11 March 2021


27 Adar 5781 


  1. Thank you, thank you for this stupendous beautiful video, saying it all. Why, oh why, were the Jewish people so stupified from the start that no one opened their mouths to something that was an 'experiment', and to just have said NO. But also do believe they were fooled by the vicious, disgusting worldwide lying media that told them, it was approved by the FDA, which it was not! Bless this wonderful woman who spoke beautifully and told the truth to the world and to the Dutch video maker who made it happen! Hope this goes viral worldwide.

  2. Thank you Devash for posting this eye and mind opening video for all to learn and see and hear the truth.

    And as the good lady spoke in the video, may the peoples of the world become aware of the truth, and stand together against those few who think they rule.

    I wish you and yours Shabbat Shalom.


  3. this is so bad that the US press is reporting it.
    In Israel, refusing coronavirus vaccination means your life is over
    Pray for Mashiach. Pray that he comes now. The Evil is Total. pray that we survive.

    Bring Israel’s actions to the ICC!

  5. She means very well, but is not using key words in defense of this illegal experiment. Next time ther needs to be a list of terms on a piece of paper from which one can include in the message to alert the public and the world. Maybe there is one country that will come to the defense and protection in legality. Yes HaShem is our Rofeh and protector, but there must be a fight down on earth o begin with. Mass protesting in all Israeli cities.

  6. Excellent video. Hoping it gets sent to America, and all Israelis one knows.

  7. Thinking people have no idea how incapable of thinking unthinking people are.

    My son, for example, was asked by a buddy of his why he wasn't getting vaccinated.

    I had recently told him of the notorious Tuskegee experiment whereby poor blacks were told they were being given free health care, including vaccines, and instead given syphilis, and had the progress of the disease monitored while they suffered horrifically. This went on for FORTY years, nearly two generations, before this particular experiment was stopped. So, he sent him a link to it.

    Now, his friend could have responded something like, that was a long time ago. Even though such a response itself would have been hopelessly naive. Nothing obviously changed between 1972 and 1973, after forty years. He could have said, that was America. Also very naive, given the evil actions of the state from its founding until today.

    He responded that he refused to believe the Israel government is lying about this, despite a long history of lies. This is most people. Probably on the order of 99% of people, maybe a bit less. They have no curiosity, see no patterns, and do not question. Nothing will change their minds, as I am sure readers here keep finding out when they engage in what they think is fact-filled discussion with those close to them that inevitably descends into heated argument (don't do that anymore; it's pointless!). There has always ever been a tiny minority that do not follow the multitudes, and are even capable of seeing through the lies (trust me, you do not see through all of them, and there are bigger lies than Covid).

    Even in Egypt. First, 80% didn't leave. But of those who left, look at the behavior. The complaining. The outright sins. Korach's rebellion against the clear word of Hashem. The inability to accept that Hashem acted on their behalf and would continue to do so. Over and over.

    Think of Calev, who had to keep his opinions to himself, no doubt suffering greatly while they schemed, letting the spies think he was with them, until the right moment approached. Had he protested their evil conspiracy any earlier, they would have killed him in an instant.

  8. ארורים הבאים לעולם של שדים, שהיו לא מזמן בני אדם. תבינו שמשרד הבריאות לא יכול להנהל מדינה של בני אדם, אלא רק עדר של בני אדם סטטיסטים. עדר של שדים עם תו ירוק שמגיע למתאבדים, כמובן באופן סטטיסטי. רק שדים יכולים להיכנם למסעדה, רק הם יכולים להיכנם למכון כושר או ליהנות במוזיאון או לנסוע. רק לשדים מתירים להתפלל בבתי כנסת. רק שדים שהיו לא מזמן בני אדם. ההנחיות של משרד הבריאות ברורות, בני אדם נשארים בחוץ. סורו, צאו משם, הברו: אני לא שד, אני לא כלב. לא מתאימים לי ההנחיות של משרד הבריאות. אני בן אדם, ולא בן אדם סטטיסטי. אני בן אדם בריא ללא תעודה. לזרוק את התעודה שלך, לא להשתמש בתו הירוק ,ולהיות בן אדם.

    Cursed who comes to the world of demons, who were recently humans. Understand that the Ministry of Health cannot run a state of human beings, but only a herd of statistical humans. A herd of demons with a green pass deserved by those killing themselves, speaking statistically of course. Only demons can enter a restaurant, only they can enter a gym or enjoy a museum, or travel. Only demons are allowed to pray in synagogues. Only demons, who were recently humans. The rules of the Ministry of Health are clear, humans stay outside. Turn away, get out of there, cleanse yourselves: I am not a demon, I am not a dog. The rules of the Ministry of Health do not fit me. I am a human being, and not a statistical human. I am a healthy human being, without a certificate. Throw away your certificate, do not use the green pass, and be human.

  9. All eyes on Israel...

    Beards, Mideast music and tank tops: Israel's vaccine drive hits South Park

    Israel's world-famous coronavirus vaccination drive has been now recognized by satirical animated series South Park, in a one-off episode that aired on Wednesday night.

    Our claim to fame is supposed to be "And the Torah will go forth from Jerusalem." Instead we are famous now as the "vacci-nation." Hashem yerachem!!