17 May 2020


23 Iyyar 5780
Day 38 of the Omer

Received on WhatsApp...
HOT cable is airing a missionary channel in Hebrew geared towards converting young Israeli Jews. There is going to be a hearing on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 on whether the communications license should be revoked because they are going against the law to not proselytize. This station is not optional it comes in HOT's basic package. If you have HOT please contact them and tell them if this station remains, you will go to another cable provider. This is the least we can do for the souls of our brothers and sisters.
Please share with anyone you know who has HOT cable service.
E-mailing Members of Knesset is not going to help.  Messianic Jewish Israeli citizens are asserting their "democratic rights," with US government backing, to freedom of religion in Israel, so no one in the Israeli government is going to do anything.  Money is what "talks" to these business people.  Mass cancellations, or even just credible threats to cancel, may scare HOT into taking this station off the air, but let's not also forget to be praying as one, especially on the day the hearing takes place, to enlist HKB"H's help in the campaign against the spread of idolatry across our Holy Land. 

Many thanks! Tizku l'mitzvot!

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