07 May 2020


13 Iyyar 5780
Day 28 of the Omer

GOOD NEWS!  After deep study and intensive investigation, the 'experts' have discovered what my grandparents and great-grandparents always knew - sunlight kills germs!!

Note, the comment: "...Another critical discovery that received less attention."

And for those who were not fortunate enough to receive this tradition from their elders or who have difficulty thinking for themselves, please extrapolate from the following disclaimer taken from the website of the manufacturer of the most advanced face mask in existence:

According to WHO, wearing a face mask does not guarantee that you will not contract a virus. Viruses can also pass through the eyes and viral miniscule particles, called aerosols, can enter through the masks. However, droplet-capturing masks are effective against the primary method of virus transmission. HOWEVER, we do not recommend under any circumstance for you to come in contact with those showing symptoms, and if you are showing symptoms, please refrain from contact with others."
I'll give you a hint.  The mask will not prevent you catching the coronavirus if you are exposed to it and it is not healthy to keep your face covered from fresh air and sunlight. 

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  1. How true about the sun, but, this year the weather has been so strange everywhere. It's colder than usual and usually (in the galut) cloudy and rainy weather, where the sun has been minimal. May H' make the sun shine brightly for all of us everywhere. Refuah Shleimah l'cholei Yisrael and decent humanity and may HE remove this mageifah from the world. Praying for Geulah!