23 May 2020

What Will Rosh Chodesh Sivan Bring Us?

1 Sivan 5780
Rosh Chodesh
Day 45 of the Omer

Were you aware that Israel and Iran are at war and have been for the past month?

For the entire month of Iyyar, Iran and Israel have been openly engaged in a major cyber war.

It was Rosh Chodesh Iyyar I and II (April 24-25) when Iran attacked Israel's water system...
6 facilities said hit in Iran’s cyber attack on Israel’s water system in April

Six facilities were hit in an Iranian cyber attack last month on the country’s water infrastructure that succeeded in impacting some systems but did not cause any disruption in the water supply or waste management, the Ynet news site reported on Tuesday.
It was the 15 Iyyar (May 9), the day after Pesach Sheini, when Israel made a counterattack against the Shahid Rajaee port facility in the Iranian coastal city of Bandar Abbas...
Israel reportedly responded to the incident with a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian port facility, causing widespread chaos in the Islamic Republic.
On Thursday last, 27 Iyyar, Al Quds Day in Iran and celebrated as Yom Yerushalayim in Israel, Iran attacked again...
Israeli Websites Hacked in Cyberattack: ‘Be ready for a big surprise’

300 sites defaced with clip of Tel Aviv burning; security agencies have been bracing for Iran-linked attack for Quds Day, after port hack blamed on Israel
Yesterday, Debka reported this exchange between Khameinei and Netanyahu/Gantz:
In another poisonous speech marking Al Qods (Jerusalem) Day. Iran’s supreme leader declared on Friday, “The Zionist regime will not survive and will be obliterated.” Israel, he said, “is a cancerous growth in the Middle East.” He spoke after an upsurge of cyberwarfare between the two enemies.

PM Binyamin Netanyahu said on Friday: “Let us repeat – those who threaten Israel with destruction will bring the same peril on themselves.” Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned: “Don’t try and test us. Israel and the Zionist dream are an accomplished fact, unlike the Iranian pawns attempting to destabilize the region,”: he said. “The boasts of our enemies betoken weakness. We will deal with every threat by every means.” Khamenei’s depiction of Israel as “a cancerous growth in the Mid East” destined for destruction was condemned by the European Union
Each Rosh Chodesh since the beginning of the year has heralded a major shift in our reality...
Rosh Chodesh Shevat  (Jan 27) - 
  • Dow posts worst day since October and turns negative for the year as coronavirus fears grow
  • Netanyahu and Gantz in Washington to Meet with Trump Ahead of Release of  'Deal of the Century' the Following Day
  • Gantz Hails Trump Peace Plan
Rosh Chodesh Adar  (Feb 25-26) –
Rosh Chodesh Nissan  (March 26) –
  • Number of jobless Israelis nears 1 million
  • Mandatory stay at quarantine hotels finally imposed on all arrivals from abroad
  • Police begin handing out fines for lockdown breakers
I can't help wondering what Rosh Chodesh Sivan might bring. 

~ Shavua Tov!  Chodesh Tov!! ~

PS: My profoundest apologies to anyone who was offended by a website for "Hebrew-speakers" which I recommended without properly vetting it first.  It has been removed.


  1. You have the headline...Prime Minister goes on trial...first time a sitting PM goes to court. Chodesh tov.

  2. UK COVID-19 vaccine trial may fail due to low transmission in population

    Hopes that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready by September are hanging in the balance, as the scientists developing it are concerned that a slowdown in the rate of infection in the general population could invalidate the human trials currently taking place.

    Professor Hill, Director of the Oxford University’s Jenner Institute, has told The Telegraph that there is only a 50-50 chance that the vaccine his team has been developing can be successfully tested.

    The team has recruited 10,000 people to test the vaccine, some of which will be given the vaccine and others a placebo. But as it is unethical to purposely infect people in the trial with COVID-19, participants will be asked to go about their normal routine in the expectation that some will be exposed to it naturally. However, that is unlikely to happen if the virus is not spreading, meaning that no conclusions can be drawn one way or the other about the vaccine's efficacy.

    ..."It's a race against the virus disappearing, and against time."

    ...So far eight potential vaccines have reached the stage of human trials - four in China, two in the US, one in Germany and the Oxford team. With cases dwindling, all of the teams are looking for hotspots globally where they can conduct their trials.

    ..."There are three Chinese companies looking for Phase Three and there’s no COVID in China. So what do they do?"

  3. Hurry up and make a vaccine before it's not needed!

    - The Original Me

  4. The temperature this morning is nearly half what it was just a week ago and a soft rain is falling and refreshing all the parched plants. Baruch Hashem!!

  5. Amen to the rain.

    RE: Iran: The regime might fall, but the Jewish People will live! And the real Goel Tzedek will show up, be"H!

    What the vaccine researchers could do is test their volunteers for antibodies before doing anything else.

    Shavua tov and hodesh tov to you too!

  6. Re the post that those who died from the Cov 19 were near death: I heard a tradition to interpret the phrase(המתים שמתו במגפה)meaning literally the dead who died in the plague, was an easing of the judgment so it would only fall upon those who in any case had reached the end of their lives in this world and not on others with more years ahead of them.

  7. Interesting that you and I were both thinking about Iran, but for different threats it poses to Israel. Thanks for this post.