14 May 2020

Who Is Worthy of Our Trust?

20 Iyyar 5780
Day 35 of the Omer

Among our fellow observant Jews is a subset of people who admire Science and Technology, even embrace it, and who pride themselves on having one foot firmly planted in both the Modern as well as the Torah world.  They feel superior to those who shun the secular study of Math and Science.  They are forward-looking people and these others are backward-looking.  These others don't want to "progress."  One could argue that these others should be left alone as it is their choice and they are not hurting anyone else, except NOW, one can and does argue that these others are hurting everyone else by their stubborn insistence on trusting God alone.  These others are plague-carriers infecting the rest of the world.  Yes, that is what it comes down to.  

Despite the history of Medical Science and Technology used in the service of the Third Reich's eugenics programs with the full participation of the Experts, the Modern Frum Jews put a lot of faith in the opinions, proclamations and decrees of the Medical, Scientific and Technological "Experts" ruling the post-Corona world.  Interestingly, there are quite a number of dissenters coming out of that same group, but they appear on Youtube, while the real Experts and Authorities are featured in the Mainstream Media and speak from the White House.

There is an old saying: "Your freedom to wave your fist ends where my nose begins."  Since no one can see a virus and because it floats on the air and enters the body through mucous membranes, no one can control where it begins and where it ends.  Therefore, say the Experts and Authorities, individual freedom must be suspended for the good of the many, even, and especially, if it means suspending religious obligations.  And since SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) acts contrary to every other disease known to mankind, i.e. multiple strains circulating at the same time; confers no immunity; will require multiple vaccines to control; will never actually go away, individual liberty is quite possibly gone forever.  Unless more people begin to question the actual wisdom of the "Accepted Wisdom" of the "Recognized Authorities."
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In any other area of life, could you trust someone with such an obvious conflict of interests?  Only ONE is worthy of our complete trust.  All others must be questioned!!

"We have no one upon whom we can 
depend except our Father in Heaven."


  1. Yes, I come across many modern orthodox Jews and they do think the way you describe above - think they think of themselves as 'rationalists' or rational Judaism. A true Torah scholar, yirei Shamayim does not think that way. He knows no matter what, everything is from Heaven. This type has become very accustomed to the good & modern life with all its perks and has internalized the modern world into his psyche and believes very much in science and that blurs his mind. But science, after whatever the matter is about, and happens to be proven correct, is only part of the physical (material world) reality of this world and whatever H' allows him/her to understand in the cosmos, biology, etc., etc., are things which Torah already alludes to. But man with his arrogance sees he can accomplish so much with his intellect and can create 'material' things which have never been created,he thinks he is a god. There are reincarnations of the wicked from ancient times (i.e, Nimrod,etc.) whose goal was and is to control mankind, the world and all that's in it.
    The Torah Jew knows he is but mortal man and that everything comes from H', so he understands that with his prayers, H' will answer him and that whatever happens will be for the good. May H' protect every yiddishe neshama from hereon and bring us Moshiach tzdkeinu
    immediately. Amen!
    Trust is only in our Creator. Ain Od Milvado!

    1. I feel like in America we have a chance to fight the mandated vaacines that they will want to push onto us, because we have the constitution. Not sure it will fly in Israel.

    2. In Israel we have HKB"H.