic common sense besides his great Torah knowledge! Kudos and a Yasher Koach! May both Devash & her blog and Rabbi Weissman go from strength to strength!

  4. בס"ד
    Wow!! I have to admit that I was initially scared to watch the clip of Rav Dovid Bar Haiim, as he is one of my favorite Rabbi's. I was hoping that he hadn't issued some kind of directive to get the shot, and having watched the clip, thankfully he remains one of the few voices of reason, logic and Torah knowledge on this and many other subjects. This will answer clearly, calmly, and logically many halachic issues and questions that people have had, and have on what to do in the worst case scenario.
    Baruch Hashem for the quiet wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the minority of Rabbi's that actually care about people's fears and concerns. They will be our beacons in dark times!
    One another note, I did read the jpost article of some Israeli's filing a formal complaint with the ICC. Well! ...... we will see where that one goes. That might have opened a Pandora's box of unintended consequences.
    B'ezrat HaShem moshiac will not tarry beyond what we can physically and mentally endure. Because even 2 or 3 more years of this rapidly deteriorating world will be a real test of faith and endurance.

  5. Agree with you, too, Stingray.

  6. Stingray, chas v'sholom it should be another two or three years to wait for our salvation. Praying Moshiach is here this year! And, if chas v'sholom, he has to tarry another few years, it should at least be calmer than it is now and not get darker!

  7. The "News" is having a field day with Israel. Warning: Read at your own risk.
    Operation Vaxx-All Deplorables: Codename; "Satan's Poker"
    This will just fan the flames of Hate and Warfare. Pray to Hashem for help.

  8. Hello my friends,
    As I told you all a few days ago I am happy about the complaint to the ICC.
    We can't let them do whatever they want and we have no obligation of loyalty to a state that only wants to murder us.
    Don't take the injection dear readers don't succumb to their threats, engineered rumors to create panic to make you run to the poison. We must trust only Hashem, whoever took the poison is finished.
    Hashem wants us to trust Him and fear only Him, not any government or fake rabbis who send people to slaughter.

  9. Let's be real; what is being done in Israel is a disgrace. It is supposed to be a modern day democratic society, so how in the world do they forcibly vaccinate people? It surely has given fuel to the fire of anti-semitism. We know from history that you just need a flicker to add, but the damage done to the population and to the name of Israel is a chilul H'. We pray for H's Rachamim in every way!

  10. Samson: "I am happy about the complaint to the ICC"

    If you are going to keep saying this, you are going to have to provide a credible explanation for how appealing to the antisemitic UN organization that just in February proclaimed its jurisdiction in Eretz Yisrael squares with..."We must trust only Hashem." Cuz, I don't see it.

    1. We must trust only Hashem but do physical hishtadlut.
      What's the difference between the anti-Semitic regime of the Zionist Illuminati state and of the UN?

  11. Anonymous@3:36PM - First of all, let's not play fast and loose with the truth. There is currently no forcible vaccination in Israel. And we can still pray it will never come to that, but it's time to wake up from the dream that "democracy" guarantees the citizens anything. As long as society believed that people had "inalienable rights" guaranteed to them "by their Creator" (as the American constitution proclaims), rather than by the government, those "rights" were protected. But as soon as infanticide, euthanasia, and "sanctified" sodomy became acceptable to the point of celebration, the unassailable basis for those "rights" was tossed on the trash heap. At that point, all democratic rights were open to debate and revocation. And that is the situation the world over - not just in Israel.

    Hashem is trying to show us that democracy is no better for us than any of the other failed systems. He doesn't want us to demonstrate to strengthen democracy, but He wants us to wake up to the desire for the restored monarchy under the rule of Mashiach Ben David.

  12. בס"ד
    Democracy - shemockracy! A democratic state by definition is a state where 51% of the population can tell the other 49%, what to do, what to say, and what to think, using the weight of an ifinitely corrupt legislature to enforce it. History is replete with failed democracies. In fact historically democracy has a 100% failure rate, and those that currently exist are in rapid pursuit of the others into the trashbin of history.
    What most people don't realize is that when you sign the birth certificate for your children you legally registered them as wards of the state. You signed away their unalienable rights, as Devash said, given by their Creator. (your parents unknowingly did the same for you) When you registered to vote in political elections, you gave your consent to be governed (by caesar) and invalidated any legal claims that you might have had to any unalienable rights. When you signed your name to an official document, such as a state issued ID or a drivers license that has your name in all capital letters, you consented to the exchange of your unalienable rights for state issued privileges. Privileges which can be withdrawn at the whim of the issuer. None of the above is actually lawful, but it is 100% legal because when you signed on the dotted line, you legally consented to be subject to ceasar. (or whatever system governs in your location)
    Therefore, the issue of "appealing to caesar" to resolve disputes (or for any reason) will have inevitable and possibly unintended consequences. I have read that the ICC has logged the plaintiffs appeal for relief, so it appears that they will indeed hear the case. We will soon enough find out the result of feeding caesars dogs.
    HaShem Yerachem!

  13. "Hishtadlut" is not a catch-all phrase that includes anything and everything a person can think to do - right or wrong, moral or immoral. The Torah lays down guidelines that you seem to be ignoring.

    As the title says, when we do our hishtadlut, it is in a partnership with HKB"H. We don't involve gentiles and certainly not antisemites who contest our right to Eretz Yisrael. Your question implies that there is no difference between the State and the UN in your eyes so why do you think one will benefit you over the other? Also, I'd be interested in hearing why you discount Stingray's historical argument. I think there is a serious flaw in your thinking on this subject that really needs correction.

    You should give it more consideration.

    1. You are wrong. Because in your thinking your forget one thing: the gov of Israel is not Jewish, nor the knesset,it is not a Jewish state at all. So no problem to call the antisemitic ICC to bother other antisemites in our government.
      This is an Illuminati controlled and funded state. You must look at reality.

  14. Well, I Can't say "Pass the Popcorn". It is to close to Pesach.
    International Criminal Court accepts Israeli government’s Nuremberg Code violation complaint
    The only thing we can do is Pray to Hashem and put our total trust in Hashem. Turn off the News and Propaganda. Things will "Look" very bad but this is just an illusion. This is a test, This is only a Test.

  15. Seeking aid and succor from the ICC is moronic.

    The only proper hishtadlus at this time, and even if it were to get to a mandate, is tefilla. Anything else is a rationalization.

    Devash, you mentioned, or recounted, some dreams of yours recently.

    Let me tell you about my experience just this last Shabbos.

    After getting home from shacharis, I took my dogs out for a walk as I usually do. I turned the corner as I usually do, and partway down this short block of...perhaps around 30-40 meters...it could be traversed in around 30 seconds. Around the same time, on the other end a man turns the corner there.

    We met around halfway, and he started animatedly speaking to me in Hebrew. I asked him if he speaks English, and he spoke it well enough to tell me I appeared to him in a dream leil Shabbos, just hours earlier. I was sitting at the table in his daf yomi shiur and had...he struggles for this...a big smile on my face.

    We part ways. The end.

    I do not know this man, never spoke with him before, and would not be able to identify him in a lineup. He is just a man who lives in my yishuv.

    If I left 30 seconds or earlier or later, this encounter would never have taken place.

  16. That's pretty amazing Shimshon.

  17. And YOU, Mr. Samson, have to learn how to distinguish between Medinat Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael - to which the eyes of HKB"H are always turned and who has given the Medina success until now ONLY for the sake of His children who are coming home, but now, if we will but have the sense to move past this to the reality of a rebuilt Beit Hamikdash and renewed Sanhedrin and ask for the son of David to rule here, we will have all three and this Erev Rav regime will go into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

    YOU, Mr. Samson, need to keep in mind the injunction give to us in the Tanach to never return to Egypt, to not depend upon Egypt. And you still have not answered Stingray's excellent example of what happened when the Romans were asked to intervene here to settle a local dispute.

    1. I think you are dreaming. The erev rav is doing a Shoah, with vaccines this time. Threatening to add the children and babies on the list. And you are speaking about the land of Israel that it is not good to try to stop the erev rav in every way possible.
      You are speaking as if the land of Israel is in the hand of the Jews. It is not. Not one inch.
      The erev rav and their allies abroad are controlling it.
      You are living under the illusion that we are not in Galut.
      I completely disagree with your way of thinking that we must be passive in order not to give the possession of the land to the goyim. They already own it, since 1948. If the Covid didn't open your eyes nothing will.
      They brought us here to destroy our religion and then our bodies.
      So yes the Hague the ICC is a good idea.

  18. Related to the Roman intervention in the Chashmonayim's dispute, the Romans went with the weaker more malleable brother. That is not to say either side in the dispute were right. But they of course toppled the side who would have been better able to challenge them.

  19. Of course, Jews should know some of its own history; the Romans were invited in for help and we have been their captives for 2000 years! But things seem to be happening now which should be a clear clue that we are very, very close to the coming of Moshiach; the medina has sunk to its bottom and somehow (don't know exactly how) it's end is near. The whole world is playing with fire; this is the war against the Creator and will lead to the ultimate war of Gog U'Magog where Hashem will do battle against them and then they will know there is only Hashem!

  20. Dear Samson, I am speaking as though the Land of Israel were in the hands of HASHEM! I am under no illusions whatsoever. I've just been at this a long time. Of course, I can only speak for myself and my own family, but HKB"H brought us here, and no one else. That is a FACT! And no one has the power to destroy us or our relationship to Him without His permission. If that should be His will, no one and nothing can stop it. If it is not His will, then no one and nothing can carry it out.

    So, no, you are still wrong about the ICC and nothing you can say will make it right.

    End of discussion.

  21. I agree with both Devash & Samson. You are both right, just different hashkafot on this matter. I also know that the ICC is not what, in more normal times, is the right thing to do; we have to stay as far away as possible from the help of any nation or entity but only to put our total faith in Hashem. That's an understood, but in this case, the idea that they have already approached the ICC, maybe H' is controlling this in a way to hasten the toppling of the Erev Rav leadership and leading to MBY to get us back to the reality that we came back after 2000 years as the Jewish nation to EY to live according to our Torah. These past 70+ years being led by erev rav has ruined a few generations of our youth and Jews who know more on what's happening in Hollywood than they know the first couple of words of the Shema! The return to our roots must begin and maybe this is the way, somehow, it will start.
    Asking the help from the ICC is definitely a radical move and is quite frightening, but also I do believe it has much to do with the Geulah process! The main thing is that H' have mercy and that it not lead to any more harm to our people than has already been done. There's a silver lining and that is every real 'Jewish' neshama has a portion in Olam Habah, no matter what!

  22. Moshe, The Erev Rav era is already over - hence a fourth election in two years and even before the fourth one has come off, they are warning there may be a fifth! This is nothing but a distraction to keep the clueless in the dark for as long as possible.

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that the New World Order is already ruling everywhere. The days when any government or court could be appealed to on an individual basis is already over, too. Besides that, the ICC was created by the NWO for the NWO! Only more evil will come from that.

  23. What you say is true, Devash. Now that we all 'should' know that nwo is already in control everywhere, it is the greatest indicator that Moshiach is much closer than we think. This extreme evil cannot last too long and just as when Paro's evil got stronger, is when H' took over openly and completely. In the interim, may H' watch over every Yehudi and righteous person and make everyone wake up to pray for the Geulah b'rachamim!