26 November 2020

Plummers Declare War on "Orthodox" Jews via CBN Broadcast

 10 Kislev 5781

You remember The Plummers - the "Bishop of Israel" and his wife, "The First Lady of Israel"? 

They were the ones the government allowed to "make aliya" while the rest of us were locked down and Jews were not allowed to enter the country to visit their families.

The Church of God in Chr*st (COGIC) sent them here to build black churches for the Ethiopian immigrants "because they are their black brothers."  And also, to bring a lot of black Americans to Israel to make "business" relationships.  Basically, more and more assimilation and more and more Christian "aliyah" in order to push for yet more and more Christian "rights" in our Jewish land!

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Hey, Plummers, If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of Our Kitchen!!

When told that they are Jews and brothers to their fellow Jews, he's like no they're our brothers because they are black like us and we have to save them from racist Israelis.  The racism in Israel is terrible don't you know?

When counter-missionary groups in Israel pushed back against this agenda by making it very publicly known, this Plummer dude got very hot under the collar.  How dare the Jews object to anything he wants to do, don't we know who he is and "how much he has done for Israel?"

Geulah Girl, the author of the Esav Exposed blog wrote on Facebook...

They are waging a spiritual war against us and when we dare call him out for it, we are the enemy and he is innocent. Since 2008 several of us warned that while these xians seemed nice with no agenda that was just to get close to the Jewish people and to get into Israel but eventually they will show their true agenda to convert Jews and then we would be faced with an enemy that would be a 5th column within Israel.  It would have been better to say thanks, but no thanks 10 - 20 years ago than to have yet another enemy within our borders.

Can't be a Jewish state and democratic. The democratic gov says freedom of religion. The Jewish [Torah] says no avoda zara.

I can vouch for the veracity of and the care with which the videos he mentions as "doctored" were done.  Furthermore, nobody I know is stupid enough, or cares enough, to write "death threats".  We prefer to force the government to act to protect our weakest elements of society from missionary activity.  Since this Plummer dude is already lying about what he already stated was his agenda in coming here to Israel, trying to back out of it now that he shot his mouth off and spilled the beans, why would I be remiss in thinking he probably faked death threats to impugn the "Orthodox" Jews they all so clearly abhor because we continue to reject their god-man idol.

This 8-min video shows the true face of our Eisavian enemy...


  1. Thank you for exposing them. I watched the video and it's sickening to see how they play the victim card.

  2. Whose fault is this? It is the leadership(?) in Israel who allow these people to come in and missionize in OUR Holy Eretz Yisrael, after 2000 years of wandering, to come home and be betrayed by a government that seems to have absolutely no connection to Yisrael, the Jewish people and our Holy Torah. Why were they allowed in and, c'v, to settle!!! This is treason to Torah, and, of course, to Hashem and His children Yisrael. They should be expelled together with all enemies of G-D and Israel. This is another form of genocide, a spiritual one, which is the worst kind. Where are our fellow Jews to wake up and do something about this travesty? Thank you Devash for alerting us! If this doesn't bring Moshiach Tzdkeinu in a blink of an eye, then I don't what it takes to bring him to save the remnant of Yisrael.

  3. I won't listen to their filthy mouths I only know their self thinking glory will be short lived. Their end will come and the punishment from HaShem will be great.

  4. The State of Israel was established partly to escape from hundreds of years of christian persecution, torture and murder of Jews. Along comes this joke version of Ike and Tina Turner to the Land of Israel to try it on again.