"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

18 May 2020


25 Iyyar 5780
Day 40 of the Omer

...to let your voice be heard about the licensing of a missionary TV channel on Israeli cable television.

The hearing regarding the license for God TV to broadcast the gospel of J**** C***** into Jewish homes throughout Israel is tomorrow, Tuesday morning.

Please let your voice be heard and urge the new communications minister, Dr. Yoaz Hendel, to do the right thing for the Jewish people and immediately revoke the ill-advised decision to allow this dangerous interloper into our homes.

Please share widely. Time is of the essence. The most powerful impact will made via social media, especially Twitter...

This Ward Simpson is quite the chutzpan saying "shelanu - he's one of 'ours' " since he himself is very likely not even Jewish.
Simpson is the son of Barbadian businessman and philanthropist, Sir Kyffin Simpson and his wife, Lady Roberta Simpson. After growing up in Barbados, he became a senior executive with the Simpson Group of companies, managing an international automobile distribution corporation.


  1. Of course, this Simpson character is NOT Jewish. There's an all-out campaign to replace the Jews and Judaism in the Land of Israel. There is no question on this matter. The too close relationship of the pm and the gvt to the US and the nations has been a catastrophe for our people and our Land. There are no boundaries; every boundary has been crossed. Who would have ever thought even 20 years ago that we would be in such a situation that is even uglier and worse than the time of the evil kings of Israel. All Jewish citizens in EY must petition every ministry and government official to halt this mageifah (no different than the one the world is now facing, except this mageifah is a spiritual one, which for us is even more dangerous than the physical one). What ever happened to the ideals of our people?

  2. This is the most dangerous thing that they can let them do their position need to be stop

  3. VIDEO from Rabbi Yaron Reuven to share with Hebrew-speakers.

  4. Why are the srugim complaining? This is what herzl wanted! a state of ethnic Jews of all stripes doing whatever they wanted (except Torah and mitzvot). His vision succeeded spectacularly.

    To play the devils's advocate: After all, in a free democratic liberal society, Why is this anybody's business what a free educated individual does with his/her life?

    Toeva parades. personal gender re-identification. Drugs. Eastern Idol worship. Assimilation with Arabs. Conversion to christianity.

    If somebody wants to purchase a subscription to shmad TV, that's his business. sarcasm on.

    Don't get confused by the jet planes and flags and other things with the star of David and other Jewish symbols on them. Don't get confused by their invented holidays that have no root in the mesorah. Don't get confused by their adoption and subversion of Lashon haKodesh into Ivrit. Don't get confused by strained attempts by yichidim to justify societal perversions in the name of the Torah.

    This is not the state of Ischalta d'galusa that will transform into the kingdom of Moshiach.

    This state is the last klipa before the rise of the Goel Tzedek that the sitra achra is using to confuse Jews and distance them from Torah and mitzvahs. Like so many movements that arose in the past to confuse Jews and remove them from the Torah. This state is the last hurdle to overcome.

    1. And don't you confuse the Erev Rav regime running the country with Eretz HaKodesh itself. I'd like to hear what you personally have done to change the situation.

      There is actually a law on the books making it illegal to proselytize minors. By including this Shelanu channel in the basic cable package, there is no option not to take it for people who think they need cable television. I advocate ensuring that subscribers have more of a choice than cable or no cable. Let HOT offer the channel as an add-on that must be requested so those who want it can have it and those who don't aren't just stuck with it.

      Or don't you feel any responsibility at all for the future of Jewish children whose parents aren't properly caring for what they are exposed to?

    2. My comment was about the medinah. Please tell me where the comment talks about eretz Hakodesh. Dont conflate.

      What have I personally done? I threw out my TV a long time ago and I advocate every Torah Jew to do the same. Torah Jewish homes should not have TV. Period. The culture of the medinah is not Jewish. Dont let this non Jewish cultural garbage into our homes.

      Im going to say something that is uncomfortable, but why is tv content allowed into Jewish homes that is not Jewish content? Gilui arayos, lashon hara, breech of tznius, bad midos, shfichat dam. We aren't even getting to the missionaries.

      We can't have it both ways. A little goyishkeit on the side and Torah in public.
      In ancient times, some Jews were tempted by avodah zara and some kept little getchkies in their homes. The TV is a modern getchkie. It's slow drip poison for the Jewish neshama that tempts people to think it's harmless.

      I sincerely ask anyone who reads this: do the Gedolei Yisroel watch TV?
      If not, why not?

    3. Well, call me naive, but I didn't know there actually were "Torah" homes that have tvs. You throwing away your own television helps you, but what does it for the Klal?

      It seems to me that you are talking to religious people. The big concern here is secular Israelis and the children they are raising without yiddishkeit.

      I got rid of the television when I was till an unrighteous non-Jew, so I certainly do not encourage other people to own one.

      What are you trying to accomplish with your comment? It's not clear to me.