12 May 2020

Truly Shocking! Globalist Blueprint for the Future of the World

19 Iyyar 5780
Day 34 of the Omer

Just when I think I've seen it all...

NOTE: I wanted to browse this World Economic Forum site myself, but neither Google Chrome nor Firefox would allow the page to open due to security issues.]




  1. Rav Yuval Ovadia, posted today


    He says that American Jews must make aliya S0S, and not listen to their rabbis. If you want someone else to rely on Rav Kanievksy has called for all Jews to come home urgently. The chance that your rav in the diaspora will tell you to make aliya is very low. But neither will he be able to help you in your hour of need. I checked the Nefesh BeNefesh site. It is still possible to start one's aliya process, and aliya visas will be issued for July 1. Hashem has given the wake up call and very possibly the last chance for American Jews. The real problem is that the absolute vast majority of American Jews is fast asleep at the wheel. What is it going to take to wake them up? And if you are one of the small percentage that is interested in aliya, whether you've been considering it for a while and need something to give you a push, or know that you will do it when push comes to shove, now is the push and the shove. And if you want to do it and you have challenging circumstances, start the process anyway and beg Hashem to help you. Start the official process, start packing up, sorting out your affairs as best you can and beg Hashem to lead you on the way you want to go.

    1. We would love to make aliyah and started the paperwork. Th problem is my daughter is going into the 11th grade and the adjustment of schooling mid high school will be hard esp because she doesnt know Hebrew. Also, the issue with getting patnassa there is not pashut. I see that in Israel they also want to do what's called the New World Order. So how safe will we be there? The Utube link doesnt work, please repost.

    2. Check out YTA I can personally vouch for it.

      Getting parnassa is going to be an issue all over the world now. But our parnassa still comes from the hand of Hashem and He always knows where to deliver it, whether you are here or there. We are only "safe" under the wings of the Shechinah. B'hatzlachah rabah!

      Links work for me. Don't know what to tell ya.

    3. My daughter supposed to go to 12th grade when we arrived to Israel. She finished school she finished university, and she's having a good job with a good salary.

  2. About the link, I just tried it and it worked for me. Alternatively, look for "Yuval Ovadia Updates & Messages from HEAVEN" on youtube or go to:

    First of all kudos to you for starting the paperwork. Don't stop davening whilst going through the process (all of life is a process:)). Regarding your concerns, you could start now teaching your daughter Hebrew, there are plenty of resources online. Go to a site called italki, there you can find Hebrew tutors online, fairly inexpensively. Initially in Israel you could homeschool your daughter in English so that she can progress in her studies and have a sense of accomplishment and continue with tutors for Hebrew. If you are really strapped for cash, you can do a language exchange Hebrew/English. Obviously you would want to supervise it for online safety issues, but imho best to get a tutor. You have over three months now until the new school year starts, if you can get your daughter on board she could make a lot of progress in that time. And give her lots of encouragement and emotional support too.

    Practical suggestions for parnassa, try to set up something online now for the transition period at least and maybe longer. Teaching English online to Chinese children is all the rage. The time difference works well for Israel, i.e. working normal daytime hours in Israel. You have to research it yourself, which companies are recommended, etc. Let's put it this way if China wants to take over the world they need English as we are all too lazy to learn Chinese. Anyway that is just one idea. I don't know what your field is, but whatever it is try to think creatively within or without your area of expertise. And agree with Devash, parnassa is min shamayim. Yes we have to be responsible but we also have to let go of any illusion of control. Personally I had quite a few lean years, and B"D somehow made it through. I kept on reminding myself that people have problems everywhere and that at least I live in Israel.

    Ideally every Jew would make aliya out of love, but if safety is the issue, my visceral feeling is that Israel is the safest place to be, in Hashem's land, surrounded by fellow Jews. Gadol Hador has called for Jews to urgently make aliya to save themselves. Obviously I don't know what will be, but I do have a sick feeling in my stomach when I think of all the Jews in the diaspora. Every day I pray for the geula berachamim for every Jew, Be"D, but we still have to prepare for the worst, chalila.

    Hatzlacha raba to you and your family!

    (oh, and there are three times when a person is forgiven all of their sins, on conversion, on marriage, (and I'm guessing that these aren't available options to you, and ... on making aliya (from Chesed L'Avraham).

  3. Devash, I shared the first video with an Israeli law firm that is already looking at whether to sue China. Of course, when I saw that video, I realized that China is the star, but not the scriptwriter, of this "seret." It is the best I can do.

    I have a question: When is the social distancing and PPE wearing by the public going to go away? and if never, why? The 2nd video is a clue to me that at some point our children and grandchildren will never be able to be close with another human being, not to have deep friendships, not even to get married and have children (particularly if BB's sensor example is part of it here in Israel). Do you think it is that bad, or am I crazy?

    1. "When is the social distancing and PPE wearing by the public going to go away?"

      When we stop cooperating or the geulah is complete. I do believe that it will ALL be over by next Purim/Pesach.

    2. Re the second clip, as long as the grades are up, who cares. Those poor, poor children. Punishments will no longer be writing lines or staying behind in detention, but pain signals sent to that headband thing. Never mind the added pressure ... this will lead to a spate of child suicides.

      The hareidim are like shevet Levi, who weren't enslaved in mitzrayim. Largely thanks to them in Israel one can still manage without a smartphone. They will make it much harder for any of this stuff to be accepted in Israel, and as for that chip thing, apart from all the civil liberties issues and basic human decency, surely it presents shabbat issues.

      B"D that we are Jewish, and have the Torah, and believe in our imminent redemption. Otherwise what a horrific Brave New World would await all of us.

    3. This won't happen, but the focus should be on genuine public health. 8000 people a year die of smoking-related diseases in Israel and many people start smoking in the army. This problem could be addressed fairly effectively. Many of the other major causes of early death are also life-style related. Get rid of junk food, sugar, etc. Subsidise real food. The majority of people who passed away from corona had underlying issues. We should be addressing these underlying issues and helping everyone strengthen their immune systems. But the solution offered is to destroy society and humanity.

  4. I also feel the making aliyah out of love for Eretz Yisrael period is over now and people should do it for their safety. When thought of like that, education and parnassa and all other considerations come second to safety and health. It won't be a piece of cake in Israel at the last moment of our geula process. The control over society is trying to take hold here too. We'll be in the very center of the fight for Yerushalim as well. At the same token, all Jews should want to be here and they all very well may be brought here before it all goes down. There are so many versions of what may happen and at what point all Jews will be gathered here. This is the final call though and that should sound an alarm in every Jew's soul. If you come now, you can probably come with all you have. If you wait, you may leave in a hurry without any value to your real estate and belongings. No guarantee but it's been written as one of the many ways it'll happen. Why take that chance? No guarantee the planes will even open up for non-citizens at any point. They're planning on it but everyday brings changes. All money around the world may lose value and it may happen that everything is out of our control. In that case, every Jew should try to come here as soon as possible, aliyah or not. It is still infinitely better to be in Hashem's Land than anywhere else. It all comes down to davening and begging Hashem and making a plunge of faith in some way. If you can't come, you can't come, Hashem knows that but at least yearn in your heart to want to be here and in your heart, be ready to sacrifice everything just to be here.

  5. I have a big question - how was the above video allowed to get past the Chinese surveillance system? And why would those kids risk getting themselves thrown in the gulag, by complaining on camera? So perhaps these types of video's are released by design, in order to scare the bejeebers out of everyone? Perhaps that's how beelzebub gets its diabolical kicks.


    To Anonymous 10:38pm - actually even with dumbphones, the bad guys can still install 5G everywhere, and insert chips into the populace thru mandatory vaccines. Dafna Tachover has won lawsuits in Israel against 5G so lots of credit goes to her - but the Cabal have been doing it anyway at the Ashkelon beach, according to a video i saw.