17 May 2020


23 Iyyar 5780
Day 38 of the Omer

Received on WhatsApp...
HOT cable is airing a missionary channel in Hebrew geared towards converting young Israeli Jews. There is going to be a hearing on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 on whether the communications license should be revoked because they are going against the law to not proselytize. This station is not optional it comes in HOT's basic package. If you have HOT please contact them and tell them if this station remains, you will go to another cable provider. This is the least we can do for the souls of our brothers and sisters.
Please share with anyone you know who has HOT cable service.
E-mailing Members of Knesset is not going to help.  Messianic Jewish Israeli citizens are asserting their "democratic rights," with US government backing, to freedom of religion in Israel, so no one in the Israeli government is going to do anything.  Money is what "talks" to these business people.  Mass cancellations, or even just credible threats to cancel, may scare HOT into taking this station off the air, but let's not also forget to be praying as one, especially on the day the hearing takes place, to enlist HKB"H's help in the campaign against the spread of idolatry across our Holy Land. 

Many thanks! Tizku l'mitzvot!

This could be the most important 18 minutes of your day...


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    1. Understand you made Rabbi Singer's video. Great job!

    2. If Shannon is who I think she is based on your remark, she also made a video with Avi Abelow (Pulse of Israel) recently, which was absolutely terrific.

      My latest post is mainly because of it; but it took your reminder that I had to do it pronto. Shame on me! Who is Mashiah?

    3. I actually think we should continue exposing the fallacy which is xtrianty.
      Most of us dont subscribe to cable TV. And don't have a direct vote. But what if we went head to head against GodTV?!
      Rabbis like Tovia Singer, Arush, Brody... who could put together a show to counter this attempt on Judiasm.

    4. This is the message I sent to Minister Hendel via facebook and Twitter:

      Mazal tov, MK Hendel, on your appointment as Minister of Communication. In your first days, you have a big opportunity to take a step to ensure that Jews in the Jewish State remain Jews and do not assimilate into the Christian world, Please do not allow a missionary channel to proselytize Jews over the HOT Cable channel Shelanu. Thank you and hatzlachah rabah.

  2. How many converts were hurt when Jews cozied up to the very people they had fought against. Do they have any idea what it has been like for converts to Judaism raised as Christians to be cast into the wilderness while the Christian "Lovers of Israel" were praised as "righteous gentiles" and moved to the front of the line because of the money they had to throw around and the free labor they could offer.

    I warned everyone I could find about this and no one would listen. A convert from Christianity to Judaism is uniquely positioned to be a secret Jewish weapon against just such an enemy as this. But does the Jew understand the convert's value? If the convert criticizes these holy Christian souls "who just want to come closer to Torah" with Yeshu firmly in tow, the convert is told they just don't understand. When the convert then reveals his past in an effort to get through to his Jewish brother (or sister), he's told, oh, then you have an axe to grind. Damned either way he goes. No one wants to know.

    Jews Welcome Evangelical Love, Money and Influence for Israel. But Call Our Christianity 'Poison'?

  3. Never did we ever think there would be so many so-called Jews who would fall for this evil claptrap. The erev rav, y'sh, have done such a good job of reprogramming the young Jewish minds of secular Israeli's and even adult Israelis that they allow such evil to enter our Eretz HaKodesh. These messianics and missionaries must be expelled from the Land. Netanyahu will have a stain on his name forever if he does not do something about this treachery to the Jewish people. H' does not take lightly to avodah zorah!

  4. As told to me by Rav Yehudah Richter...

    The Zohar in Breishit 74a asks the question, how was the generation of the Tower of Bavel so successful in building themselves up. The answer it gives is that they spoke Lashon HaKodesh.

    It's written in the Talmud, Rabbi Meir Baal Haness said a person who lives in Eretz Yisrael and speaks the holy tongue has a portion in the World to Come.

    We know that one reason Ya'aqov Avinu was afraid of confronting Eisav was because of the merit he had from living in Eretz Ysrael all the days that Ya'aqov had been outside the Land of Israel.

    Then look at the success that the Erev Rav has had here. Maybe this explains it.

    The generation of the Tower, Eisav, the Erev Rav - this all just goes to show how dangerous this project really is.

  5. But, Devash, they will have to have their sof! H' is just waiting because He does not want it to be easy for them. Always remember, at the seder table when we go to the door to open up for Eliyahu Hanavi, we state emphatically, 'Shfoch chamascha al hagoyim shelo yaducha.....'! H' waits but woe unto our mortal enemies from within and without when He metes out the punishments due them. Doesn't matter how much Hebrew they speak or if they live in Eretz Hakodesh for however long, their time will come, hopefully, it won't be too long from now. If only we, Jews, would do teshuva in the right way, by waking up and realizing how sinful as a community of Israel worldwide we have been, and unite as one people under the banner of true Torah, our salvation would come in an instant! We know that's hard to imagine, but any which way, H' will Avenge.

  6. SNOT Cable and SHMAD TV time for national and international BOYCOTT of BOTH SNOT and SHMAD Am Yisrael Chai !!!

  7. Very well said Lowell! Absolutely right!