10 May 2020

"5G or 5 G-d. The Final Battle of Messiah"

16 Iyyar 5780
Day 31 of the Omer
Shavua Tov!


  1. Looks like cheesy crust worshippers are going to force a hebrew language missionary tv chanel on am yisroel.

    I wonder how much of this has to do with mike "bible belt, bff of israel" pompeo arriving in israel?
    Yet another nail in israeli soverignty.

    Im thinking of voting for joe "happy hands" biden to help speed up the dissolution of uncle samkiel. Better to have known enemies than frenemies like the trumpty dumpty crew pushing missionary tv on am yisroel and splitting up our ancestral homeland.

  2. Speak of Israeli 5G, move slider to approx. 3:00 or 3:40