03 March 2021

The Destructiveness of Fear

19 Adar 5781

On at least two other major occasions in our national life, the people lost all their senses in response to an overwhelming fear.  One time was on the occasion of Moshe Rabeinu's delayed return at Har Sinai when a golden calf was created to take his place.  The second time was when the Meraglim brought back an evil report against Eretz Yisrael.  Both occasions sent destructive ripples right down the flow of history to this very day.  And it appears that we have now reached a similar level of fear, this time in response to a microscopic entity known as the coronavirus.

Fear and doubt are inextricably intertwined.  When a believing Jew experiences fear, it is because he doubts HKB"H - His mercy, His love, His ability or willingness to help, to save.  That is a place lower even than Gehinnom, in my opinion, because in that moment of doubt, it's like HKB"H has ceased to exist for that person - they are alone in the world seemingly without God.  This is the Yetzer HaRa's favored mode of attack and one of Heaven's major tests for humanity.  We have all been there (or will be) at some point in our lives.  

I don't think anything in the world can send the stab of fear deeper into our hearts than a perceived threat to our children's safety.  Of all the slander that the Meraglim brought against the Land, what seemed to resonate the most was the implied threat to the children's lives. 

Why does the Lord bring us to this land to fall by the sword; our wives and children will be as spoils. Is it not better for us to return to Egypt?"  

...As for your infants, of whom you said that they will be as spoils, I will bring them there, and they will come to know the Land which You despised.  (Bamidbar 14.3, 31)

At Har HaMoriyah, Avraham Avinu demonstrated his absolute and unshakeable faith and trust in HKB"H when he did not hesitate to place his son's life into the hands of HKB"H - to take or to preserve as He willed.  The merit Avraham Avinu earned in that incident was so powerful, it has accompanied his progeny throughout all succeeding generations. 

Not even in the name of our children's safety are we excused from doubting HKB"H and letting fear run rampant in our hearts, causing us to act in insane and unthinkable ways.  Fear and doubt travel hand-in-hand and destruction follows in their wake.

Now, more than ever before in our lifetimes, we have to strengthen ourselves in faith and trust in HKB"H - not in doctors, not in medicines, not in governments, not in any of our own efforts, but in simple faith and trust in the ONE Above.  

We live as He wills it and we die when He wills it.  HE is all there is - ayn od milevado!!!


  1. VERY important message about fear, and its effects!

    We can so easily forget.

  2. I was very ashamed, I told a Filipina woman not to take the vaccine that it is a poison. She answered me she needed no vaccine because Hashem protects her.
    I advise to you Jews read a lot of tehilim, it brings a bit of the courage and faith that David had onto the Jewish reader.

  3. Appreciate the post very much, Devash!

  4. Remember the German Nazi Propaganda that was used against the Jews. First the preached Fear. That lead to Hate. That lead to...
    Nothing is new under the Sun.

  5. Thank you again for an amazing post, simple and to the point; wish ALL peoples could see this and hear that lovely song.
    But, ashamed to say that it hurts, as Samson tells us of the non Jewish woman who shows more faith in Hashem than the myriad of Jews who ran to the vaccine, as if it were magic, r'l.
    EMUNAH & BITACHON in Hashem, the most important words for these times anll times!